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The Grenian Conspiracy~ Worlds under One (RP)

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Red Starr, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    "It's only twelve miles, reaper. I came here in less than 10 minutes....if you say reapers are not trained to be wimps..well...I am sure that you can pick up the pace." Arias smirked slightly. Indeed, he was a fast one. Not only was he fast with his wings, but with his legs too. Arias' thin frame was perfect for travel- And he knew that perfectly. But as they kept moving, his body began to shiver under the lack of pressure his body needed to pump what was left of his blood. It was only bad luck which caused Arias to weaken. And so as the two kept moving forward in their odyssey, Arias whispered with very little strength to follow and not making an effort to speed up with Helena anymore. " We could.....we could always call for...help.....it's not like....you know.."

    From afar, however, a being wearing only white stood upon a roof. The scarlet beams of light highlighting each inch of the body as it's hair flowed gently along the Korrian breeze. An equally white mask concealed the face of this person. In it's right hand was a rather small tactical rifle with red-neon markings on its side, and in it's left was a strange grapple-hook like weapon with three sharp as dagger ends to it. The being's red eyes narrowed at the two from afar-- knowing who's there and how. Camouflage was not a problem for this being. After getting a strong and lengthy view of the duo, the being turned it's head and simply blurred out of plain existence as if it was merely an illusion.

    Reappearing not too far from the two, the being slowly began walking up a mistreated street. Only the ominous echo of hard boots clacking down the silent road can be heard. Then...the being stopped and whispered under it's toneless breath.

    "Commander, I have confirmed your suspicions.....We have ourselves some game to hunt.."
  2. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    "Absolutely fucking nothing is what Saku did." Dan replied, his anger starting to show clearly, "I had come home from work on a clear spring day five years ago to find my house had been sacked and a hastily-written note on the kitchen table. The note said she'd been taken to the hospital due to shock, but I never heard from or saw her again." His anger slowly became defeat as he was now looking down at the floor again. What had previously been a peaceful society back when Dan was eleven years old had devolved into chaos, murder and wanton destruction. It made him want to scream and kill things, but he knew that would only serve to make the situation worse. After a few moments, Dan looked up once more and asked, "So, what made them take your family?"
  3. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    Helena boiled at his comment. No one at the Reaper facility would dare call her weak, and this little tax collector was calling her out? Helena growled, "Alright, hope you stay conscious then," before suddenly kicking off the ground powerfully, swiftly pulling her legs down as she dramatically picked up speed. Each almost silent footstep seemed to pace more and more at an alarming rate, the air around the Reaper and the angel starting to whistle as houses began to blur by. Helena smirked as her inhuman speed bolted them easily to the next fence, only a few yards ahead now.

    Helena didn't stop however; with one powerful thrust against the ground, the two acrobatically flew over the fence, several feet higher than expected, and continued to sail twice as far before Helena's feet hit the ground perfectly. She picked her pace up again, gripping Arias tightly so as the man were to not be ripped from her as she traversed the neighborhoods with ease. She gave off a small chuckle as the thought of how surprised this man would be of this extraordinary agility.
  4. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    "Good Good, I'll make sure to...plan for their arrival. Do you know the identity of the reaper?"

    "Her name is Helena. She is one of the youngest of the reaper division, an assassin serving us back home, and a part of the fresh batch you transported here from the main skydome a few months back. Shes quick, strong, but not so much of a threat as of now."

    "Make sure to keep me up with their info. I want to....fix up their identities more before the big game begins. Is that clear, Fox?"

    "More than clear for my eyes, commander."

    Arias felt a little jolt of enjoyment at the sight of the woman taking 'offense' to his words. Was she really that egotistical? Surely enough, Arias would soon see how big she thought she was. However, he knew that she had abilities that justified for her big ego. So he couldn't judge anyway. Chuckling at Helena's comment, Arias bobbed his head down slightly and grabbed hold onto her tight form for support, feeling his strength diminish even more. "I'll try....don't worry about me." Just as he said that, they were off in a flash. Arias widened his eyes at her speed. Nobody, and he thought nobody could ever reach that speed without wings. Even he couldn't top that. He felt the strong winds of Nova push along his frame and sapping away his energy as he held onto her. Phasing through the streets in a blur began to make him nauseous, but Arias held on through as the duo jumped fences endlessly until they hit the trail leading to Eunas.

    "GAH!" Kahze responded to the man's increased state of anger. He really felt for the stranger, however. His sister....poor woman, the boy thought to himself. He then shook his head from a long pause of thought and sat next to the man, gazing up at his face after Dan asked him a question. "It wasn't anything similar to what they did to you, mister..." Kahze paused for a moment and took a breath, recalling the scene once more. "...The police didn't take my mom to the hospital or anywhere....they just.....just came for us....me and her..."

    Flashbacks began filling up in his mind as the boy took a pause once more, gazing at his small fingers and somewhat tidy shoes. "I once had a dad...but he died...you know..? He was like you- Uniform wise...but he was an engi-gi....engi-something something...and one day those strange men came to us saying that he died by defusing a bomb or something....after that...my mother couldn't keep paying for us to eat or anything...so I was pulled out of school because of the lack of money....overtime they kept checking up on us....and overtime others began being checked on too....then out of nowhere....everyone around here began moving away for some reason and..." Kahze gulped, gazing at Dan once more. "They took away mother....as I hid..."
  5. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    Helena continued the trail effortlessly, barely beginning to breath heavier as they continued. She smiled at Arias's reaction to her superhuman capability, keeping swift pace along the trail toward Eunas. At this rate it wouldn't be long before they would get there. She checked on Arias, observing him with her scarlet eyes. He seemed to be drained severely. Would he make it in time?...

    Yes. Helena had never failed a rescue mission, she wasn't about to let someone die on her hands, especially this "angel" until she figured out what she would do about it. She felt a rip in her brain- the logical side yelling at her to turn this man in, to allow an upgrade in rank or a higher reputation within the Reaper class. The other side whispered, a small and faint whisper that pleaded her to show mercy for this man who risked himself just to save her. Oddly enough, she found herself listening to the whisper, trying to make out what it was telling her. Was she truly going to put her job away for a simple tax collector?

    Helena shook her head once again. Humanity versus Vanity.
  6. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    As the heat simmered down under the fascinating night skies of Causica, Arias literally began dragging his feet through the dirt road which lead to Eunas. At this rate, the tax collector felt at peace knowing his shift was officially over. Looking up, he can see the massive black building which was poorly lit on purpose followed by two guards standing idly on the entrance. "Hey look.." Arias mumbled, muffled by the sound of a flock of birds bursting out from a nearby tree. Those looked like Maribellons- Black birds which had shining tints of metallic blue gleaming under faint light. Looking up, he glanced at their shining blue crests and wings under the absence of light. Arias turned back, keeping his attention barely in front of him "The Eunas base....I'm..."

    Taking a breath, his eyes began to close slowly. But, he still had a pretty tight hold on Helena. "...I'm...just....just leave me at the door if you want..."

    Upon arrival, the doors of the secretive base suddenly swatted open. Followed by what seemed to be a frantically-screaming female voice.

    "OH DEAR, ARI!!!" Arias peaked open his eyes, a jolt of relief and joy glazed over. "...Sh.."

    Letting go, Arias took a few steps forward upon seeing a blonde woman running towards him. Fantastical golden hair, thin frame, beautiful jade green eyes with a hint of rose blush on her cheeks, and those scarlet lips--Arias shook his head, letting go of Helena and toppling onto the woman's shoulder. Crimson liquid was still slightly dripping down his fingers as the tax collector slipped in and out of consciousness. As the woman grabbed onto Arias tightly, two of the guarding men out in the front of the establishment quickly raised their weapons, running towards the two.

    "Ari what happened..." The woman said, looking at Arias directly and moving her face closer to his in order to see if he was still breathing. " ..answer me Ari...look at me...It's Sheila....Ari...please....look at me and tell me what happened...why are you bloody?!!"

    Looking up, the woman known as Sheila glanced at Helena, snarling at the sight she saw. "What.Did.You.DO TO ARI!"
  7. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    Helena snorted. "I did nothing," she retorted to the defensive woman, approaching slightly, "He stepped in the way of a bullet that was to harm me. I retrieved him and brought him here to be treated." Helena looked over the girl, the obvious fury but also the overall compassion for this man showing in her green eyes an tanned face. Helena almost smirked, but then frowned.

    Helena looked then at the bleeding wound of Arias. It had to be treated soon. Helena didn't hesitate to point it out. "So, did I bring you to see your girlfriend, or is this an actual facility?" She asked the tax collector, a glance at the girl to get at what she meant.
  8. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    "Don't worry.....don't....Sheila just-"
    Sheila suddenly lifted up the wounded tax collector and set him on her shoulder with ease. Only a slight hint of annoyance can be seen from Sheila's face as Arias' arms flopped down on her back under his weak condition. Sighing, Arias simply looked up at Helena as Sheila stomped off along with the guards. He grunted with her question, glancing at the Reaper as he was hauled away,

    "No, Sheila....she isn't....thank you.."

    Slam. Both doors to the facility was closed without any further commotion. Total silence filled the humid air around Helena, calmly pushing against her thin frame. Under the shining silver light given off from the moon, a shadow reared over Helena.

    "There isn't any doubt that this is a facility in which we all reside on." Behind Helena, a masked man wearing only an intense white suit stood. His frame was quite built for strength- broad shoulders and huge fists. Chuckling, the man suddenly vanished and then reappeared in front of the woman. " My my," He said, “Your tone really caught my attention as you spoke with such a dry voice. I’ve heard from a little bird that a female reaper had recently been assigned to Causica, but…here you are before us humble workers of the hive itself- I have never been quite honored to host one of Greniou’s elite in our little abode.”
  9. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    "An engineer?" Dan asked, "Got a few of those in my branch. Haven't heard of one dying by defusing an explosive device. My memory could be patchy, though, hold on a moment." He paused for a moment, then snapped back into reality and out of thought. "Nope, no cases of that, at least not as far as I remember. The whole thing sounds like a farce to me." He said, almost sure he was right, "My sister was an architect. No clue why they'd've taken her -- she designed residential buildings." Dan had no idea why he was telling Kahze this -- but something about his situation caused Dan to confide in him. "The only reason I still have a house is that I'm in the military. That's it. If they discharge me, I'm up shit creek without a paddle." He sighed, then looked at the floor again, waiting for Kahze's reply.
  10. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    Helena almost smirked at the man as the girl pulled Arias into the doors of the facility. Then, immediately her attention was drawn by a voice. First it was behind her, then immediately in front of her. Her eyes instantaneously caught the figure as it appeared from intangible nothingness. Her experience in the Grenian military instantly confirmed the white suit and mask.

    "My my, a Peacewalker... you've heard correctly." She replied blandly. "I simply go where my services are needed. That is all." Helena looks around, then at the man before her. "I like your flatterings, but I have business to attend to. This tax collector must be looked over due to his stupid actions of getting himself shot." Helena put a hand on her hip, then looked at the Peacewalker expectively. "I will allow you to dismiss me then, as is order of military."
  11. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    "Oh, I don't want to dissmiss you as of yet- we have issue to speak over about, Ms... " The overly giddy Peacewalker waved his hand around, thinking. "Hmph, never caught your name. I suppose I can introduce myself officially. I am sure we will run into each other a lot in the workforce: I am the one who works and protects this world whom everyone looks down upon….Causica. " Without a second to spare, the Peacewalker pulled out a very odd looking revolver- shining silver-coloured with neon blue 'veins' of energy surging through the handle and the sides. After doing so, he flips his revolver slightly, holding out the handle towards Helena as a welcome gesture. "You may call me Fox." Pulling the revolver back and placing it onto it's respective holding case on his thigh, he removes his mask...revealing a hint of dark-faded red, vermilion eyes glistening under the absence of light, and his face; devoid of any emotion despite his cheerful tone.

    "In truth, I much prefer to be indulged with my full codename- Zaiek Fox."

    Kahze nodded at Dan's story about Sakura. It plucked a string on his heart, in reality. Both situations seemed too similar. Both circumstances and excuses given by not only the Grenian occupiers but the Causican government itself weaved a similar thread. Under their similarities, Kahze placed his small hand on Dan's shoulder with sympathy. "To be honest..." He began, sighing, "This..isn't my house anymore...nothing's in it....and I'm pretty much a hob-knocker now.....at least you have a home..."
  12. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    Helena watched as he flipped the revolver around nonchalantly with great skill. Peacewalkers were indeed notorious for their amazing skill to handle weapons. But she paid no mind; surely she could do better with a revolver. But that wasn't the true purpose of her subject to change, her mind recalling as to why she wasn't dismissed.

    "I am Helena," she replied quickly, not wanting to keep the conversation on "friendly" greeting. "What is this issue you would like to speak about, then?" Helena asked, an obvious sign of irritation of being held up.
  13. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    Fox gave out a very entertained chuckle upon hearing Helena's tone with him. Hes heard about her jealousy towards the higher ranks, but this was too good to ignore. He simply felt a jolt of enjoyment, feeding off her envy slowly. The very entertained peacewalker kept his gitty voice down, " How should I put these words together in a neat bunch- Ah, yes...I want to know why a Reaper failed to do her job." Fox flashed his vermilion eyes at the woman, pausing momentarily. "Or how about this- why didn't you capture the...human bird."

    He gave out a smirk, crossing his arms. " Or killed it, I should say."
  14. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    Helena started. He had seen? Her mind began to run through any possible choices or explanations, any pathways out of the sudden demotion trap set out in front of her. Her lips began to move as she attempted to recall anything, any voice or thought that could help her escape...

    "I don't know what you're talking about."
    She stated, knowing that it was the stupidest thing to say but kept herself firm and confident in her statement. She was fairly determined that this "Fox" lacked the proper video evidence to place her on the spot. And along that, he would have to try anyway before making any action against her. She stood firm, holding herself high. Surely it would be as she thought. It's only common military action...
  15. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    Under the sound of her response, Fox's eyes immediately closed as he prepared a hardy laugh. Was she really serious? Come on, the man thought. Never before has he ever felt such a jolt of entertainment through his veins. Surging pulses of excitement flowing towards every inch of his body, causing a smile to break through his usually dull face. For a moment, Fox kept his eyes closed and creped his right hand to a pouch-like compartment strapped to his thigh. Then the man let out a brief laugh, keeping his hand in that compartment rather lazily. "You're playing coy with me, aren't you?"

    Fox opened his eyes, letting his facial composure return to it's professional seriousness. "You damn know well that I saw- We saw. I'm surprised you overlooked my abilities and of the Nightwalkers stationed in that area. But..." His voice mockingly trailed off. "..You can walk out without persecution if you agree on a little something that I will ask of you."

    "You know that those birdy-men are supposed to be either hiding or dead, right? How about a deal, Helena? I'll keep my little trap shut if you choose these 3 choices." Fox opened his left palm, " Option 1: You go off into the institution and rip him away from the warm embrace of his 'woman.' That means, of course...you'll take him to somewhere remote-like and shoot him dead." Flipping two fingers into the air, the man grinned. "Option two- oh trust me this one's freaking funny. You just go tattle to his commanding officer and lie to him, saying that the little bird boy tried to kill you. He dies, and nobody will judge you. You might even get some worker's compensation." Fox then pulled up a third finger, giving a sigh. "Three: You go on off to the operation room or wherever the eff that nurse has him in and poison him. Give him a high dose of Diazepam with a mix of propothol and just walk away. No harm done to you, not even I will know what you did. And just for a fact...all those choices ensure our safety within our respectable jobs."

    For a moment, he gazed at Helena in an attempt to identify what choice she was going to take. But there was a lingering doubt in her eyes, however. Fox knew she was trying to keep her calm and firm position. And without a push, she wouldn't even listen. Pulling out his concealed right hand from the compartment, Fox pulled out a gray feather. "If you don't want to play along, I have bird boy's plumage right here as proof."
  16. Helena stiffened at the sight of the feather. Her mind was now an equivalent of an intersection with no lights; thoughts crashed and melded with others while some simply zoomed by, too fast for her to focus. She growled, grabbing her head as she tried to focus her mind. The air around Helena rapidly began to heat as if on an assault of microwaves, then quickly dissipated as she lifted her head, eyes cold as frost yet ablaze.

    "I'll kill him myself."
    she stated firmly. "I found out about him FIRST, so I will do the FINAL job." her crimson eyes stared directly into Fox's firey ice daggers piercing at him. "You must promise me not to interfere for the sake of not ruining my plans. Agreed?"
  17. Fox's eyes seemed un-phased, almost not surprised with the thought of trapping Helena in his little fantasy game. This man seemed unafraid and almost entertained by her anger. Fox never quite knew women can be like this, but then again, she was in the military. That explained enough for him. Smirking as he felt the heat surround him, Fox flashed his grim eyes at Helena. Hell-filled insane eyes they were- cold strokes of vermilion with barely any emotion. Helena's reflection on the man's eyes looked terrible and dull, not a bit of joy nor sorrow- empty. It was as if Fox didn't have a soul or a care for the world. His flattery and good charisma was for fools, but his grim eyes which pierced through any soul wasn't for anyone. The night began drawing into a deeply gray twilight. Clouds began looming over the base along with the sounds of nighttime animals lurking around the bushes and trees. Giving one moment away into the night, Fox nodded at the woman, blankly responding. "I wont guarantee you anything, Reaper. If my commander commands me to interfere, don't count on me refusing the higher call." Pausing, he slipped his mask back on. "Oh by the way, since you're going to be...busy with birdboy, I'll take care of your final target for the day. Yeah, I know...I'm not good with captures- believe me I spend my energy manipulating anything, but I assure you I can do a decent job. Consider this a welcome gift for you."

    Without any further word; not even waiting for Helena's response, Fox quickly vanished in an illusion-like shroud. His hard boots sounding off into the distance towards Nova Korri.
    Who was this target...? ​
  18. Helena bristled, gripping her rifle's handle almost angrily. This is what she got for taking mercy on people. She looked at the ground, hearing the night go on for several minutes as her mind reeled to the point of exhaustion. Her eyes darted subconsciously and locked onto the impact of a raindrop on the ground, then sighed as slowly but surely a downpour built up. Her suit made a pattering sound as rain seamlessly slid down her tight and curvy figure. Even if the suit was weather-proof, her head was not, quickly pulling the rifle over her head as she ran over to the doors of the facility, quickly ripping it open, slightly harder than she intended and cracking the door hinges, but nevertheless entered from the pouring weather.

    Bright halls. Sanitized everything. The smell of antiseptic and withering flowers. She sighed once again as she proceeded down the hallway to a desk. She never liked hospitals; to her, they were places where people tried to hold onto things that weren't in their power. She placed her rifle on the counter lazily as she looked over. "May I find the room where a man named.... Arias is staying in?" she asked, having to have remembered the man's name. The only way she could've thought of it was by his face. It was an unforgettable face, she concluded. But would she be able to forget about it, about him, after she ends him?....

    Her mind was exhausted. It was enough thinking and feeling. Why was she feeling in the first place? It was bringing her down, bringing her job down... She shook her head, pushing it all in. She had a mission to do.
  19. Looking up, the receptionist behind the counter gave a tired look at Helena. Seemingly annoyed, she quietly turned to her computer and searched up the name the woman gave her. "Hmm...Arias....oh, Arias Emriesk Errin?" After finding the room number, the receptionist reached for a piece of paper and wrote down the location. "Room C9, it's just around the corner, you'll find him there. And who are you exactly? Do you want me to alert the patient you're here? It says here that hes awake, but you know...sometimes this computer lies and all.."

    Around Helena, many militants- both Grenian and Causican walked around the hallways. Many of them holding simple conversations while others patrolled the area rather lazily. As the receptionist handed the paper to Helena, the nurse who took in Arias walked passed the counter where the Reaper was. The moment Sheila's green eyes locked with Helena's cold red eyes, she stopped and walked over to Helena rather warily. She glanced at the paper which Helena was holding and grimaced. "Ah...you came back to see Ari, huh."
  20. Helena took the paper soundlessly, shaking her head. "No, I'll be fine. I'm here on.. business." She stated, grabbing her gun from the counter and suddenly turning to see the nurse from before. Her eyes dimmed slightly with emotion as she saw this woman, the obvious harshness displayed from her before still emanating. "Yes, I am. We have... business to discuss." she commented, then suddenly looked down at her rifle. It looked like she was to massacre someone. She embarrasingly attached the rifle to her backside before stating it again.

    Without a care for what the nurse wants with her, she pulls aside and starts to walk, boots making a clear clacking sound against the smooth white floor as she makes her way down the hall. She almost started to feel bad for the girl were it not for her pushing down the very emotions that drove negative power against her. She had to focus on the mission, not the people. Her job was at stake.

    Within moments she reached the door, knocking on it and awaited the confirmation to come inside.

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