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The Northern Winds (Statplay)

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Irouk Inverse, May 22, 2013.

  1. Hello my friend. Stay a while and listen. For I am about to tell a rather long and old story, one dating back centuries ago. Our world, Menitiros, had been known for its everlasting peace among the nations. They had never been part of an official war since the nine year war between Tian'men and Grandiar and the forming of an alliance between all of the nations. There had certainly been conflicts and minor disputes over boarders and culture but never an official war. Though all good things must come to an end. There was no such thing as everlasting peace. Due to the actions of a single renegade group, they had ignited the flames of conflict once again. The alliance, made up of seven different nations, now faced a six-sided war among themselves.

    In the seventh nation, the Theocracy of Balmamusa, there was no war going on between its people or other nations. The nation was far enough north and completely isolated from the other nations by the Ocean that they managed to be able to escape being caught within the flames of war. And even when the other nations attempted to reach to the kingdom for aid, traveling through the howling winds and endless snowstorms in the frozen tundra for several days proved to be too great a feat for them.

    However, Balmamusa was not with its own worries. The late archbishop's daughter, Priestess Cordelia, had disappeared on the day after he father's death. For two weeks they've searched for her, but the child was nowhere to be found within the city. Fearing for the young priestess's safety and well-being, several travelers were hired to form a search party to look for the lost priestess.


    Okay so this here is my first rp on this forum, hopefully I don't mess up. But if I do feel free to point things out and ridicule me as you please. This is indeed a statplay. Now I won't be having the rules and that sort of stuff here, because they're all just standard rules to rping. No need to repeat here what you've heard a thousand times. And I'll be accepting three to four more people on a first come, first serve basis. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me about them. If not and you're interested then feel free to send in a profile any time.

    [b]Appearance: [/b]
    [b]Level[/b]: 1
    [b]EXP[/b]: 0/10
    Skill Points: 0
  2. Interest confirmed. I'll send you a character within the day.
  3. Quite intriguing. I don't know for sure how much time I have, but once school starts slowing down a bit again I am definitely on board! Good show, Mr. Panda~
  4. Alright so anyone who's interested, send me your profiles as soon as possible.
  5. Interested, we already talked and etc. You know the drill on my side, I'll have it ready sometime today or tomorrow.
  6. Interested <3 I'll send you something soon!
  7. Interested. Confirmed on IRC yesterday. Prepare to be called a sinner every other post. :V
  8. Okay anyone who wants to join NW has until Friday afternoon to get their characters to me
  9. I'll assume I will just port mine over from ED unchanged.
  10. I would like to join, if it were not too late!
  11. Sure. Just get me a profile by tomorrow, tonight would be preferred but tomorrow at the latest.
  12. Is it too late to express interest, Kuori-chan?
  13. No, it isn't. There's still one spot open for sure, maybe two if Mysletainn sends a profile by the deadline extension, which would also be your deadline and that would be by Monday night. I want to get NW back rolling again quickly, since we do have some people who are interested in it.
  14. I'm posting for this as much as I can. If @Irouk Inverse allows, perhaps I can go ahead and allow for interaction in my posts before we close the prologue. At the moment, I'm going ahead and closing my other two characters. They can be NPCs at this current point in time so that we can inject new people in a bit easier.

    Are you okay with that, Kuoripls?
  15. That's fine, they can be NPC's if you want. But yeah, wrap up Sarah and Quentin since I've closed the prologue on my end
  16. Kuori I'm trying to post. Really really hard. I'm trying. ;_; I'll even pull out the notebook and write in class today so that I can get this done.

    My time is just... qq

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