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The Grenian Conspiracy~ Worlds under One (RP)

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Red Starr, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. You have all your papers?

    Yeah…just got them in pure packets.

    Don’t complain, kid. It’s your first day on the job, you’ll get used to the workload.

    I’ll try not to explode, sir.

    Good. Now go along and scan from Avalon Pl. up to Burnesk Way. I expect you to come back with those daily reports and some tax-money. Do you understand me?

    Loud and clear, Sir.

    A young and confident voice sounded off with approval of the orders given to him followed by a steady salute by his gloved hand. The look of confidence and excitement weren’t all shown through words, but his eyes- shining painted strokes of Prussian- blue uncovered the vibrant and the very noticeable energy this young man had. As the dark brown threads of chocolate brown hair moved freely under the man’s soft fingers running through them, he gave out a slight smile by his scarlet-tinted lips and then momentarily took a look at his shadowy business suit that hugged his thin frame. The man; after making sure he looked presentable and ready for his work shift, turned and exit the room accordingly and marched down clusters of hallways to the outdoors of his new workplace.

    He looked around for a moment while his hand slowly crept away from the door to the fresh air outside. Trees riddled around the open grassland area in small “groups” in which shaded patches of land under it’s cool and refreshing shroud. Beneath the majestic brown stumps of the trees laid strands of grass that lightly danced along the slight north-east breeze in total synchronization- and the bright yellow flowers in which gave some company to the small grass under the warmth of the sun, of course. After looking around at his surroundings, The young man gave a slight sigh for a moment and with his hands, he reached down to his small shoulder-bag and then began to walk off into a rather quick pace along a stone trail. This man….was named Arias Errin.

    Arias calmly followed the road, keeping his serious expression in full check all while his thoughts buzzed about how this new world and job would benefit him in the long-run. Arias did feel nervous, however. The young man was definitely assigned a job which required him to walk there and know every single inch, person, house, and voice in the city, but he didn’t exactly know how to get there without any problems stopping him. The newcomer felt quite choked, all his surroundings felt foreign…almost imaginary, but he had to keep his guard up and looked for any notable things that might guide him to his destination. Without a minute to waste, he approached a rather warn out sign placed behind a cluster of dead and rotten bushes that caught his cerulean eyes, in which he nonchalantly crouched down to clear it up from the sign for a better view.

    “You are now leaving Eunas , Nova Korri: 12 Mile (s).” Softly read Arias with a brow rising over his serious face. Sighing, he stood up and began to walk again with the same sustained pace for about 7 short minutes until he finally reached his destination: The City of Nova Korri.

    The bustling city of Nova Korri- a vast industrial centre riddled with towering sky scrapers and millions of faces roaming around the busy streets like scattered bugs. Noises of cars and truck horns blasted through the airways in almost a series of moments, screams very much followed each loud and ear shattering horn with insults and violent flares of expression. This indeed was very different from Eunas, as Arias carefully shuffled his way through the uncaring crowds with slight pushes to their own walk. He thought with a slight discomforting manner- a small and shriveled up feeling while his mind tried it’s best to recollect and recall the beautiful trees and the almost dream-like landscape seen merely minutes ago. But his efforts were very much useless under the city’s unattractive look and sound.

    After struggling through the busy sidewalks and through heavy intersections, Arias finally arrived to the more “calm” area of Nova in which was called the “Ghettos.” There, smaller and more appropriate buildings covered the area. Small homes with identical-looking roofs and yards were in perfect line in front of Arias in which calmed him down slightly. The streets, however, were very small and moderately littered with discarded papers and plastic cups with soda still left over in it‘s deepest crevice. “Ugh..” He sighed, keeping his serious tone in order. Arias reached out for some papers in his shoulder bag and turned some pages. “Alright now…Avalon PL….here I go..”

    That young man began walking off, passing streets and many houses. He kept them In his thoughts while his hair calmly flowed.

    An eerie silence masked a quiet neighborhood just a few blocks away from Avalon PL as the sun beat down harshly on a blond boy’s head. He looked around with slight panic at the shambles of the neighborhood. Desperate, he began calling out loudly for anyone in hopes of getting an answer. To him, this was not an ordinary event to consume his world. His little hands, wrapped around his waist. Eyes, fixed on houses and blinking furiously as if he tried to take in a dream he barely understood. What caused this to happen? He asked in his deepest thoughts. Why? Why them? Although he asked for quite some time, he couldn’t process it enough. Under the solemn place he lived in, a breath escaping his mouth was the only noise he heard.

    “…Is…anyone…..please…” His voice barely squealed silently, as if he were tired. With no response once more, he gripped his waist even tighter to reassure himself.

    “Why did they….why…..why-why us..?”

    Before this little boy was left alone, this neighborhood used to be a spring of vibrant sounds and life. People used to crowd these small streets daily, and activity here was always notice. But by the lack of movement and noise, this brought up two chilling pieces of the puzzle together. The boy’s mind began placing together the events slowly. First was a sudden influx of foreigners moving into the neighborhood. They were kindly folks who gave warm smiles to the boy whenever he ventured out his small home. He remembered a small detail of them-- they were uniformed people. Although they would always carry on conversations with others around the vicinity, something about them stuck out on the boy. Unknown to many, that boy standing alone saw things nobody else would see. He would see the auras of people; natural fields of light which differed by the person. The young lad was sensitive and attentive, and only gained more curiosity towards the new people as each day passed. Soon enough, another memory popped in-- He saw how the neighbors began secluding themselves. From one week to another, they went from inviting and kind to secluded and quiet. They would barely walk out of their doors, and if they did, they would catch an odd glimpse at everyone. Something seemed even more odd, but the boy didn’t say a thing as he remembered this.

    The winds picked up once more in a howling rein, the boy kept a trance-like stance in the middle of the street. Memories kept playing in his head like tracks, and one in particular called out to him. He turned his head towards a towering fence, keeping an eye at the barbed wire littered on top.

    Like a prison, he thought. From one day to another, the neighbors had visitors. They began walking around the neighborhood and speaking languages that he couldn’t quite make out. Soon enough the people who were once visitors began placing their mark on the block. How? He narrowed his eyes slowly at the fence and sighed. The fence…..that fence! Something they apparently held dear to them. Once they began building it, the mayor of Nova Korri began advising others to not disturb the process. Of course, the boy felt curious and his curiosity drove him into sticking his nose where it didn’t belong. But he couldn’t help asking one of them that very day,

    “What’s that for, sir?”

    When he asked him, he remembered the man looking down at him and giving a slight smile.

    “It’s for public safety. We don’t need criminals entering these parts.”

    Criminals….it all made sense.

    There wasn't many bad things in this part of town, he thought. Nothing at all. But when those odd people came back once the fence was complete, that’s when things took a bad turn.

    “Kahzesouk! Kahzesouk!!”

    “They’re telling us to give up our furniture and line up outside….please…..go to your room, little one…”


    “Just do as I say…..go to the bunker in your room….Go to your room…go into the bunker….take your things….they wont take it away….”

    “But why me…?”

    “Please listen to me….go…”


    The woman’s voice broke into a shriveling squeal of fear. “G-Go…..don’t….don’t come out until I say so…”

    The boy who was known as Kahzesouk looked up into the sky suddenly felt his brilliant brown eyes water up. “…When was I supposed to come out….you….you were gone…” Poor Kahzesouk was all alone, it seemed. He hid away like he was told and left his little safety place once his whole world went mute. Alone, Kahzesouk made his way back to his abandoned house slowly, not knowing what to do.
  2. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    At a desk inside a small, decidedly traditionally-architectured house in the Nova Korri ghettos sat a 29-year-old Causican man. While the house itself was rather dilapidated due to the ghettos having little to no real maintenance performed on them, this man, unlike many of the other residents, seemed to be in relatively okay shape.

    This man was Dan Kitagawa, a member of the Causican military. He was a relatively athletic-looking man in appearance, with a toned build, tanned skin, blue eyes and a long mane of jet-black hair tied into a rather lengthy pony tail behind his head. In his casual attire, as he was at the moment, one would not think he were any sort of threat. However, at the moment, he was to be found doing some rather mundane paperwork. This was the sort of thing he disagreed with on a moral level -- as the paperwork would no doubt guarantee the, in his opinion, unjust and unfair eviction of one of his own kind. "Naze desu ka?" Dan muttered to himself in Japanese, before continuing, "Why must I continue to do this to those who cannot pay? First they take my sister, now they seek to kick me while I lay on the ground, unconscious. Why?" Most of Dan's fleeting thoughts recently had been of his sister, Sakura, who had been taken by the Grenians, by his reckoning, almost five years ago, off to what he assumed to be her death.

    In the corner of the room, on an armor stand, stood a set of armor that one would assume would look quite out of place in the Causican military. It seemed to have a vague resemblance to the armor of a video game character. It was a full set -- boots, leggings, chest plate, sleeves, gloves and a special visor -- of armor Dan himself had commissioned from one of the best armorers on the Lycan homeworld, Ferona. It was mainly silver in color, with gold trim and black boot soles which happened to have rocket boosters -- albeit small ones -- built in. This was the very same armor that had resulted in the famous "Nova Korri Train Chasing" incident, in which Dan had angered a freight operator by utilising the armor's resilience to slide down the tracks, which prompted the operator to attempt to chase him down in a slow-as-fuck freight train. Mounted on the wall nearby were his two longswords, made of a similar material to the armor. These were very typical in design.

    Upon finishing his paperwork, Dan let out a sigh of discontent with the current state of affairs, enclosed the papers in an envelope and walked over to his equipment and changed into it. He started for the door of his house, passing by a photo of Sakura, who seemed to be a very beautiful young woman with black hair that was cut short in a sort of style that stopped around three inches past her shoulders. As he passed this beautifully framed picture, he sighed out of discontent and anger at the current state of affairs. "Saku-tan, after this is over, we will be together once more..." He muttered, walking out the door into the decrepit streets of the ghetto.

    So many familiar faces, but they were all malnourished and worried-looking. Dan did not blame them, as he himself was worried as well. "Now, to the offices to deliver this paperwork." He sighed, hopping on to the nearest edge and sliding, making sure to follow the route that the military had given him. Not a day goes by that I don't question if this... existence... is really worth having.
  3. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    Noise, everywhere. Sirens, horns, people talking, people pushing, people people people. She absolutely hated it. If she were to be called to massacre any city, it would be this one. The most kills, the better the fun to relinquish such a terrible cacophony of sounds jumbled into such a small area. Helena attempted to push through the people, but it seemed like they just kept coming like water, brushing and shoving and struggling to make it to their own personal destinations. Her armored shoulder had a coffee stain from the arrogant salesmen not too long ago who had tried to rip her off the ground with his stable posture.

    But she had more resilience, catching against him, where he pushed harder. But she would have none of it, she wouldn't be treated like this. She immediately ripped her shoulder forward with her strength, sending the man twirling to the ground, his coffee splashing against her shoulder. She was disgusted by this, and tried to forget about it. Or maybe keep this man's face in her mind so she could end his life later for such disrespect. Helena's mind drifted back to the current situation. She had no clue where she was now, half being torn through the storm of skin and clothing. She finally raised her weapon, gripping the gun's bolt handle and cocking it back, making a clear and loud click over the noise of the street, letting it go. The metal clacked back up, making an even louder clang, clear and crisp.

    Everyone immediately dropped, some screaming and looking around in terror. Helena stood above the crowd, her face stern as she glanced over the now lowered crowd. "Much better." she said, walking over the mass of men and women as she made her way through to the street she was looking for. The separation of large industrial buildings and smaller, more domestic houses was evident between the intersection, which she crossed in moments. Now was her job to find the possible remainders. Helena looked around a moment, then suddenly disappeared in a wave of electric red energy. She continued her walk down the street, completely shrouded from anyone's eyes.
  4. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    Shuffling some papers together, he gave a sigh for his first order of business. The young man’s first time taking the job on the go; Counting heads. As a young recruited recorder, Arias’ job required him to know every person and monitor their very activities. He was like a small bird patrolling the skies with it’s incredible view. All he had to do was observe, learn, and occasionally attack his prey. But, Arias had a lot more talent to give rather than giving very little to this mediocre job. Under some thoughts about how he could’ve taken control over his father’s company began slowing him down. His success merely ripped away under his own fault. All that talent, wasted under such a low position in the Grenian/Causican military regime. Shaking his head slightly, he pushed on a little faster down the sidewalk of Avalon, letting his blue eyes scan each person in order to begin recording and getting familiar with the new faces looking out their windows in what seemed to be fear. He didn’t expect the locals to be crammed into their houses.

    Regardless of that, Arias blinked at a young gentlemen looking from a corner of a window and smirked slightly. “Ah. Lets see who you are.” He whispered. Placing his papers into his handbag, he squinted slightly, causing his corneas to light up a brilliant blue hue. Now, this was no ordinary glow caused by the Causican sun hitting the Grenian’s eyes, rather, it was a contact lense-computer placed into his eyes in order to recognize and remember who is who…and what is what. In his view, he saw what seemed to be a clear, computer-generated welcome screen. A simple “Welcome, Mr. Errin.” greeted him warmly upon startup. Then without any second to spare, floods of information began appearing. Names, locations, appearances, gender, age, records; everything. While the computer started, Arias was slowly made a stop in front of his target’s home and waved slightly; simply to show the man he meant no harm.

    “Maybe..” He spoke, “Maybe they’ll come out and talk to me if I act nice and polite-- Although, I don‘t exactly like doing that around others…O’Well, After I talk to some residents, I can collect some bills, record some info, and send it back to my boss to end my day as early as possible.”

    One little beep only he can hear quickly interrupted Arias and alerted him of the person hiding in his home.

    Mekos Ariani
    28 years old
    Blood type: Alpha
    Injured twice, right arm and cerebral cortex.
    Bills issued: 29/B-C 29817, 43/B-X 86325
    Due dates were 64 days ago.
    Due for arrest.

    Arias raised a brow. “Hmph…First day on the job and I‘m already dealing with crooks.” He muttered while taking out some papers and a pencil. First order of business, write down the man’s info and the place he is living in as ’proof’ for the courts once this “crook” was detained. Description of the car parked in the driveway of the home, colour of the house, address, every single detail he saw. The young man nodded suddenly with a thought. Thoughts to himself how useful his memory was to him in this job flowed just right after. But that moment was quickly interrupted by the computer flashing a message onto his line of vision.

    Request for capture under the laws of both Nova Korri city and the republic of Causica-- If subject does not pay their dues to the government, you may request a capture to your nearest Reaper or you may do this capture yourself with a special warrant given only by your commanding officer.

    Without any thought, Arias began walking up the driveway with a nonchalant expression. During that, the man who was hiding in his home suddenly darted away from the window. Odd, the man thought.

    “Excuse me, sir? Can you open your door? I wish to speak with you.”

    A minute passed, and nothing.

    No reply, eh..

    Arias stopped at the door, his glowing eyes scanning each inch of it as his jet-black hair flowed calmly. While he waited, the young man spoke with a confident and fairly deep voice; all while he held his stack of papers on his left hand. “I’m from the department of social services of Causica. I am here to speak to you about your debts. And also, I need to collect those payments you owe.”

    But then again, it seemed like the man inside the home was avoidant. He didn’t quite get what should be done next. Half wanting to pull out his shock gun and stun the man, and half wanting to call up a “reaper” to capture the man without any signs of struggle or resistance. Arias finally gave up calling for the man and suddenly bolted up to the roof with an amazing force and grace.

    “Oh well.” Arias nodded, landing onto the roof quietly and placing the stacks of papers in his bag. “I must collect his dues,”

    Arias pulled out his shock pistol from it’s compartment strapped to his leg and held it with his two hands.

    With or without force.

    Meanwhile, the young and lonely boy named Kahze simply sat on the steps of his old house and sighed. He just had about enough of the torment. Sitting through plain injustice among his family and not seeing anything done with it was simply unfathomable for this young child. Who knew a boy his age was to be given this tragic punishment anyway? Kahze’s mind flooded with memories; angry ones, at that. And with a little bit of anger surging through his system, Kahze finally punched the ground and released a steady spark of electricity onto the dry and badly maintained porch. “NAGRTA IT!”

    “I don’t want to be alone here! I want my mommy back! I want her back! I want my grandmother back! I want my neighbors back! I want the sound back! The sound the sound the SOUND!” With a little crack in his voice, he lowered in tone. “And most of all…I…I want my life back…”

    Silence…was the only thing to follow after the boy’s outburst. He knew it. Kahze was simply alone at this point. It sunk in deeply into his sensitive mind, squeezing out most of his hopes of waking up from this nightmare. If silence was the answer to his query, silence was all he had left. It was truly something he began to fear.

    It was truly something he wished to no longer stand.
  5. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    "Just have to get these damned forms to the post office and repeat the bullshit code for the office." Dan said to himself while sliding down a poorly-maintained curb, taking careful measures to jump over any missing pieces. His... unorthodox methods of transportation regularly garnered awkward stares in his direction from strangers, and today was no exception. Dan rarely paid mind to these stares as it were, and nothing extraordinary occurred to make him care. Not on this day, anyway. "This is awful," He sighed to himself, "It really pains me to deliver these papers, but if I don't, I have no idea what will befall me. Something bad, no doubt."

    As he made his way to the post office, he passed an abandoned house. However, as soon as he came within range of it, his armor began to spark, as if there were a higher concentration of natural electricity in the air than was normal. At first, he ignored this, continuing on his journey, but he couldn't help but wonder what, exactly, had caused this strange phenomenon. Hastily deciding to stow the papers inside his chestplate, he slid back down the curb directly in front of the house to investigate. As he cautiously approached the door, the residual electricity on his armor was joined by more sparks, which eventually worked their way into his rocket boosters and disabled them temporarily. "Moshimoshi? Dare mo ga aru no ka?" He asked. Realising whoever was in there probably didn't understand him, he opened the door and peeked inside, asking again, this time in English, "Anyone home? I mean no harm." He had assumed that there was someone causing the sparks on his armor, as electricity usually didn't suddenly increase in intensity on its own in a large area unless an EMP went off, and the odds of that happening at the current moment were fairly slim. Dan opened the door and walked into the foyer, calling once more, "Is anyone home?" From there, he stood bolt upright, nervously awaiting any form of a response to his question.
  6. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    Helena traversed the street which now entered into the under-payed civilization known as the ghetto. She silently strolled down the streets, transparent to all who would look down the street. It was apparent the move had already happened. Helena sighed as she turned onto another street, still warily alert as her crimson red eyes scanned for any signs of movement. Then the sound of a fist on wood resonated. Her eyes immediately tracked the sound, which was followed by a voice not far off. It sounded strong, affirmative and powerful...

    Helena quickened her pace. Maybe this person either needed help, or was in need of escape from her mission. She then stopped as her eyes drew upward to the roof off a nearby house, a man crossing up the roof to the chimney. She stopped and watched, observing the man's fierce but deep blue eyes, his dark brown hair neatly made, his official look.... this man was a tax collector. But what we he doing? Her mind immediately clicked as she saw this man reveal a shock pistol.

    He was doing her job.

    Helena scowled, immediately dashing forward toward the house, jumping onto an adjacent roof silently and standing there, watching. If this man pulled through with what she thought he was doing- no, what she knew he was doing- she would take immediate action. No one takes her job. Especially on an irritating day like this.
  7. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    A reassuring voice called out to the little boy inside the home. Kahze moved back slightly, putting his left hand behind him as his right hand sparked slightly with an odd light jumping from finger to finger in what appeared to be precautionary fear. "Wh-Who...are..." He puffed nervously despite his eyes glowing a slight forest-green hue. The aura of the man- an equal hue of forest-green softly outlined around the armored man. "..u-uh..." It was apperant that this man was not from Kahze's own ghetto area. But, the aura in which was projecting out of this man seemed calming and fair. Thus, Kahze held his both hands behind him, interlocking his fingers with one another and slowly approaching the man with little to no fear.

    "...You must be...a Causican- Right?" He whispered carefully, his small shoes clacking down the hardwood floor slowly. "You....you seem very...nice, apperantly..are you sure you wont hurt me, sir?"

    Meanwhile above the ghetto's worn-out twilight, Arias stood upright on the roof. He gave off a slight smirk of a thrill being above ground and feeling the roaring winds hit his slightly tan face. This was the life, he thought. Freedom to do whatever you want without any fear,. Being above them all was something that naturally thrilled the man. Arias called out once again as he inched closer to the edge of the roof, overlooking the backyard ever so slightly. "Sir. Please step into the center of the backyard and put your hands up! Hand your money over to pay your dues to the Causican government, and that will end this unneeded confrontation quickly! I will not repeat my order to you! This is an official from the Causican police task force!"

    Even if Arias was only a tax-collector, he fancied himself as a full-fledged officer. He had a gun, a badge in his pocket, and a few bullets to spare. Of course, that somehow gave a false sense of authority, apperantly. As Arias reached the edge of the roof, a sudden bullet discharged and struck Arias' left arm. "EURGH!" He yelled with pain, crimson blood squirting out as his body twisted backwards, causing Arias to loose his footing and making him grab onto the edge of the roof in order to keep himself from falling.

    Bellow, the man who was at first a bit 'shy' to show his face directly to the young tax-collector stood in the middle of the yard with a plain and rusty shotgun cradled in his burly arms. "Ack you little scum- monger! I'm in the middle of the freaking yard! Y'happy?!"

    "Uurgh!" Arias yelled in pain. It was on, apperantly. The man attacked him before Arias could ever even start something. He rocked himself side to side as the bullets began shooting towards him. This indeed was a good strategy for Arias. The bullets would barely hit him as his slick body swayed to and fro. After the man had his fun, Arias propelled himself into the air and shot a round of a special electric bullet towards the ground next to the perp.

    "I wont repeat myself, sir. Do as I say, and you shall not pay your dues with your own life."
  8. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    Helena's senses bristled. Three things immediately set her off: One, this fair man was clearly mistaken on his role. Two, he wasn't following proper directions and rules for tax collecting. And Three, attempted to arrest someone for their dues and caused this bloody mess that Helena herself would've easily prevented.

    Helena facepalms.

    the trained Reaper reached out and grabbed the tax collector, ripping him from his spot on the roof and making him slide back. She then revealed herself, crimson eyes full of frustration as she stared directly into his. "You!... You just stay back! I'll be back to handle you!" Helena then pinwheeled off the roof, landing swiftly and gracefully in front of the shotgun-toting man. She immediately ripped the barrely upward as the butt of her gun swung in, knocking into the man's burly chest with great intensity. At the same moment, she ripped the shotgun away, tossing it as she jumps and twirls in the air, whipping the back of her booted heel straight into the man's head, the force sounding out as a loud and painful bang which would surely bring the foe to his knees. She immediately drew her gun up to meet the man if any more resistance was needed, the gun pulsing alive and ready.

    "You had your rights, now you're mine. Stay down to the ground or you WILL lose more than your life." Helena's gun darted downward toward the man's pants as she said this, a perfect shot to his manhood.
  9. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    In a matter of seconds, a woman literally dominated this man and had him pinned in an unforgiving position. Gun pointed down in his most inner parts. "I...I don't need no ladies telling me to pay! I told your damn pigs that I had no money to pay off! I was robbed I tell you!" The man said while he snorted in fear and annoyance.

    Arias, meanwhile, kept his prussian-blue eyes fixed on the woman. It all happened in a snap to him. Her speed and execution was something he had never seen before. Nevertheless, her suit called out to him not by it's tight form, but for it's colour-- A reaper. A rank much higher than his. Raising his brow, he jumped off the roof gracefully while holding his arm, "....I can explain all this, ma'am. It is not what you seem to think."

    But as he began making his way near the center of the yard where the man was pinned, another round was shot. This time, Arias' senses roared at him. His blue eyes immediately locked with the bullet itself- another shotgun round-, then quickly blinking at Helena as the bullet itself was heading towards her forehead. Taking a strong leap, a sudden 'woosh' sound was heard, followed by a cascade of gray feathers which spread out like a massive sail. Silence then consumed the whole area as the two bolted up into the air. The man pinned on the floor opened his eyes wide open whereas the other man who shot the other round aimed at Helena simply watched from behind a fence next door.

    "Holy- WHAT IS THAT"

    "Oh my galara! WHAT....HOLY-"
  10. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    Helena turned at the sound of a shotgun, immediately her eyes targeting the source and the projectile shot. But it was all then ripped from her sight as a flash of grey filled her sight, then her body lifted rapidly up into the air. Her first reaction was immediately to retaliate, to rip the vertebrae out of whatever had just consumed and torn her from the ground. But then her eyes clear almost immediately, meeting the face of the fair tax collector. She didn't know what to think, looking at either side to see two grey wings flapping over and over, pushing them higher into the air. She pulled her rifled up onto her back, which clicked and stuck there as her arms immediately found their way around his neck.

    "W-What are you doing? What is this?!" She yelled out, the first sense of panic she'd ever had for a long time. she quenched the fear immediately by turning her fear into anger. "Put me down IMMEDIATELY!" She yelled, gripping tighter against his body, making sure that she not be released into the air.
  11. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    With barely any effort, the great gray sails gracefully glided through the afternoon skies at a speed most birds could never match. Arias was almost stiff, however. His eyes avoided any contact with hers and stuck themselves to view the world of bellow. Arias had to be careful when flying. Back home, the people of Greniou often looked down upon winged humans and always made it a mission to shoot these oddities down. With those memories coming back at him from the times where he often heard the cruel badmouthing of the winged humans, Arias bent his wings inwards and began to descend towards an abandoned factory at a high speed. Not saying a word during that time.

    Once the factory began inching closer in the winged man's avid eyes, he suddenly spread out his wings and fluttered them forward over and over in order to slow him down. As he touched down, he carefully placed the woman down and then grabbed his arm, giving a painful puff as his wings tucked into his clothing. "I..put you....down. I'm sorry..." Arias said, inching closer to the woman, but keeping his distance due to her anger. She had all the right to be. "You better not tell anyone about this. You hear me? Nobody. "
  12. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    "Causican? That'd be the right answer." Dan said, almost winking, "And no, I don't plan on bringing any harm to you. I'd sooner do that to the government than you. I'm just investigating the sudden electrical disturbance." After this, he set his blades down on a nearby table. Not knowing how he would react, Dan first decided to first ask the obvious. "What would be your name?" He said, almost sheepishly. He didn't know what to expect of the boy, so he was a tad shy about asking questions. He walked over to a chair near the other side of the room and sat down, being careful not to damage it with his armor. There he sat waiting for an answer from the boy.
  13. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    Helena stood, shocked at the current cirumstances. She had no clue about what had just happened. Her mind recalled the very moment that had happened over and over, trying to find an explanation. Then it clicked.

    An angel. Illegal.

    Helena looked at the angelic tax collector, seeing him grabbing his bloodied arm as he pleaded to her. She furrowed her brow as she stared at him, her mind conflicting. "You're an angel and you just flew... but you saved me..." She gripped the man and pushed him into a wall. "Listen you, you just made me lose the arrests of two now made criminals, and not only that, impersonated an official officer for the job. I could have easily defended myself from such an attack, and not only that you illegally flew above grenian territory." Her rage slowly filtered out as she spat this in this man's face, then sighed as she looked into his eyes. Something about the deep pools of blue just...

    She shook her head. "I won't tell anyone, simply because you prevented harm to me.." she looked down as the man's wound. "Although, I think it's best you let me treat that...."
  14. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    Kahze blinked once as the man simply sat down and asked him a question. The aura around the strange man was okay to him, so why not? "My name....It's Kahzesouk..." Then with an odd feeling of confidence, Kahze walked up to the man and observed him closely. "You can call me kahze...if..you want.."

    But this man said something that caught out to the little 6 year old in a quick second. He wanted to harm the government rather than a defenseless little boy who had a basement full of valuable items. Kahze blinked his brown eyes at the statement as if it sounded foreign to him. "Hurt the government? But you look like an official. Not like those weenies....like..you know?" After a slight pause, he pulled an old chair next to the stranger and sat down, commenting with slight excitement in his tone, "They looked really serious. Not much armor on them, too. You look over prepared and you look like a cartoon hero from the newspaper!"

    For a moment, the young boy began focusing on the stranger's uniform. It was a metal suit covered with fancy metal plating and a neat weapon. It was something pulled straight from a comic in his eyes. Things that would pull any kid his age into a realm of curiosity. With a thought's passing, Kahze's face suddenly went from excited to serious as if someone simply had a switch to his emotions. "Umm...I was told by my mother to not talk to strangers but....I can see you're pretty alright....your aura says so...I can see it."

    "I am not an angel, woman...I am simply a winged man. A manacle I must abide to. A curse I must follow. I know I flew in a territory where the Grenian law applies, but that does not give you the right to rat me out, understand?" Arias' voice began inching louder and louder. He didn't really care about being loud, really. The thrill and Ecstasy from a long flight had his whole body in a state of over-empowerment. The man's veins literally throbbing with adrenaline. Part of the reason as to why he was speaking against a girl much younger than him was for his perpetual fear of being caught and killed for being the shame of the Grenian race. Perfection was imprinted in his mind. Arias only wanted to be a perfect man. But, he soon realized he took a slight pause from his statement at the thoughts of being caught. Arias began feeling dizzy and quite afraid. However, that didn't mean he couldn't say this one sentence.

    "Look, kid." he snarled, gripping his arm more firmly. "I don't know who in their right mind gave you the position of reaper- More precisely, who actually had the balls to let you into the program in the first place. But let me give this to you clearly and to the point- You shouldn't be complaining about those criminals. " Arias' tone began growing more firmly to the point he himself didn't understand. "For that I am sorry. If you feel raw about it, though, you should tell me about it later. Now is not the time, and you know that. We've failed on a mission mostly because of me, I admit. But we have bigger fish to fry." Giving a slight glance at his bloody arm, he winced in pain and put out his good arm towards the woman. "As for your concern, thanks, but I'm fine. However, that is the least of my worries. We need to leave at once before any other reapers are attracted to this area. Take me to my base, please. It's a few miles away from Nova Korri."
  15. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    Helena listened to the man halfway through, then attempted to ignore him as her rage boiled up. HE was lecturing HER? She was about to snap back when her logic came back with his last words. He was right, they had to get moving. She sighed, looking around before finally pulling the man onto her shoulder. "Do not let go of this suit or you will be visible. I'll get you to the base..."

    Helena suddenly disappeared, the trail of vanishing traveling up over Arias's form within moments. Both of them were gone... or so it seemed. Helena started forward, beckoning Arias to follow as she showed the way.
  16. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    Arias nodded at her words and gave out a slight sigh. He wasn't so sure about what would happen next, however. His secret was out to someone within his own race, his own military sector. The winged man now felt a little relieved, but slightly nervous at what the woman was going to do next with his secret. Will she tell someone? If so, who? Or will she respect his secret? Arias did not know one bit, and didn't want to drive the woman into telling. So with a slight sigh as his legs almost dragged, Arias whispered softly, "I never caught your name..."

    As if he were trying to calm the woman down for his own benifit, the man simply gave off a highly-charismatic laugh behind his voice. It was almost borderline hypnotic. "I'm Arias Errin. Nice to make an acquaintance with you."
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    Dan smiled. Kahze seemed like a nice enough nickname. "Well Kahze, stranger danger need not always apply." Dan chuckled a bit at the notion of being compared to a comic book sort of hero, then replied, "Overprepared? No such thing in my line of work." Continuing with his little rant, Dan went on to explain his... disdain for the higher officials in government, "I may look and act like an official, but I'm not very high up. Just a foot soldier, really. Enough of that, though, because I seem to be rambling." Dan started to look around at Kahze's place of residence and, other than a few tables, some chairs, and, presumably, a bed upstairs, the only person living here was Kahze himself. His family had been taken too, it seems. Dan now understood why he had no trouble talking with Kahze -- he could relate to the boy, despite not only being older, but also in the Causican military. "Your family too?" He asked, quite rhetorically, as he had already guessed the fate of Kahze's immediate family, "My sister was taken from me over five years ago. I haven't the faintest if she's even still alive." Dan shifted his now anguished stare to the floor as he continued, "Given the bullshit the government has been putting out recently, I wouldn't be surprised if they had a role in all of this. In the seperation of families, the transformation of Nova Korri years and years ago, in everything. All of it. I've never liked government, not even before all of this, but now I just want it gone." He didn't really want to tell Kahze this, but his ability to relate despite their difference had sort of been leading to it. He was desperately hanging on to any memories of Sakura, of the time before the seeming persecution of all Causicans, of a normal life. It was hard, but it was the only real comfort he had left in this time of assault on basic rights. He hated it. He wanted his life back, his freedom back and his friends back, but most of all, he wanted his sister back. All he wanted was a good, fulfilling life, and he would achieve that goal or die trying.
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    Helena sighed as she struggled to keep the fatigued man going. He was making conversation, something she desperately couldn't help but loathe. But, seeing as it would take a bit, she stopped at the first fence of the ghetto, the large barbed fence standing in the way to the next residence on the other side. Helena looked around as he offered his name- Arias, it seemed- before suddenly gripping Arias tightly.

    "Trust me," she whispered before suddenly Arias was launch into the air by the woman, ironically "flying" over the fence's border and to the other side. Helena quickly and acrobatically flipped over the fence with ease, landing gracefully before trotting over with a strong hint of superiority. "I'm Helena Knezovic, high class Reaper." she finally replied, leaning down the pick the fair man back to his feet. "I hope I didn't... hurt you with that." She said, her voice slightly bland despite the comment sounding of concern. Something Helena jut couldn't work with; compassion.
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    Kahze's mind was very much fogged up as the man simply spoke normally with him. Something about that armor called out to him. Yes- it reminded him of his late father, who was a military man himself. The boy's eyes suddenly dimmed down at the thought of his father. The explosions, the yelling, his smirking face and gleaming hazel eyes of hope. Father's calming voice- No. Kahze shook his head at the memory and looked directly at Dan. He inched his head into a slump at the mention of 'family' in which was a sensitive topic for the boy. "Yeah...my...my family's been taken too....no money.." With a blink, he shook his head. "Five years....thats a long time, mister. What did she do..?"

    As the duo walked towards the Ghetto's wall, Arias looked at it closely and snickered in a charismatic way. "Huh, by Minsk...there seems to be a-" Woosh. One simple tug and push from the ground by the woman stopped Arias in his own words. The feeling of air pushing against his hair with that speed made his eyes dialate with joy. The setting crimson strokes above the skies touched his face while airborne, boosting his spirits much higher than usual all while easing the pain of his injured arm. With a powerful thud, they both landed safely on the other side. Arias gave off a chuckle and a sigh, overlooking another Ghetto ahead of them. "That was....really nice. I didn't think you were strong enough to man-handle me." But as he said that, he noticed the tone in which Helena was using. Expected, really. Arias almost sensed her personality- bland, cold, not interested in anything else but work. That, of course, reminded him on how he should act around others. Marching foward, he pulled Helena along with him gently and got rid of his temporary enjoyment of action and blood-pumping energy. "Helena? Well, I'm fine, Reaper. Lets just get moving. It's almost nightfall."
  20. RE: The Grenian Conspiracy: Worlds under One (RP)

    Helena almost smirked at the compliment of her strength. The suit itself helped to that, although she did indeed have a gift to aid her. She sighed, grabbing onto Arias to help steady him. In a way the rejection of small talk after trying it almost intrigued her. It seemed this man was all about business too. She only gave off a small, unemotional laugh to his comment.

    "Reapers aren't trained to be wimps." She simply commented as they headed through the next neighborhood. It seemed to be perpendicular with the previous ghetto, the same kinds of houses. "I do agree we should get there faster...." Helena murmured. She attempted to speed the process of the walk, nudging Arias faster.

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