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[Statplay | What] Statgrinding Ver2.0

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Shadow, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. Since the Statistical Roleplaying section has not exactly seen much activity as of late, I thought, "Well hey, this is perhaps a good time to begin doing An Things." And so here I am, attempting to resharpen my GM abilities, though unfortunately not with a "proper" Statistical Roleplay, to say.

    This Interest Check can be summarized in one word: Statgrinding. Essentially, yes, this is to be akin to Gist's Solidarity: Tortures of the Mind... which did not even end up starting.

    Now, the exact features of my own iteration:

    *First and foremost, the so-called "Permadeath" will be enabled--that means, if any given character finishes a battle incapacitated by KO or Oblivion or any derivatives, they are considered to be eliminated from the party. Simple as that. Revival in-battle is entirely possible to promote Support-class roles, though.

    *Insane difficulty curve, plus tentative Difficulty Levels. The first run will serve as a test for the feasibility them in future challenges, but otherwise, be prepared for intricate AI and potential Game Overing setups for every single encounter. The system is actively trying to impose a beautiful Game Over screen on you.

    *Stemming from the previous point, it brings the entire prospect of natural character progression and leveling. Upgrade Points will be readily available per every Level Up to spend based on strategical needs, something which artificially-leveled characters cannot exactly attain.

    *Boss Floors stationed on regular intervals, along with Shopping intermission "floors" to upgrade the party's Equipment or restock the Inventory.

    *You can only enter with a single character; however, in case of the inevitable Game Over, you are allowed to submit another (be sure to store the profile somewhere, as you will be required to edit the older one out in the Profile Thread).

    Aaaand, yeah, I suppose that is all for now~ Who is up for this?
  2. Okay yeah you know I'm in.
  3. If I recover from this slump, I'll bite.
  4. In it to win it baby. I'm planning on using Evisca Mooring, who I made for the first iteration of the Statcontest. In that sense, I will be playing 'support' for this party, albeit sans the Healing and Buff aspect.
  5. Holy crap, the Hard Mode. Definitely in!
  6. Eh, I suppose I could be in.
  7. Changed my mind, I'd be interested if it's not too late - I've got a spare everyday anyways so I can find some room to post in this.
  8. Yo, let's make this 3.0!

    I'm taking interest for a third version of a so-called 'statgrind.' I would be interested in taking on people who are new to the medium and old blood alike, just to help everyone flex and stretch their creative muscles around statplaying. If anyone wants to participate, then post below. I'm looking at four or five spaces to fill; I don't want a supermassive party that makes battles inefficient to update due to slow posting, but I do want a healthy amount of participation.

    Also, if this takes off, I'll be looking at a first-come-first-serve basis for profiles, not interest expressed. So just because you say "Hey I'm down" in this thread, it doesn't mean your space is safe until you've submitted an actual tangible profile.

    Happy to teach anyone who doesn't have experience, by the way. If you've ever wanted to try out statistical combat, this might be a great opportunity for you.
  9. ^^^ *stamp of approval*
  10. I'd be interested, just because I want to learn the whole statplay system.
  11. ...
    The ellipses of interest has revealed itself!
  12. Hi ho neighbour, I am interested.

  13. I'm definitely interested in this!

    Can I use the character I made for the Tutorial?
  14. Yessir! You can use just about any character you want, and Judit is definitely a-okay!

    Glad to see that there is interest around! I am pretty much set, and will happily start things up as soon as I have profiles in hand. Just for the sake of clarification, I will be using Shadow's system with all of the most recent updates to it in play. Send me a Level 1 character whenever possible! The 'skeletal sheet' is as below:

    [b]+ Skill #1:[/b]
    [b]+ Skill #2:[/b]
    [b]Skill Points:[/b]
    [b]Upgrade Points:[/b]

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