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Tint the Void

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Red Starr, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. [​IMG]

    In a universe dominated by the primordial energy called mana, many things are possible. This universe, dubbed the "Manaverse",  has been the foundation of many great and powerful people and ideals. Eventually an idea came into fruition, using amazing technology and advancements to create a dimension to settle in. A reality in which the people with this grand idea wanted to write the rules. However, when tampering with the delicate fabric of reality, an error occurred in the dimension's creation. It became pseudoaware. And with that came the Aberrations, glitches or abominations of twisted concepts the dimension "thinks" is normal, in which it spawns in order to trick itself into thinking it has something existing within it. These Aberrations have ended the lives of many of the engineers working on this project, and thus they left the dark Dimension alone to fester. Until now.

    A group has been hired. A capable bunch entrusted with the task of introducing everything that can be considered to be the workings of a true world into this dimension. They are tasked with crafting lands and seas, air and fire, sun and moon, day and night, love and hate....all while doing so in the most timely manner. For which every second counts in this dimension. An inaction can lead to the dimension to strike back in creating and corrupting your intentions in order to rid you.

    Tint the Void.

    ---------------------------------------------------------------(note from the creator down bellow)---------------------------------------

    The basic gist of this plot is simple. Your character will be called an "Outsider." by profession and by name and will be sent to this dimension in order to begin shaping it into a working, living world for others to settle in. Your character will have technology in order to aid them into creating things, but creation isn't all they need to do. With such power, they are also responsible for introducing many of the smaller things in life we may push aside. Such as education or morals, or anything. However, based on how the character introduces the concept, the dimension may and will react accordingly. Either in a positive way or negative. A character could quickly help shape the world to either be a paradise or a hell, depending on what approach they take and how they present things. The dimension self-learns and is conditioned, so introducing anything will allow it to replicate a concept as a working "law" it must abide to. However, sometimes if things go awry, the dimension will simulate or feign a concept in a region of the dimension that is underdeveloped or blank, thus spawning Aberrations. Think of Aberrations as glitched monsters of very basic things or complex things. Even a crayon presented wrongly could trigger a very powerful class of Aberration.

    I ask for roleplayers considering to join this roleplay to be consistent with their posting speeds and habits and to not take more than one week to post for the roleplay in order for it to move forward. Single line posts aren't enough to drive other posters into typing out their own reactions as small posts do not provide enough details. So for the sake of the players, post length minimum should be about one paragraph (5 sentences).

    Any questions? Ask away~
  2. I love this whole concept. Could you give more detail on how an Aberration spawns?
  3. An Aberration spawns when the Dimension itself feels the need to "fill in the blanks" within it's spaces. It takes a concept it believe should exist (Either that or takes a concept mis-introduced by an outsider) and fits it within an unincorporated part of an undeveloped space (Like if the outsiders are making land and forgot to add in a patch of land, the dark little incomplete spot will form an Aberration).

    Think of these as error glitches a computer gives in response to a virus. Now think of the virus being one of those things where it tricks the computer into thinking something specifically is failing even though it isn't. The response of the computer is exaggerated and hinders it's performance and your ability to use it normally. THAT is an Aberration.

    TL;DR: Aberrations spawn in unfinished corners because the dimension thinks something should be there so being the dumb thing it is, it tries to make up whatever in order to fill in the gap.
  4. This reminds me a lot of the Keys to the Kingdom series. I love it.
  5. Obligatory Zio is obligatory~
  6. Thank.

    Still taking in anybody who's interested! Limited space is NOT an issue here
  7. Just wanted to chime in before I caught some shut-eye that, if this were to happen, I'd be so down for it. A freeform with a strong plot to sink my teeth into? Check.
  8. Unfortunately I'm no longer doing this. Sorry Jonnobro :/
  9. Dang. Just read this, and it could've been cool to see something like this pan out to where one of the character sympathizes with the Aberrations and purposefully saboutages the new dimension, creating another level of conflict in the story.
  10. That would've been super cool. Hmm, PM me. Maybe we could work something out.

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