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The Elementals

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Electro, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. This is something I had made on the original ZEJ, before the server change, and as it had been (somewhat) successful, and RotK is at a standstill, I thought I'd bring it back.

    Plot: In the world, there were two races of people. There are the humans, and there are the Elementals. These two races have maintained peace for centuries, but 7 years in the past, that peace was disrupted by a new race. This new race was called the Alamasian, and they are Orclike beings with the power to possess their enemies. The Alamasians have convinced the humans that the Elementals have been conspiring to kill them, and have convinced the different tribes of Elementals that the other tribes are trying to kill them, as well as the humans. You are an elemental from one of the 9 tribes, and you must join forces with other Elementals in order to preserve the peace in your land.

    There are nine tribes each with 2 of the pokemon types, plus light. The tribes are:
    Acid Tribe (bug and poison)
    Sturdy Tribe (rock and ground)
    H2O Tribe (water and ice)
    Machine Tribe (steel and electric)
    Physical Tribe (fighting and normal)
    Paranormal Tribe (psychic and ghost)
    Opposed Tribe (dark and light)
    Nature Tribe (flying and grass)
    Drake Tribe (fire and dragon)

    Powers of each element:
    Bug - Command and transform into bugs
    Poison - Create acid and poison
    Rock - Transform into and create rocks
    Ground - Create earthquakes and tunnel at high speeds
    Water - Manipulate water and swim at high speeds and breath under water
    Ice - Become ice and freeze others and create ice
    Steel - Craft weapons and machinery and manipulate metal
    Electric - Manipulate and create electricity
    Fighting - Super strength and lightning reflexes
    Normal - Create small amounts of matter (almost anything small) and able to change the appearance of items, (Bending a pencil as if it was rubber when willed, stuff like that.)
    Psychic - Telekinesis and telepathy
    Ghost - Faze in and out of existence and possess people ( not Alamasians)
    Dark - Manipulate darkness and naturally silent
    Light - Manipulate light and create minions of light
    Flying - Fly and command wind currents
    Grass - Control plants
    Fire - Create and manipulate fire
    Dragon - transform into SMALL dragons and generate different elemental energy

    Trenor (Alamasian king)
    Adoley (Human King)
    Zain (Elemental treaty master)

    This is the whole thing, minus the sign-up form
  2. SOunds interesting, but what are the elemental tribes?
  4. Okay, now you definately have to let me in! Power to transform into bugs?! You don´t realize what you´ve just unleashed! Muhahaha!

    Seriously though, this just got better! Can you transform into all sort of diferent Bugs or is every person/Family/generation/etc bound to something specific? Are there actually numerous villages for each tribe or does every tribe have one village?

    P.S. Thanks for editing more info
  5. I would be interested in joining this for a beginning RP, if you don't mind. It sounds really fun to do! Especially Bug, Steel, and Normal.
  6. As long as you don't take electric, I'm fine. Although I think Gaarafan kinda dibsed bug.
  7. Yes, I saw now. It's fine!
  8. Anyone else? Anyone? Eebit?
  9. Bump, perhaps? Thought I'd try and spark interest in this, as I just remembered how much I liked the basic idea. Also, anyone have any additions that could help it, no problem with those.
  10. It sounds like it would be interesting. I'll join.
  11. Kewl, I've got some interest. If you want you can call your elements now.
  12. Seeing as I used my original character for something ENTIRELY different than this, I'll be claiming Psychic this time around, I think. Might be subject to change, however.
  13. Kay. Anyone else interested? I'll get the sign-up up today, if you guys want.
  14. The question now becomes... is this still going on? And if so, can we boost the interest for it, mayhaps? :>
  15. Yes, this is going on still, but I'm unsure as of how to boost interest. I guess, if you guys want I could make the SU thread just so people can see a little more detail on this, like, what the characters are like.
  16. ^Yeah, that sounds good.

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