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The Merger

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Shadow, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. Recently, there have been talks with Magnolia regarding the overall state of both forums, and after a prolonged discussion with the administrators of said site, it has been thereby decided that ZEJ and Magnolia Roleplaying will be officially merging as one, single site. This will benefit both communities in aspects of activity, memberbase, and overall a great leap from "affiliates" in regards to support and such.

    As it concerns to us of ZEJ, we will not need to make any preparations aside from what the administrative team is currently doing (setting up Galamion's section, for instance, as the project will be carried over here). We will continue to use this very site as our forums, primarily because of the hosting Dark is providing.

    Magnolia's staff will also retain their positions--this means their incorporation to our current team. Rose and Mayari will be joining us as Administrators, Sole will be a Tech Admin along with Dark (an additional usergroup will be created to denote this), and Masq and Poker as Moderators.

    The official merge event will be happening in May 4. This will give time for the people from Magnolia to join and get to know this site and its structure.

    That will be all.
  2. I'm really excited for this, and can't wait to be helping out with such an awesome admin squadron!!!
  3. This is going to be really rad.
  4. Zej getting larger than what it already is?

    Whaa? :p

    Glad to hear we're going to get more people here!

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