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War of the Gods

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Electro, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Okay, my rp on the old zej is gone so I'm making a new one cause I don't feel like rewriting my old rp.

    You live in a parallel universe to our own which is identical to our own in technology and shape. The only difference is that the people are separated into two civilizations. One is similar to the Greeks, and the other is similar to the Egyptians. Each civilization believes in the ancient gods that correspond with their nation. But this is for good reason. Those gods do exist, and there are Egyptian magicians who use the magic of a certain god, and Greek children of the gods. The nations are at war, as are the gods, and the only chance for civilization is a small organization called the Godwalkers, who are both demigods and magicians. You are one of the Godwalkers and your mission is to stop the war.

    As a Godwalker, your mission is to bring peace to these civilizations at war over which gods should be worshipped, and convince the gods to coexist peacefully. As all Greeks and all Egyptians believe their way is right, they will not fight alongside the Godwalkers. As a Godwalker, your Egyptian magic is more powerful and the traits of your godly parent are more powerful.

    Sign-up form
    Name(your character's name, and any nicknames they have)
    Age(your characters age)
    Godly parent(Greek god)
    Magic path(Egyptian god)
    Personality(how your person acts)
    Appearance(another no-brainer)
    Other(anything else I need to know)

    My character
    Name: Xiax Gilman
    Age: 14
    Godly Parent: Athena
    Magic Path: Khnum
    Backstory: Xiax was an 8-year old child of Athena living in New Athens when he discovered his ability to use Egyptian magic. He started playing around with it, making small statues of clay, but when his family found out they were horrified, and he was immediately banished from Pseudo-Greece. He live in the wild for 4 years before a Godwalker found him and brought him to the Godwalker HQ.
    Personality: Xiax was rejected by his family and lived alone in the wild for years, and so is not quick to trust others, and is therefore usually alone.
    Appearance: Xiax has short black hair, yellow eyes similar to a wolve's, and is slightly above average height for his age. He is always covered in small scars from exploring the forest often, and has a scar from the top left of his right eye arcing to the bottom right of it. He is also quite thin, although not unhealthily so.
    Other: Xiax is very agile and fast, and is decently strong, despite his slim body.

    Pm me any questions or if you need help picking your god(s).

    Here are some examples of gods and their powers.
    Hades: Raise skeletal soldiers as minions.
    Poseidon: Breath under water, control currents.
    Athena: Good strategist and fighter.
    Zeus: Control air currents, blast lightning.
    Here are some examples of gods and their paths' specialties:
    Horus: Combat magic.
    Isis: Charms (using Egyptian words as spells)
    Khnum: Creating shabti (magic clay statues)
    Sekhmet: Healing magic

    Accepted characters:
    Xiax Gilman
    Eryn "Rinnie" Copeland
  2. I love this idea, but as I said via PM, it could still use a biiiiit more detail. In any case, here's my sign up~

    Name: Eryn “Rinnie” Copeland
    Age: 11
    Godly Parent: Hephaestus (Greek God of the forge, making Eryn exceptionally imaginative and crafty.)
    Magic Path: Shezmu (Egyptian lesser God of execution, slaughter, and wine. This power allows Eryn to feign death, as well as pull off powerful near-fatal or fatal attacks, even making them look like accidents.)

    Backstory: Eryn was orphaned at the tender age of 6 as a result of her Egyptian Magic coming into full bloom. Uncontrolled, she caused her entire house to collapse spontaneously, which led the police into thinking that it was simply an accident, as though the building was not structurally sound. Before her mother’s death, she had been an only child. Afterwards, the young Eryn fled the scene before anyone was able to catch her. She met a young Godwalker named Lukas in her travels, who revealed the nature of her powers to her, as she was taken in by the Godwalker organization.

    Personality: Eryn can come off as being naïve and somewhat annoying upon her outlook on life. She is really a sweet, caring young girl who is very empathic towards all living things, making her incredibly hesitant to unleash the full potential of her magical path (Shezmu). Eryn often finds herself daydreaming when she isn’t occupied by combat or creating something, but she is always willing to lend a hand when it is requested, and will pour her entire self into the task.

    Appearance: Eryn is a moderate height for her age, standing at approximately 4’11” and weighing in at about 92lbs. She has wavy blonde hair which she keeps in a neat ponytail to keep it out of the way. Her bangs are cut short, covering about half of her forehead. She tends to wear short denim shorts when the weather is hot, and long jeans when it is cold.

    Other: N/A

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