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[Statplay, War Fantasy] Fire Emblem: Tome I, Summoning - The Ascension of Syhelluce

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Zygardia, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. RE: [Statplay | Fantasy] - Fire Emblem: Treasures of War

    Alright then >.<
  2. RE: [Statplay | Fantasy] - Fire Emblem: Treasures of War

    THis is an awesome list! Good chtat I got back before this strated. Am I already allowed to name a preference? If so, I´d like to go with Medium->Summoner when we get started. ( Yes, I love summoners...)
  3. RE: [Statplay | Fantasy] - Fire Emblem: Treasures of War

    ^Yup, I guess you can start claiming. Preferably, we can have one person claiming one weapon?
  4. RE: [Statplay | Fantasy] - Fire Emblem: Treasures of War

    (No Dragon Rider? :<)

    Awweh, man! I don't even know who to pick! I'm kinda leaning toward Fire Mage, or Mercenary. Ahhh. XDDDD

    I'll go with Fire Mage if that's okay! :D

    By the way, High Mage, and Spellcaster, what are those exactly?
    (Guessing Wood/Life, and Illusion-based Magic. :p)
  5. RE: [Statplay | Fantasy] - Fire Emblem: Treasures of War

    High Mage uses all Anima magic, Archsage uses all Magic, no staves, but has no Mastery ability. The rest do.
    Spellcaster is basically a counterpart to the Medium but with Light Magic. You could probably guess the mastery skill of Necromancers. :p The Illusionist has the same ability with Light Magic.
  6. RE: [Statplay | Fantasy] - Fire Emblem: Treasures of War

    Ah, I see. Thanks for clearing that up. ^_^
  7. RE: [Statplay | War Fantasy] Fire Emblem - Sybellux, Arise! (A Tale of Rebirth)

    'K so the story's going over a good overhaul because of slight errors in transposition. Considering the length of the story as well, and some other stuff, I'm splitting this roleplay into two separate sagas of ~30 chapters each! (The previous one had five tomes of ~10 chapters/tome) Changing the name, and I'm proud to announce a couple of other things. Note that the name in the title refers to the goal of the saga, which is to revive a daemon of light.

    1) My cousin will be GMing this game with me! He's responsible for the hard copy of the gameplay and mechanics and also for the map designing. Although do note that his IP and mine are the same because we use the same network.

    2) My cousin invited a few of his friends over to ZEJ! He invited them to take part in this FE Statplay, and HOPEFULLY they will get attracted to other Statplays and Freeforms. Yes, this will hopefully increase activity!

    3) I will most likely wait for ZEJ to have exams done with, seeing as most of you are from Canada and the US and have your APs and IBs and whatnots in May. As such, the RP will go up when activity spikes.

    That's it for now. Stay tuned for the next instalment of news!

    Oh, and I'll probably take down this thread soon after I post the Profile thread, because some of this stuff is no longer relevant.
  8. Awesome! I'm really looking forward to this!
    And that's ALOT of chapters! 0.0
  9. Yeah, I know, right? It was like the original Monshou no Nazo in that respect. Thing was, in the old forum where this was up, we got to like two chapters before the game ending and everyone strted disappearing. To avoid that, I've just done a little story retooling and splitting so at least one saga can be finished. ^_^
  10. Im going to go ahead and claim Nomad if thats ok with you?
    Gaara: Medium
    Flamezone: Fire Mage
    Cid: Nomad

  12. Not sure if I can claim a unit since I helped write the story, but if I may, I will take the job of High Mage - if no one chooses Thief, then, jot me down for that instead.
  13. You're fine, Umbra, the portion of the story you wrote for me was to be used in the second leg of the Statplay only! =D ... which means you cannot make a character for that part of the RP, though you CAN help GM.

    But choose a single class! Can't have you choosing multiple classes, that's unfair.
  14. Okay, then I will wait until others make their decisions.
  15. Right, as you may have noticed, the SU is up!

    ... I don't think I have much else to say, trololo. XD

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