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The General Touhou Thread

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Shadow, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. That's the biggest stretch ever. That makes as much sense as the Orin fanatics who were absolutely sure she would appear because >Yoshika and >Graveyard. The fact Keine has not been more relevant than a Stage 3 boss for ages now is even more supporting to this.

    Okay. Anyway.

    One might want to save the Touhou 13.5 link I provided earlier, because it seems like they are constantly updating it now. Today's update shows none other than...


    Yes. /Yes/.

    Extremely Quick Update: Seems like their blog is also being updated with a screenshot relevant to the revealed character. The Hall of Dreams' Great Mausoleum looks pretty awesome.
  2. I'll just say the new reveal deserves a big, fat...


    I mean, it's not like we couldn't expect Miko to end up in Hopeless Masquerade, given what seems to be the plot of this game. I kinda figured as much before Byakuren was revealed as a playable character.
  3. Straight from the blog:


    This game is going to be awesome.
  4. [youtube]BYsuArnZCtg[/youtube]

    This is relevant to Touhou 14.
  5. [​IMG]


    i don't

    i just...


    dont get it

    Edit: [​IMG]

    Holy shit, that backpack.
  6. Okay, I don't know which is weirder. The fact that Nitori and her giant backpack are playable, or that Sanae, Suwako and Kanako are there sitting in the background.

    Meanwhile, there's only so few Windows characters that haven't been noted as playable characters or background characters. Like someone try to make a list of who hasn't shown up in this game as of now.


    Words are needed... Just something for me to look forward to.


    Okay, I was thinking a character from Former Hell would end up being a playable character...
    I was half right, I guess.
  7. [​IMG]

    This is the final line-up, apparently. Tasofro confirmed on its twitter account that she is the final (non-boss obviously) character. I... really was not expecting this. Koishi? Nitori? But not Sanae or Kanako? Wooow.

    EDIT: I missed something important--they said that she's the last character they will /reveal/. So maybe this isn't the final line-up, after all...
  8. Waiting very, VERY warmly for Reitaisai 10 tomorrow.


    God/DAMNIT/ ZUN what did you do to Sakuya's hands I thought you were getting better

  9. Well as long as the rest of her's fine, I don't mind that much. <3

    On a related note, this:
  10. Well here's an Imperishable Night replay to spawn numerous jokes: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/89849471/th8_05.rpy

    (I'm aware of how quickly I died. Just the first few seconds of it, though. o_O)

    Also, in case you missed it, Hopeless Masquerade was released and Double Dealing Character demo came out. Enjoy your new characters:

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I find Sekibanki seriously creepy. Like with what she is... just... gaaaaaaah...



    This shows why:
    A. I suck, and
    B. I should never play on Hard.

    Like for whatever reason, I decided to play the DDC demo on Hard. And of course, it ended in complete failure.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30dZx8jmnzE

    I will ask whoever stumbles upon this post to spare a good two hours of your time to watch this manga-turned-video, Little Reimu. It tells the story of when Reimu was little, and the man-eating youkai was big. I cannot possibly express with words how amazing this turned out to be, despite how the story is initially portrayed. I had more or less the same expectations anyone will have upon watching the first minutes, but this has to be one of the most, I cannot find any other word, /beautiful/ fan-produced materials I have ever read/watched. It will be really worth your time and feels.
  12. So beautiful.... it actually made me cry a bit.... ;_;

    On a happier note:
    Now there is a fandub version of this. Hooray!
  13. So uh... After a lot of failing on the DDC demo (leave it to me of all people to botch a demo), I've managed to get two nearly-perfect runs on Easy... Keep dying on Kagerou's third spell... And the best I can do on Normal is apparently stage 1, stage 2 and half of stage 3 without deaths before botching up the rest.

    i b totali awsum

    So after a while of that, I decide to mess around with the fairies at the beginning of stage 1 Normal. The result...

    Why am I so good at getting into tight spots with Sakuya? ;)
  14. Those dodges, Giga.

    Anyway, here is my current resource route for DDC Hard. It's pretty amazing.

  15. ... Ooooooooookay...

    So for whatever reason, I decided to attempt what I have done in my previous replay in Lunatic. I quickly realized that there was no way I'd be able to do that... XD
    So instead, I decided to see how far I'd get on Lunatic just dodging stuff. How far did I get, you ask?

    See for yourselves! o_o
    What the hell?! How'd I get that far?!

    Though really, I'm pretty sure there's someone here who'd get farther just doing that...
    (psst someone actually try that)
  16. Geez, I would have expected Shadow to have said something about DDC's release in this thread... o_O

    Ah well!

    So in case you missed it, Double Dealing Character full release was a few days ago! Awesome new stages, characters, and music! GET IT IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY!!!

    And on that note:
    LOFL I can't believe someone actually did that!
  17. DDC Lunatic 1cc

    The wonders of 3:00 AM. Granted, there were absolutely stupid mistakes abound, but I did it nonetheless.
  18. [youtube]EJd4M1r3gEs[/youtube]
    Can't wait.
  19. [youtube]s2PSeT4pcoo[/youtube]

    I scuk at Touhou.
  20. I couldn't agree more. :p

    Also, I had that happen to me in DDC. Kagerou ran right into me as her last spell ended.

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