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Welcome, Magnolia members!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Jonno, May 4, 2013.

  1. As you may have caught wind of through Shadow's previous topic concerning it, or through whatever you may have heard through Rose, Mayari, Eebit, myself, et al., this date, May 4, 2013, marks the day the Magnolia and ZEJ Roleplaying boards officially merge. So, without further ado, welcome, everybody! I hope that you all know how very welcome each and every last one of you are to our humble community, and that we all may thrive together as a collective group from here on out. If there's still some people over at Magnolia yet to make the jump- make sure to let them know as soon as possible to come on over, because everyone is more than welcome here! Heck, even old Jonno here plans to stick around a while and even participate in some roleplays himself to help things along and celebrate! 

    What you may need now, if you're new to these boards having come over from Magnolia or just in general, are a few certain topics to get you acquainted to these boards, and what we at ZEJ have to offer in general. First and foremost, like with any boards, you'll want to brush up on the ground rules. With that in mind, you can start your ZEJ journey here by checking out my own Basic Forum Rules and Guidelines, and if you're any interested in roleplaying, you can follow that up with Rose's own Roleplaying Education module if you somehow haven't yet.

    Make sure to look into Chinook's awesome Beginner's Guide to ZEJ, too, as it will be able to guide you through all of the little intricacies of our board layout and how certain types of boards and roleplay types work from head to toe. You'll also want to check out who's who in the staff so you can know who's butt you should be kissing most effectively, which you can do by viewing Eebit's Welcome to ZEJ. As time goes on and the site evolves, you may want to know where you can read up on what changes are being made. You can do so via Dark's Universal Changelog.

    As of now, the administrators are discussing in The Staff Lounge (it's a secret to everybody) just what to bring on back from Magnolia in terms of special features and all that, and we're certainly open to suggestions that you can make here. Definitely look forward to some great things we're planning to unveil in the near future! 

    I think that's basically all I have to say for now. Thank you for joining our own little niche corner of the Internet, and as one of the site's founders I welcome you wholly and truly and hope that you stay with us so long as we well do exist! If you have any questions, you can always PM one of our staff. The administrators (RoseMayariShadowDarkKudamonEebit, Zantok, and Jonno), other members of the staff, and generally experienced posters will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have concerning the core experience of ZEJ or any of its intricacies. 

    Oh! As a final note, don't forget to check your User CP, where you can edit your avatar, signature, profile details, and add buddies, and all that good jazz, and if you're looking to chat at the IRC, make sure you read up on Eebit's IRC Guide!

    Enjoy your time here at ZEJ! Let's have a blast!

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  2. Thanks for the welcome. :) I'll see about recreating the General RP guidelines here in a forum, that way we don't have to link back and forth. Can't wait to help you all out!!!
  3. You're very welcome, Rose. :) Do whatever you see fit with those guidelines, and I'm happy our little "Eebroker" :5 was able to settle all of this out and we were able to have a happy little merger. Today is definitely a lovely holiday to go down in ZEJ and Magnolia's history! Hope all of your peoplezes enjoy it here. We're glad to have you!
  4. Magnolia has officially been locked.
  5. Anddddd stickied for easier usage by whomever from Magnolia/other affiliates may need it. lelz. Welcome again, Rose and company, I'm very happy to be able to work with you all more closely now. :D

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