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Which Roleplay Should I Make?

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by TheAuthorGl1m0, Sep 22, 2011.


Which one, if any?

  1. EarthBound RP

    2 vote(s)
  2. Souruseiba - LoUE

    3 vote(s)
  3. My Life in Pokeville

    2 vote(s)
  4. Any of these if fine.

    2 vote(s)
  5. We don't need a new roleplay.

    0 vote(s)
  1. In case you did not get the memo, I have returned to ZEJ. :) As such, since I had a LOT of time to think over the summer, I've come up with a few different roleplay ideas. Each is unique, yes, but in the end I'll only do ONE. This is just to gauge interest for each suggestion, otherwise I'll just drop the idea in general.

    I haven't gone into extreme detail with all the ideas, but it should be enough to give you all an idea. But if you still pine for more details, then feel free to ask.

    So, since I got your attention, here are the ideas I speak of.


    1. EarthBound RP
    I recently picked up an addiction to this series (I have so far played and beaten all three ;) and I figured it would be nice ground to have an adventure (possibly stat-based, if anyone is up for that) RP based on the cult-hit RPG. I have plenty of ideas for this one. Such as? Well, a new story for one, bridging the gap between EarthBound and Mother 3. More? How about romping through Eagleland and beyond with bats and PK Fires blazing? Or squaring off with weird and off-the-wall enemies? It's all here.

    2. Souruseiba - Legend of UnderEarth (Original RP)
    Recently, I began working on a story. Not a fan fiction, but ACTUAL fiction. ;) This role-play is based on the world of said story (I can post chaps of that story if you'd like. :)). In essence, it is an adventure-based RP with a beginning-to-end storyline, revolving around saving the world and stuff. I won't go into extreme detail right here, but the plot somewhat revolves around a weapon called a Souruseiba (japanese for "Soul Sabre") which is unique to every user. There will be multiple worlds and dimensions to explore, and many people and creatures to meet.

    3. My Life in Pokeville (Reboot)
    Members of the old ZEJ should know what this roleplay is. For those who don't, it's a sandbox, open-ended roleplay (based off my fanfiction, Pokeville) where you live life in the town of Pokeville as a Pokemon. You're free to do pretty much whatever you want, unlike more straightforward roleplays. The original MLIP stalled and never really got started again (mainly because of my earlier inactivity woes), which is kinda sad, as I never got to flesh it out in the way that I hoped. Should it be rebooted and given another chance? Maybe some rules can be changed from before, to balance it more? Its fate lies in your judgment.


    Any of these catch your attention? If so, then feel free to vote for your choice and/or post with your thoughts/questions/concerns. Sure, I noticed that we have plenty of roleplays out there already, but would it really hurt to slip one more among them? We're an RP forum, after all. ;) If you're unsure, then don't be shy--ask a question! I'll be here to answer. I'll only keep the poll open for a limited time tho. Remember: if you don't vote, you can't complain. ;D
  2. AH MAN. First off: Welcome back, Glowbo! I must've been busy that day because I never read that memo :x I'm so glad you're back! I was giving myself until the end of Hero's Council until I fully returned to the forums as well, and now that that's done with I suppose it's high time I kick things back into the real gear settings again too! Secondly, man, I'm really interested in an EarthBound-style RP... but an original fiction from Glowbo? That just about puts the frosting on the cupcake, and we ALL know that we eat those little critters for the creamy top and/or fillin'! I'm going to have to put my vote towards the romaji-brimmed awesomeness known as Souruseiba. It just sounds too cool and in-depth not to try out! With AP Classes on the way, if I were to fully dedicate myself to one RP, this one would definitely be it, should it win the poll! ;D
  3. Unfortunately, I just can't decide which one would be the best, so I picked option 4. I'm sure any one of the three would be a boost to ZEJ though. :D
  4. As an additional note, I must say the following statement...

    "We don't need a new roleplay."

    ...is entirely wrong. Therefore, I laughed my father-duckin' Zantok off! For real, we need some new roleplays, and what you've listed here (the first two in particular, since they sound like things we've never really had before) are definitely steps in the right direction. I'd prefer something original, ala Souruseiba, but if it was the EarthBound RP, I certainly wouldn't be one to complain, and My Life in Pokeville was a nice, take-it-easy kind-of escape, so that'd be decent in my eyes as well.
  5. As I'm sure I've mentioned more than a few times, I can't express how great it is to have you back on board (lol pun) with us, Glowbo! :) It's great to see that you're already leaping into action to save us with a wholesome RP filled with (as Jonno so... tastefully? put it) "the frosting on the cupcake," and other such Glowbo-goodness!

    I personally voted for Souruseiba, just because it was the one that leapt out at me the most. All ideas are awesome, of course, but I don't know EarthBound as well as I should, and though I am still really interested in MLiP, I think it's time we gave a fresh RP a run at the money. Plus, original-based stuff is always a nice breath of fresh air! :)
  6. I joined ZEJ after MLiP ended, so i didn't even get a chance to try it, but even if I had it would still be my choice because I know nothing about EarthBound, and, no offense, Souruseiba sounds a little like Kingdom Hearts (saving the world with weapons unique to the user sounds kinda like saving the universe with keyblades which have different forms based on the experiences of the wielder), so yeah, MLiP all the way.
  7. I would personally prefer the Earthbound RP. Soruseiba(which btw is actually just English corrupted by the lack of sounds in Japanese. "Soul Saber" would actually be "Ken no tamashi" or "tamashiken"(sorry but my brain is not remembering how jap works right now) but that is beyond the point) just seems a bit... typical, for lack of a better word. I personally have never seen an Earthbound RP done, and I would be interested in trying it.
  8. Thanks to everybody who voted. :3

    Personally, I'm actually really torn between these ideas. I kinda want to try out the EarthBound RP, as I already have a full-on story worked out for it (along with most of the mechanics and stuff), but Souruseiba would be more "original"... And if all else fails, the old MLiP thread still exists at old ZEJ, so I could just copy/pasties the topics here and be done with it. xP

    ...Overall, it seems that the results are quite... uneven. I said I would only do ONE roleplay, but judging from the results and my personal considerations, I think I'll start TWO, and MAYBE do the third one at a later date. That is, if I can manage it. I won't promise which one I'll start first, but I'm kinda leaning in the EarthBound/Souruseiba direction, but MLiP is demanding attention from me as well... As far as I can tell, this'll be a narrow decision... :-/
  9. I'd say go with EarthBound/Souruseiba, if only because they're things that haven't necessarily been "done" on ZEJ before, whereas Pokemon , while popular, has been kind of "overused" in the past; not that I'm meaning anything negative concerning the little cutie monsterdoodles, but I'm just more inclined to push for something that hasn't been done yet, since it'd be a fresher experience. That's just me though; I'm curious to see the others' opinions on this as much as you are.
  10. I forgot to vote. Anyway, I have now voted.
  11. Well, this has been left simmering for long enough, methinks. Thanks to all who voted, and I believe I may have come to a decision as to what roleplay to do. What, you want me to tell you? No way! It'd spoil the surprise! Which is why I've spoiler'd it.

    If I were to give the 'any' votes to EarthBound, then it'd be a tie between Souruseiba and EarthBound with three votes each. ...Thus, I shall go with my gut decision... I shall do...



    What? I like EarthBound! It's a great game!

    So, as soon as I work out the roleplay details and the like (which is already like 90 percent done) then I'll post the sign-up topic. AND ALSO, DEPENDING ON THE CIRCUMSTANCES, I might also post the sign-up thread for Souruseiba, just so it's there and ready to fall back on. Pokeville might have to wait for a while...

    See you then!

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