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Twittering Two: Conjecturing Miscellaneously

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Eebit, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. Since the previous Twittering thread had officially hit 1000 posts (although with a couple of "soft-deleted" posts, the mods and admins can see that it's probably more than that), I thought it would be a good time to refresh our ever-popular general discussion thread!

    This thread is meant for all your Twittering needs -- an idle thought here, a fragment of discussion there... go ahead and post it!
  2. Is it possible to subtweet in this thread
  3. i would've said "Twittering 2: Twitter Harder" but i'm crazy
  4. lmao who thought of this thread's title it's stupid af
  5. [​IMG]

  6. Ah~
    Finally finished building my second Gundam Model. My fingers still hurt and it took like 5 hours to complete, and it was so much fun.


    Really well-detailed and the articulation on it is amazing. Too bad I lack any style so the pose I'm showing is pretty bad. >.>
    I'll think of a better one sometime.

    Now all that's left for me to is to build a hard one! (The one above would be classified under medium difficulty)

  7. https://twitter.com/KudaKeileon/status/783736402970157056

    I looked through the guy's journals (they're the same person) and it's... it's interesting to say the least. I got down to him ranting about the concept of YCH auctions before closing the tab with a thought of "well, you're an interesting individual".

    Like I empathize with what he's saying and I can tell that life has burned him more than once. But to someone who isn't overly cynical he comes off as... mentally ill, I guess?
  8. yay hurricane

    Don't be surprised if I suddenly vanish for a few hours.
  9. Stay safe, Giga!
  10. Hey everyone, everyone's favorite Jonno is back in effect for yet another undisclosed period of time during which he'll post the living daylights out of ZEJ before mysteriously vanishing again for yet another undisclosed period of time!

    All said, glad to be back, as always. My laymen's list of excuses this time around: breakup, moving, family, work. I'll explain more later, and probably in a long Real Talk post that 10 people will actually read and maybe two will respond to.

  11. http://www.wzbt.org/stream/

    Streaming @Rose's radio while doing some work and we're listening to some phat beatz with Ted Cruz quotes mixed into them.
  12. @Jonno coming in clutch with the $10 for wzbt :5

    #blessed #SpreadTheJonnoLove #JonnoIsAlwaysWatchingOverYou #GottaLoveJonno #SantaInRealLife

    @Rose I recognized a song..... I feel so accomplished......
  13. ^^^

    @Rose is actually a really affable, natural radio host and I wouldn't have minded her tangenting for the last 10 minutes like she insinuated people might at all. At the same time, Angel Olsen's hard to pass off and I'm glad we topped things off in style. Looking forward to actually kicking things into gear and making attending a weekly thing, especially if @'Gold Dullahan' comes along for commentary like that for the ultimate cherry on top. :5

    In other news, since when did we get coding involved to include tips?

    [tip id= 1 content= They are coooooooool]Pineapple.[/tip]

    Also, what are the quantifiers behind tip usage because I think I just screwed up when writing mine.
  14. I wish Red Lipstick Radio wasn't coincidentally on Thursday nights ;--; I almost never get to listen since Thursday evenings are when my housemates and I play our intramural innertube water polo games, and then have trivia at the campus pub shortly after!

    We've actually had the core functionality of them in place since (iirc) June of 2015, but only recently did we get the broken underline indicator working for them. Kinda nifty, eh?

    As for using them, I think you've figured it out, but

    [tip content=lol this is a hover]hello world[/tip]
    would produce

    [tip content=lol this is a hover]hello world[/tip]
  15. Tatsumaki just wants @"Muddy"'s love...

  16. So, I'm here, in the middle of a public library and in the midst of one sweeping move. It's actually astounding how straightforward and non-dramatic everything has been for the whole family. There's been some bittersweet feelings in leaving one place behind for another as there always is, especially regarding the deep ties my friends have to the old ranch property, but all-in-all, I'm very excited for what the present and future have in store given this new era of our lives (and for Nov. 1 to roll around so I can have wi-fi installed at the house!).
  17. Two more days until wi-fi is installed at the new place! This probably marks my last time out here at the library for a while, too, since I've just wrapped up some homework. Til then, hope you rowdy rascals have yourself a fine Halloween, and I'll see you all more fully in just a few short hours.
  18. [video=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MP209HXwvT0[/video]

    Signal boost! Timber's a very good friend of mine, as most of you know, and if you have a few bucks to spare every month definitely consider helping the magic happen. :)
  19. My FA journal feed.


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