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The General Touhou Thread

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Shadow, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. Since the last thread has slipped into oblivion, I might as well start it over, hmm? In any case, there are two things to look forward to the next month:

    1. The official announcement of the "new game" ZUN is making. Sources tell us that the demo will be released in Reitaisai 10, which will take place in May 26 (actually May 25 for us).

    2. The RELEASE of Touhou 13.5 ~ Hopeless Masquerade this very same Reitaisai 10. The cover art has just been revealed, you can look at it here.

    Speculation on the silhouette? I'll just drop my two cents here:


    It's clearly Mima.
  2. Looks like a footprint to me...
  3. That is the weirdest footprint I've ever seen.
  4. The only person who could think of it as a footprint.
  5. Either that or someone with a really weird dress and fire above her.
  6. It's interesting you say that, because people have speculated this character might be the Touhouification of Bishamonten. The silhouette appears to be holding something, while having these weird fireball things around her. Note the similarities to the pagoda and the and the "halo" in Bishamonten's statue.

    Considering this figure has been referenced a lot in the games, I wouldn't consider it a farfetched connection...

    Nevertheless, it's still clearly Mima.
  7. A new HM banner has been revealed, and someone had the bright idea to overlay it with the original cover art and isolating the silhouette, which provides a much clearer outline.


    Now what exactly are the floating things? Fireballs? Roses? Lanterns? Masks? Welp.
  8. I'd say fireballs or masks.
  9. No matter how many times I look at this thing, the second from the right looks like a skull to me. It makes no sense, yet I keep thinking that...

    Though they probably are masks.
  10. [​IMG]

    Yep, we officially have a Touhou 14 now, demo upcoming on the 26th, day of Reitaisai 10. There are several things to note about this game. Apparently, ZUN wanted to make a "neo-retro danmaku shooter" game without complex scoring mechanics and systems, as we can see in these screenshots: [1] [2]. The general synopsis of the story, as translated from the blog, is as follows: "Reimu, Marisa, and Sakuya's individual weapons have suddenly started acting on their own. On top of that, the Youkai who are usually quiet and subdued have suddenly started rebelling. Will the three oppose their own weapons or abandon them?".

    You heard that right, Sakuya is making a comeback.



    I can't wait for the 25th.
  11. Update: A translation for Marisa's "Weapon Select" screen has been made, as well as the tiny bit of Reimu's dialogue:

  12. Tasofro has been updating their HM page prior to the actual Reitaisai next week, giving us new information about the game. Today, they have officially revealed Byakuren as playable.


    And an image from their blog can be found here.

    Last Word is apparently "Angiras Veda"

    The hat is incredibly silly.
  13. Stop that already, Espy.

    Anyway, I like the fact that Byakuren needs a hat in the first place.
    Also, her eyes are purple now... Why can't anyone just stick with a single eye color?
  14. It's been a while since I irritated your ornery behindsides, Giga. Why are you not reciprocating the love? I mean what did I ever do to you?

    Mod Edit (Lord X-Giga-X): Espy, this post has nothing to do with the topic of this thread at all.

    Kuda edit: inb4laev inb4flamberge

    Oh Giga Giga Giga you are so hopeless at sarcasm or humour.

    Mod Edit (Lord X-Giga-X): I don't care what it is. It is completely offtopic and unnecessary to this thread. Any further offtopic discussion will get you warned. So unless you want to actually try sticking to the topic of this thread, I suggest you stay away from this thread.

    If there were any gender-bending going on I would've thought that you would be the girl, not Kuda, what with your PMS-y outbursts. <3

    On-topic since you want it: I don't like Doho.

    Mod Edit (Lord X-Giga-X): Enjoy your warning, then.

    Kuda edit: As an aside, Espy, please learn to stay on topic, relevant, and... well... not bait people. Especially those that can ban you.
  15. Dat hat.

    In all seriousness, this looks like it's going to be awesome. I can't wait to see what other characters are in HM.
  16. late but

  17. ...why...

    On a HM-related note, I literally cannot wait for the Miko reveal. There's Byakuren. There HAS to be Miko.
  18. Oh hey, it's my other guess for a playable character:

    Somehow I figured it was likely for Futo to be playable. Though is it just me, or does that artwork make her look shorter...

    I see you there in the background, Yuugi.
  19. >human village

    It's at least possible she's involved.

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