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ZEJ Twitter / Social Media ~ Think Tank

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Nebulon Ranger, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. You already brought up a good point though:


    A subreddit, in my experience curating a fairly high-traffic one, has the sole purpose of being there to support and facilitate peoples' interests. Want to see things about kittens? r/kittens. Want to see things about gaming? r/gaming. In this same vein, ... want to see things about ZEJ? ... r/ZEJ, but therein lies the problem: the field of interest here is way too narrow. I honestly don't see any benefit of having any activity on a subreddit when these forums suit our purposes just fine. That said, reddit is a good advertising platform, provided there's a good subscriber base that will actually see your post, mods approve it, and people upvote it. Advertising on Reddit definitely isn't out of the question, but it's a matter of finding who you think ZEJ would appeal to.
  2. So how are we feeling about the Twitter side of things, with two of the candidates taking a break and two others being completely out of the question?
  3. Honestly, at this point, it might be wiser to rework the candidates list a bit. Gold and Rose aren't coming back, but we have others with The Twitter that we might be able to tap in their stead if they'd be up to it. @Red Starr has her Curious Tiel account, and @CerberusLycan is still quite active here. Leave spots open for @Eebit and @Jonno when they return, and that just leaves the two of us, since @Shadow doesn't have Twitter.
  4. I'm still up for it, at least.

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