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Twittering Two: Conjecturing Miscellaneously

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Eebit, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. Freezing Rain is the worst.
  2. Agreed a hundred percent, Nate. It freeze-rained here last week, and it was a good thing that we cleared off our driveway the night before...
  3. My arms are killing me following the need to drag an art kit across campus to my room. I did that two days ago. This isn't necessary.
  4. mmmmMMMMMMMMMMMkay. Interesting change, but probably well-needed.
  5. *Keileon hisses at the changes
  6. Holy sweet mama, I wasn't sure how everything would look once we shifted over to XenForo, but I'm digging it. Very modern and up-to-date, makes ZEJ seem that much more new-fashioned and functional.
  7. So my family and I have started up our own little cookie business. We're still trying to figure out affordable (and TIMELY, most importantly) shipping to Canada, but in the meantime if anyone would just like to support us by giving our Facebook page a like for exposure's sake, or if you're in the States and actually wanted to order some (I promise that they're great!), you can knock yourself right on out and do either of those things here: https://www.facebook.com/MrsGiraffesCookies/

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  8. @Jonno - I have to ask -- why the name?
  9. The short answer is that my mom really likes giraffes.

    The long answer is that we've always had some sort of animal print kinda decor in our house, even if it's down to something as simple as place-mats or blankets. She has had cheetah print, giraffe print, zebra print whatever for as long as I could remember, and one day that metamorphosed into her own several actual giraffe statues that we've somehow managed to tastefully place throughout the house without obscuring normalcy. On the other hand, we've been attempting to perfect this recipe for years and finally did sometime around the time of 2012, and when we were coming up with a name my mom cited the giraffe statue that was on its way from eBay at the time, along with the ones already present in the house, and said, "Why not Mrs. Giraffe's Cookies?"

    It was originally gonna be something like Gigi's or whatever since her name is Geraldine and "Gigi" isn't a far-off departure from her real name for a nickname, but in the end, the Giraffe Lady won out.
  10. Anyone mind if I'm overly critical of one of the most beloved Disney movies from our childhood? No? Cool.

    As much as I love both Lion King movies (I'm not counting 1 1/2 although it helps my case) I've come to realize I'm not entirely sure I agree with the message they send. Don't get me wrong- they're two of my favorite movies, I love the music, I love that they're basically Shakespeare with lions, and I like how a lot of the inconsistent or nonsensical stuff can actually be explained with science. But the movies both send a message that I don't think i healthy for small children.

    Both movies are, at their core, about expectations. More specifically, living up to them- doing what is expected of you just because, well, it's expected of you. And in all cases where the main characters defy expectation, things go badly.

    We see this first with Simba in the first movie. Sure, he was hyped and excited to be king- that isn't the issue here. The issue is that he ran away and didn't become king. Because he didn't take his expected place replacing his father, everything went to shit in the Pridelands. Things got worse and worse until Nala found him, and when she finally managed to convince him- because he didn't want to go back- and he took his place as king, things magically got better. (There's an explanation for this, though. Look up "trophic cascade".)

    We see this twice in the sequel, with both Kiara and Kovu.

    Kiara doesn't want to be a princess. She actually perfectly summarizes my point in her lines of the song We Are One- If there's so much I must be, can I still just be me, the way I am? Can I trust in my own heart, or am I just one part of some big plan? And Simba completely ignores her concerns because he's the father and he thinks he knows best. Kiara is expected to be the obedient, good little princess Simba wants her to be, and to be prepared to replace him as ruler- As long as you live here, it's who you are. She defies this every chance she gets- running off on her own, exploring beyond the borders of her home, falling in love with Kovu... getting into trouble every time she does so. Things only seem to go well when she refuses to run away and goes back home, and then accepts that she will be queen.

    Kovu is a bit of the opposite, here. He's expected to grow into Scar's legacy, kill Simba by getting close to Kiara, and taking his place as king. He may have been trained into this role but at his core he doesn't want to- he just thinks he does, because Zira won't let him think differently. "I now see the path to our glorious return to power.""But I don't want--" "HUSH." He does later defy her, as an adult- falling in love with Kiara, refusing to kill Simba. And it still goes badly for him. He ends up basically disowned, scarred over an eye, and exiled from the Pridelands despite doing everything he can to make things right. The only reason he gets a happy ending is because he's the deuteragonist and the expectations placed on him were evil in intent.

    I've only seen Lion King 1 1/2 once and it was years ago, but I seem to remember a similar effect happening with Timon- he was expected to do his job as a sentry without goofing off, he didn't, I think his home got destroyed, and he was shunned and forced to leave. I don't remember if anything beyond flatulence ostracized Pumbaa, though.

    I don't know. I think it's just a really bad message to send children. I'm not saying kids should go out of their way to defy expectation, but that's completely separate from "do everything you're expected to or you're going to make everyone's and your life hell".
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  11. I wanna respond to Kudaeiljasonmon because I think he made a pretty interesting post. While I do agree that message the movies -may- send out to children concerning 'you better do this or else everything will go bad!!!' is a pretty bad and/or odd message to send out to kids, I don't think it was really intended to be that straightforward. I think it was intended to send out two different messages for both kids and their parents to probably understand. Sure this sounds like the most cheesiest whitest thing ever because dollars to dollars I don't expect a Hispanic momma or pappa to watch it with their kids, but hear me out. You made a pretty good point about 'live up to my expectations or else really bad shit will happen', but I don't think it was just that. I think its more of a message about how parents who, may not of had the best of lives and had to work to get things (or in Simba's case, fix the shit he fucked up by running away, Kovu's case of being better than Simba in a sense just like Scar tried to be the better lion and live up to his dead father's legacy, etc. etc.) try to push expectations and standards on their kids that may not exactly be reasonable or fair but to it because they feel 'its best for them', hence it may more seem like your 'do shit right or else everything will go to hell!!!'

    That's just my POV though, pretty interesting read nonetheless.
  12. I streamed Pokemon Emerald 386 (a Drayano ROM hack of Pokemon Emerald) for a while and... well, interesting things happened.

    I started with Dewblade the Treecko, and somehow randomly called him having a Timid nature.

    I went into an area that I'm now 90% sure was unintentionally left in- a sort of debug map- to catch Dammit the Mudkip. Accidentally hitting A instead of Start, I found... the TM for Flamethrower. And then I ran around the area and found three Dragon Claw TMs, two Earthquakes, Ice Beam, two Aerial Aces, Brick Break, Iron Tail, Steel Wing, Toxic, Sludge Bomb, Surf, and Dive.

    Several close calls as I discovered just how steep 386's level curve is.

    And then training for Roxanne, Dammit the Mudkip died to a Vine Whip from a Bellsprout that somehow survived an Ice Beam.
  13. With all of the bitching that I just did in the university thread, I will say that it nearly felt emotional turning in my final discussion question response (likely ever). School, man. Took up 17 years of my life and in some ways, I'm better for it. In a really macabre way, I'll miss the vibe of academia. Maybe I'll end up in school again if it's ever for some reason the logical, enriching option, but for now, it's jumping off from this last week of uni into two finals and then a vast sea of "wat do." :5
  14. Today I reviewed an album called Alien Angel Super Death.

    That about sums things up.
  15. Listening to some sweet beatz from @Rose's weekly radio show, Red Lipstick Radio! Give it a listen over at the WZBT stream, here: Stream -- and every Thursday at 9pm EST!
  16. Me: "I won't buy anything at the mall today."
    Also me: *blows $31.60 on socks and a keychain, and then comes home and spends $41.99 on t-shirts from an online sale*
  17. The night is always darkest before the break of dawn.
  18. I am so easily distracted
  19. First appointment for my half sleeve is May 11 B)

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