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The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (SU)

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Red Starr, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. The Child World of Causica~
    75% of this once forest-dominated world has been transformed into a cesspool of industrial poison and mechanical nightmares. For decades, this world has been suddenly transformed from simple beginnings, and is starting to corrupt before our very eyes. The Grenian people who were once nice and warming visitors have now settled themselves deep within the quilted lines of the Causican government, and are more than willing to rip apart the very soul of this planet with their ultimate plan.
    Will they ever succeed...?

    ~Welcome to The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds Under One~
    In this tale, we will see the rise of a dreadful empire and witness the pain and destruction caused by their sadistic hands. All of those who wish to be part of this, make sure to sign up with the template bellow. Before doing anything else after completing the profile sheet, you should first gain approval of your profile by PMing it to me. Then you may post it on here.​

    World Map of Causica:

    District One- Scoiso: The main District where top officials live and plot out everyday activities. They have full control of every resident and basically the planet itself. Scoiso is in the very north of planet Causica.
    -Sector One: Communication towers and water companies are located here.
    -Sector two: Housing for high officials are located here.
    -Sector Three: Jails are located here as well as main ports of trade.
    -Sector Four: The mining business is located here, as well as their workers.

    District Two- Cai`Zen: The second District of Causica Located West of Scoiso. This is one of the Island districts that houses many of the planet's military forces. To be revealed later.
    Sector Five:
    Sector Six:
    Sector Seven:
    Sector Eight:

    District Three- Therieon: A good portion of industrial mills and business headquarters are located here. Some farms can be found in the outskirts of D-3. This is located East of Scoiso
    Sector Nine: Farms. Basically farms with high fences in which nobody can really see through or over. People wonder what they produce there.
    Sector Ten: Electric companies and headquarters of the Thereon-District's lighting commission.
    Sector Eleven: Clothing ghetto. All factories concerning clothing are located here.
    Sector Twelve: Nova Korri is the main area of District three and houses most of big companies headquarters. There is also a small little living ghetto.

    District Four- Kejsi: The human district. Most of the housing is located here as well as prison islands around and mines. This is located south of the mainland where Scoiso is located at, and is an island between two seas- Gaftos and Orrion.
    Sector Thirteen: Ghonea Prison-- The greatest Island prison around. Surrounded by the Gaftos sea and the Orrion sea, this prison is almost impossible to escape from. This prison lies just off the coast of a coastal town of Mirro
    Sector Fourteen: Mirro-- Coastal town and housing sector with 2 housing ghettos.
    Sector Fifteen: To be revealed later
    Sector Sixteen: To be revealed later

    Sector Seventeen: Kaigiask Range is located here-- A vast, mountainous region which is barely even touched. Evergrande forest is also located here.
    Sector Eighteen
    Sector Nineteen
    Sector Twenty:

    Sign-Up Template:

    [b]Race:[/b](Basically, you can chose from Grenian or Causican. Your choice!)
    [b]Abilities: [/b](Small perks your character has. Speed, good smell, etc.)
    [b]Powers: [/b]
    [b]Weapons: (although it would be nice, your character doesn't really NEED a weapon. You can leave this blank by choice.) [/b]
    [b]Equipment:(All by choice, you don't need to put anything here.)[/b]
    [b]History: (Optional)[/b] 
  2. Name: Kahzesouk “Kahze” Mirragroski
    Gender: Male
    Age: 6
    Race: Causican
    Appearance: Posessing brown eyes and brown hair, Kahze has the face of a prankster at first glance. He stands at 4’ 9”. Kahze wears a simple white button-up shirt with a black vest on top followed by some simple black shorts.
    Being from a hard hit family, Kahze has always been the very cheerful and strong one of his clan. Most of the time with strangers, he acts very quiet and often hides any emotions for a short while. When presented with situations, his reactions can range from smart to just plain rash. In point, Kahze is described to be a “Rainbow” of personalities often unfitting for an average 6 year old.

    -- Affinity to Emotion: Oddly enough, Kahze can quickly identify emotions off of other people’s faces. Although this seems to be a rather useless ability, Kahze has developed this talent to the point where he can predict future emotional events to happen.

    -- Aura Eye: Kahze has the ability to see the auras of people around him. To him, he can see a various range of colourful auras in which he can identify if a person has good intentions or harmful plans. This is more commonly known as a built-in lie detector in him.

    Powers: Electroimpery: Although its weak, Kahze can conjure electric shocks and strikes when in danger. Also, he can mess around with electrical frequencies.
    --Electric Gahzing: The ability to mess and manipulate with electromagnetic waves. This grants him the ability to stick himself into surfaces or his enemies.
    Weapons: None
    Equipment: None

    History: To be developed as the RP goes.


    Name: Arias Emriesk Errin
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Race: Grenian
    Appearance: Deep Prussian-Blue eyes and slightly tan skin. His face is quite artistically carved with an added bonus of silky coffee-brown hair. Standing at 6' 3", He is quite a thin man and is very tall. Arias wears a black suit with a dark green strap attached to his left arm. Following that is his black pants and black work shoes and red tie.

    Arias can be described as a hard-headed and stern man. Everything he says is expected to be followed on the spot. He believes that he knows what’s best for himself, and will not dare to follow any commands that go against his value system. Arias, will do anything to overbear and assert his ideas openly over others. However, Arias does have a little bit of sympathy and empathy, and will not dare to endanger anyone he considers 'alright' . Sometimes, he can be quite bossy, somewhat understanding, a great listener, and most of all, caring to his peers even though he shows that in a completely different way.

    --Air Frequency Sensing: Can identify frequencies and differentiate them into different things

    --Air Speed: Can fly abnormally fast and move just as fast as well.

    --Hawk's Eye: From the air, his eyesight is improved. He can spot enemies easily.

    --Anglicism: A hidden ability Arias hides from the rest of his peers. He indeed has light gray wings in which appear whenever Arias is in total danger. He is capable of flight and incredible speed. His wingspan is said to be as long as 10 ft.
    --Light manipulation: Arias can manipulate light in ways like these:
    -Spades: Bending light energy into solid fragments called "Spades" These are as sharp as daggers and can very well bend the laws of gravity (Meaning you can summon them mid-air) Also, spades can very well combine to make barriers and protective fences.
    -Light clones: Arias can manifest clones of pure light during battle. Their duration is at about 7 minutes.
    -Light Replacer: Can create artificial limbs with light energy.

    Weapons: --Shock Pistol: This pistol shoots out pure rounds of electric-charged bullets.

    Equipment: None

    History: Arias was born into a rich family of aristocrats in his homeworld of Greniou. Growing up in the highest Sky Dome, Arias lived a luxurious life without any problems. However, Arias hid a deep secret of having wings, and has always tried his best to hide that 'shameful' physical feature. But as he did hide that for many years, he began secluding himself from his rich family and began to think differently. Seeing that, his father decided to pardon his son from joining the military, and instead enlisted him as a government record keeper and officer. Doing so, Arias soon found himself in Causica-- More precisely, Nova Korri.
  3. Name: 北川 男 / Dan Kitagawa
    Gender: Male
    Age: 29
    Race: Causican
    Outside of his armor, Dan has tan skin, long black hair styled as a ponytail, blue eyes and is around 6'3" in height and 235 pounds. He wears a simple white shirt with a lily design on it, black pants and sneakers.
    While wearing the Fourth-degree Metal Armor, he is usually found wielding his two longswords. His hair and face are still mostly visible, but the rest of his body is covered by the gold, silver and black armor. While in armor, he gains three inches in height and he weighs in at around 320 pounds.
    Personality: Dan appears to be crass and unforgiving on the outside at times, but deep down, due to the loss of his sister Sakura, he's a very empathetic person. In general, he likes to troll the train operators in Nova Korri by grinding down the rail lines in his armor.

    Abilities: Dan's armor allows for effortless sliding down edges such as railway tracks and cement blocks, as well as having small, sole-mounted rocket boosters to allow for hovering around three feet off the ground. Due to his rail-grinding, he is also quite acrobatic, able to backflip, frontflip, somersault and roll on demand, among others.
    Pyroimpery: Dan is able to control fire to keep his rocket boosters working for extended periods of time, among other uses.
    Weapons: 双剣 / Twin Swords: Two longswords. Need it be explained further?
    Equipment: 第四度金属鎧 / Fourth-degree Metal Armor: A full set of plate armor (chestplate, sleeves, pauldrons, greaves and boots, as well as a non-blocking visor) that he commissioned from one of the best armorers on Ferona, a nearby planet to Causica. Resembles Zero's armor from the Mega Man X series, only the boots are less stocky and the colors are gold, silver and black rather than red and black. Being made of a particularly resilient material, the armor enables Dan to slide down edges and rails while sustaining very minimal damage to the armor and no damage to his feet.

    History: Dan was born to a fluent Japanese-speaking family in what would become the industrial wasteland known as Nova Korri, along with his younger sister Sakura. During the beginnings of the Grenian occupation, his sister was taken from him and hauled off to a work camp. She is still alive, but due to the difficulty in information-gathering, Dan himself does not know and is still looking for a body rather than a living person. He currently lives in a secluded shack in Nova Korri as a member of the Causican forces, planning his rebellion of sorts against the Grenian occupiers.
  4. Name: Helena Knezovic
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Race: Grenian
    Appearance: Helena has almost penetrating red eyes with flowing dirty blonde hair, which she keeps in a ponytail behind her head. She has flawless white skin with the perfect tinge of tan coloring to give her a golden glow. She stands at 5' 9" with a lean and agile figure which fits snugly into her skin-tight outfit.

    Personality: Helena hasn't a care in the world on the outside, fitting for a spy and assassin. But that's what she was always taught to do. Hide your feelings and passions, and you won't be hit. Childhood teachings tend to lengthen into adulthood, and as much as she'd love to stand up and make herself an opinion and reveal her passions, this pathway is blocked with child abuse. Why does she need these feelings anyway?...

    Abilities: Critical Aim- Helena's eyes, other than it's deep red color, also have the increased agility to spot, focus, and follow something almost immediately without losing concentration. This simple ability dramatically increases her fighting skill.
    Instinctual Agility- Helena was born with naturally smooth joints, allowing major flexibility and agility for her. Her adrenaline sacs located on her kidneys also seem to be substantially larger than most people's and produce a more advanced form of it.

    Psyho-Infernal Manipulation- Helena, when focusing deeply, can cause molecules to rapidly move to create spontaneous combustion. She also seems to be able to redirect, block, and distantly manipulate fire.

    CIV-612 - The CIV-612 is a devastating high-powered tactical rifle. It seems small for being a sniper rifle, but the barrel actually goes as far as the butt of the weapon, making what appears to be a small weapon is actually a practical, portable killing machine, retaining better distances than most rifles out there. It's equipped with a high-powered scope with switchable infrared option and equippable tank-piercing rounds.

    Synergized Katana- A high tech katana with a collapsible blade. The blade is actually two metal blades with a very thin and almost unnoticeable separation that within makes the katana deadly. When the katana is "turned on", a massive amount of electricity moves through the blade, creating a high-powered electrical field between the two blades. When matter passes within the slit in the blade, the matter is diffused by the high amounts of electrical energy passing between each plate, breaking down the components and thus creating energy. This gives the blade's sharp edge the illusion of light lining it, but makes it lethal.

    Tactical Death Suit- Despite her beautiful appearance, her armor says tactical fatality. She wears a black skin-tight jumpsuit with hundreds of pieces of perfectly-fit flexible, highly-dense black metallic armor only separated by distinct lines of glowing red neon.The densest armors are on her shoulders, chest, neck with a slight brace around the back to prevent neck injury, forearms, legs, and upper back. There also seems to be two small red orbs on her shoulderblades, which seem to be the powersource for the suit's working ability. Not only does it have high shock absorption and shrapnel blocking, the suit has a built-in cloaking mechanism, bending the light around the wearer to manipulate the illusion of non-existence. The only distinct flaw is if one can focus enough on Helena to see the suit's bended outline. It also has a faint damage deflection protocol, sending out small bursts of its power source to dramatically decrease incoming attacks of high velocity.

    Psy-crest- A prototype piece of equipment, the psy-crest is a small headpiece containing a small, perfectly eliptical ruby. The crest has a built-in frequency transponder that connects to the wearers brainwaves and channels it to a vibrator behind the gem. It is supposed to be able to channel mental abilities or be able to pick up thoughts of others or to even transmit the wearer's thoughts to others through the gem mounted on it.

    History: "...It's not what everyone calls 'Ethical.' But honestly, where's the ethics anymore? We came here, we saw, and we're conquering. I might as well run with the motions and get this over with..."

    ".....Despite what I do for a living nowadays I do have confliction against, there's not much I can really do. I'm getting paid, my government is depending on me, and honestly what hope is there left? All I have in my life left is me and my rifle.... so I guess that's how it'll stay."
  5. Name: Kristilla Norris
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Race: Causican

    Appearance: Kristilla has a deep, olive-coloured skin. Her face is angular and narrow, with slightly raised cheekbones. She bears heterochromic irises, with one being a deep shade of blue, and the other being a wild, hazel colour. She is nimble and lithe, with an outfit designed around her speed and abilities for the manipulation of it. The outfit is entirely aerodynamic, with practically no outstanding pieces that could slow her down… though it still covers her entire body, excluding her head.

    Personality: Kristilla is someone who takes no bullshit from anyone. She prefers to cut straight to the point than to dance around it, and will be very blunt with anyone who gets on her bad side. She does not trust easily, and once you lose it, there is no hope for you to earn it back. Aside from her lack of trust, she is very callous towards most, and is very devoted to any cause/task she is assigned to, relentlessly working to achieve it.

    • Superhuman Speed - Kristilla has exactly what it says on the tin - superhuman strength. She builds her entire fighting style around her incredible speed, and is obviously much faster than the majority of living things.
    • Manipulation of Tempo - She is able to change the speed of the world IMMEDIATELY around her as she sees fit, by either speeding up or slowing down the speed. This does not affect her, and will continue to work so long as she is immediately present in the area. This ability stems from her mind.
    Weapons: Twin Daggers - Kristilla carries two narrow, arm-length daggers composed of some ambiguous material, which is similar to, but more resilient than steel. Both are very durable, and can handle striking upon typical armour, often cutting through lesser material.
    Equipment: Aerodynamic Jetsuit - Kristilla’s jetsuit allows her to hover slightly above the ground, as well as ‘moonjump,’ giving her the power to move through the air if necessary. Her speed is not really affected by this, as it is built custom for her. It is sleek and black in nature, but not exactly form-fitting.

    History: Revealed in RP

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