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The Grenian Conspiracy: WuO [OoC]

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Red Starr, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Heres the out of character discussion for The Grenian conspiracy. Also, you can find some useful info about the RP itself.

    Map of Causica: Coming soon (Tomorrow at latest.)

    Index~ Things you would need to know~
    --Greniou A fierce planet in a far away galaxy. This 68% desert-dominated 'haven' holds a rising empire in the eyes of many as it controls many lands away from it's home planet itself. Greniou is an unusually advanced civilization which has already discovered many medical wonders and are currently the most technologically advanced planet known. Greniou's people are considered Grenians- More than 3/4 of them being of Finlandian decent. They are the current minority in Causica. 20 years ago, Grenians were part of the Finlandian empire, and have been called Greno-Finlandians. But ever since the war in which they won, they have established their very own heritage and power...as well as self-identity.

    --Grenians People who hail from the planet Greniou. They are mostly black haired, brown haired, and dirty blonde with either brown, blue, or red eyes due to their Finlandian heritage.

    --The Grenian Migration Happening only 20 years before the events of "Worlds Under One." Grenians built a massive mother ship called the Zhenvas in search of a habitable planet to settle in. That planet ended up being Causica. When they discovered this jungle paradise, the Grenians imediately made friends with the natives there, and quickly educated them. Most Grenians settled in the polar region of what is now named "Scoiso." But have since been seen in the southern districts.

    --The Grenian "Green Out." The alliance between Greniou and new colony Causica which allowed Grenian soldiers to establish themselves along with Causican military forces as "peacekeepers." These peacekeepers were mostly responsible for building up the major cities and creating laws along with Causica's government. After a couple of years, the Grenians began slipping into the government's core, suddenly causing a takeover in the Causican's parliament. However, most Causicans either don't know this happened or have simply chosen to ignore it.

    --Causica A mostly Rain forest/ Mountain-dominated planet with 4 Districts. It was once the world which helped raise a special kind of human. But ever since the Grenians have arrived to civilize it, it has seen one of it's most darkest days.

    --Causican Civil War A war that only happened 10 years ago. Causican militants against a rebel militia which devastated the planet, ultimately causing Causica to become an industrial wasteland due to what WAS an overproduction of military weapons and goods for the war as it lasted. This war only lasted 2 years. The Government ultimately won.

    --Causican A man or woman who hails from planet Causica. These people have quite a rare gift- The abilities to manipulate emotion, celestial/time/space rhythmic, and environment. Descendants from the goddess herself, Causicans usually retain blonde hair with blue, gray, or brown eyes.

    Military and official Ranks for Grenians occupying Causica

    --Peacewalkers Basically the most hidden and experienced spies around. Their job is to mainly control the lives of others without notice and maintain peace in their assigned District. Peacewalkers are highly-skilled manipulators and camouflage experts. They are responsible for causing either good or bad events to happen to someone in order to manipulate certain actions and outcomes for the sake of the commanders plans without ever being seen or caught. They are not registered into any records, thus, can do whatever they please without being punished

    --Nightprowlers Or known as “Night spies” are soldiers known to prowl on people they are assigned to 24/7. They can easily pick up identities without any justification and literally “Take the place of people they choose.” Nightprowlers are usually responsible for influencing some people as they can easily take their place for a moment and be gone the next.

    --Vendettas Mostly referred to as “Commander's puppets” are assassins who make sure to keep politicians threatened and are the ones who take responsibility of ridding away any rebel groups or awol members.

    --Reapers Basically hitmen or women hired by rich companies within Causica to kill those who owe them.

    --Repositioners Or also known as "Sweetalkers" are militants who are experienced in politics and psychology. Now, this doesn't look so bad, but if you ever take a look at an advisor or a CEO, chances are hes a Grenian militant. These people are mostly responsible for propaganda and keeping people in line with the help of info given to them by record keepers.
    Record Keepers
    Basically the men on the frontlines. Recordists are people who record the outside world and report their findings back to base for others to use. They are also tax collectors who make sure people pay what they owe.

    Military: Causica
    Coming soon.

    Species Native to Causica

    --Stripped Floradon A vicious tiger-dragon mix which has two, massive venus flytrap-like flowers lingering from it's back which release a scarlet red venom to kill it's foes. It burries itself underground in order to lure it's prey.

    --Humans The obligatory majority of Causica. These humans are very in-tune with their world, thus, pertain abilities of emotion, manipulation, and adaptation. They, however, do not really manipulate raw elements. Only a selected few can manipulate fire, water, or electricity.

    --Spirits Although they are a minority in the tundras of Causica, Spirits have always been around before the Grenian's silent occupation. Usually these spirits linger around the outskirts of cities in search for a curious person willing to communicate with them.


    --"The Goddess" They call her Faith and Hope in the flesh. She has no name in the records of the Causican's history, but she is the goddess who created the planet and the beings living in there itself. She represents life and death respectively, and has only revealed herself to the inhabitants of Causica once. 99% of Causicans worship her.
  2. Alrighty, if you still have a character that hasn't been introduced, now could be a great time to do so. And if you're confused on how to do that, don't hesitate to ask ^^ For the Causican Map, I have 3 (Yes 3) pre-maps made. I can't really make up my mind on which map will be the definite one, but no worries. I'll have the official map out soon followed by a re-make of each District and Sector along with info for each city. I'll even have a section for native Causican animals and so on to make things easier to understand~

    As for Dark, please post~ :p

    Also for other news, I'll be posting up the 'next' tGC in Magnolia real soon. If you want to be part of that too, by all means check it out when I post the interest check there. This tGC plot will run parallel to "Worlds under One." It'll be less military-oriented if you want to know :p

    K, thats all~

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