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[Statplay, War Fantasy] Fire Emblem: Tome I, Summoning - The Ascension of Syhelluce

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Zygardia, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Remember this? So basically, I've already made a good part of the thread, but I'm not going to proceed if no one's interested.

    Somewhat like FE games, there are 5 weapon types and 6 magic elements. They are swords, lances, axes, bows, daggers (and boomerangs. All of these comprise the weapons) and fire, ice/wind,lightning (these three comprise the Anima trinity), light, dark and staves/wood/life (fire onwards make up all the magic elements). Each weapon is at a disadvantage to another one, but at an advantage to the third, except for bows and daggers/boomerangs. The same goes for magic elements, except there are no 'inert' elements. =)

    No one from previous games is going to be included; you could make allusions to them, but please, let's not have Pelleas and Micaiah conveniently appear on Chapter-16 when you're stuck behind the Mage Barrier or something. XD

    Weapon Ranks (WRs) are present. They range from (lowest to highest) E, D, C, B, A, S. The higher the rank, the more weapons you may use.

    Classes have 'majors' in WRs: for instance, a, say, Dark Mage can class swap into a Shaman, then into a Dark Druid. Dark Mages may only use Dark Magic, while Shamans may use Dark and Fire Magic. Druids can additionally use Staves. However, Druids can get an S for a WR only in Dark Magic, since they practised that since Shaman stage.

    One thing is this: you can choose whatever class you want, BUT! For the purposes of storyline, there must be at least one major in all the weapons and magic elements. you may not choose a class if there would be a weapon or magic that doesn't have a major and is not the major of your preferred class. You must take that

    Now, about the plot. There are 9 territories (kingdoms, regions, whatever you want to call them) in the continent of Mauvian. Each of these represent a particular set of weapon types or magic elements. They live in general peace with each other. Wars, if any, are limited to minor border skirmishes or sparring matches.

    However, the Isle of Nihjyil (pr. nih-'jeel) is ruled by Lord Deimos, an evil man who is consumed by Greed (Note the capital G!) and acts dictator-y to the Isle. He learns of the sacred treasures of mainland Mauvian and sets out to capture these signs of strength and prosperity. He routinely captures all the countries and enslaves them - think Ashnard to Crimea. However, it is up to you to stop him and put him down. Along the way, you will find out many things about Mauvian. Who were the Eight Heroes? Who is Deimos? Why is Lord Filera (the kingdom representing the Anima trinity) acting so weirdly? And why on earth is the a huge forge under the sea...?

    If there's anything else you want me to clear before you make a decision, then fine, ask away. :)
  2. RE: [Statplay | Fantasy] - Fire Emblem: Treasures of War

    Just one thing: Is the "if you die your gone for good" thing still there or are we just put on temporary halt and start again afterwards on the next mission? Otherwise can't wait to sign up.
  3. RE: [Statplay | Fantasy] - Fire Emblem: Treasures of War

    like I told you on IRC, I'd be willing to join.
  4. RE: [Statplay | Fantasy] - Fire Emblem: Treasures of War

    Light: No, it isn't there. You WILL be removed from the current map, but can be deployed next map. =)

    Also firgot to mention this: there will be places to visit between chapters, like Tower of Valni or Lagdou Ruins. If a majority of the roleplayers want to go there, we can initiate a side-quest. However, I'm still working out how many times the troupe should be allowed to go and stuff like that.

    Nate: Thanks! =D (BTW Sorry for dying on you on IRC)
  5. RE: [Statplay | Fantasy] - Fire Emblem: Treasures of War

    ... HOLY... CRAP... I just noticed this roleplay here, and it sounds fantastic Ninetales :D Fire Emblem (Yet another one of my favourite games, I mean I even went through the trouble to find english patches for all of the Japan-Only ones) is one of my fave games, and the roleplay sounds pretty good as well, I will join if you create the rp :D
  6. RE: [Statplay | Fantasy] - Fire Emblem: Treasures of War

    I like the FE series. This will definately be a fun RPG!
  7. RE: [Statplay | Fantasy] - Fire Emblem: Treasures of War

    ^Oh, great, this is excellent news. ^_^ I'm just getting a skill list ready; expect the RP to be up in (hopefully) a week.

    Although I must not that there will be parts that are Freeform rather than Statplay. Sometimes, a full Section of a Chapter.
  8. RE: [Statplay | Fantasy] - Fire Emblem: Treasures of War

    So the actual battling would be stat, and the misc conjunctures, conversations... etc would be free form? Also a question about classes, are all classes from all fire emblem games available, or will you be going off of a specific games class system?
  9. RE: [Statplay | Fantasy] - Fire Emblem: Treasures of War

    Oh! Yes! Fire Emblem! I would love to join! I've went through all the trouble to play every single Fire Emblem game there is (Not 3DS yet). I'm a huge fan of the series. I would really be interested in this. ^^

    But yes, the class system. I am very interested about that. Also the level ups. Will we create our own Stat Growths, or will they be averaged for class, if there are any default classes available?

    If you need help with class creating, I am more than willing to help you out. I notice that there are some weapons/staves that are completely new (Boomerang, Wood, etc. Unless then they are in the 3DS game. XD). Interested about those.

    Anyways, this is a great idea! I would love to help you out if you require it of me. :)
  10. RE: [Statplay | Fantasy] - Fire Emblem: Treasures of War

    Stat growths are pretty dependent on classes. When I post the list of classes in the actual thread, there will be a quick gist of their better stats and weak points. Growths will be effected likewise. The Boomerang set is part of knives, so they count as knives. Staves gain an all new offensive power in the form of wood magic. I decided to attribute life magic as Staves' main theme - animal magic as healing, plant magic in the form of damaging.

    Yes, Flamezone, Eeb told me about your love for the seires. ^_^ And high-five to you and Phoenix for having played every non-3DS and not Shin Monsho no Nazo FE game! ^_^

    In case anyone wants a list of classes, here's an final list. Note that I have omitted on purpose the third tier classes even though I've finalised them. ;)

    Merc -> Fencer
    Thief -> Rogue
    Myrmidon -> Swordsmaster

    Knight -> Commander
    Pegasus Knight -> Falcoknight
    Cavalier -> Paladin

    Fighter -> Warrior
    Pirate ->

    Archer ->
    Nomad ->

    White Mage -> White Sage
    Spellcaster -> Illusionist

    Fire Mage -> Fire Sage
    Thunder Mage -> Thunder Sage
    Wind Sage -> Wind Sage
    High Mage -> Lord Sage

    Troubadour -> Bard
    Healer -> Mystic

    Dark Mage -> Shaman
    Medium -> Summoner

    Yeah, some of the names seem uninspired, so if anyone has a better idea, please do tell. ;) As you can see these are mostly preexisting FE classes with additional modifications.

    Also, yes, Magikarp, you will find that the map is statplay, the conversations are freeform, the reason for that being it's fun to see what kind of story the players weave. ;)

    Quick note about skills; basically the same with the class system, you'll be seeing a lot of PoR/RD skills in the beginner-class list, and you'll find scrolls that confer skills. However, you'll see a few made up skills and modified preexisting ones as well.
  11. RE: [Statplay | Fantasy] - Fire Emblem: Treasures of War

    Archer -> Sniper?
    Nomad -> Nomad Trooper?
    Pirate ->Berserker?

    Also! Interested about some classes. I've actually never heard of Spellcaster, and High Mage before. Are they new? Or made up?

    By the way, I can't help but notice a few other classes I'm a tad confused about.

    Merc -> Fencer
    Knight -> Commander
    Troubadour -> Bard
    Healer -> Mystic

    Doesn't a Mercenary promote to a Hero? As well as the Knight promoting to a General? If you just simply changed it for the lulz, then I understand. Or perhaps, since you took out the third promotion, you didn't change back the others. Also, that's another thing? Why no third promotion!! Cmon! XD Hahah just kidding, it's up to you. XD

    Also, the Troubadour and stuff. I can see it as a line from Strong Bard/Dancer -Stronger Bard/Dancer -Strongest Bard/Dancer, you just gave the first one the title Troubadour. I'm kinda guessing the unit isn't horseback and dishes out heals. :p

    And Healer -> Mystic. Is this simply a retitling of Priest -> Bishop? Or is it something completely different?

    Sorry if I'm badgering you, I just want to get some things clear. XD
  12. RE: [Statplay | Fantasy] - Fire Emblem: Treasures of War

    Whoops, I guess I forgot to fill those in.

    Pirate -> Ravager
    Archer -> Sniper (-> Ballisteer, finalised)
    Nomad -> Ranger (-> Trooper, finalised)

    Like I said, quite a few are made up. And don't worry, there ARE third tiers in this game, just not shown, because I have yet to finalise the skill list. E.g., Merc -> Fencer -> Hero is one of the four or so that I have finalised.
    And yes, I changed them for the lulz0rz. XD

    Troubadour; the unit isn't horseback, yes, and can use knives as well as staves and is otherwise basically a heron. :p The Healer is, erm, the more healer-inclined. Speaking of, yes, this is basically Curate -> Bishop, but in a more magical way. I think healers seem more natural and more inclined to wood magic than priests?

    No, that's fine, this is basic info that will have to get to you when you decide to sign up anyway.
  13. RE: [Statplay | Fantasy] - Fire Emblem: Treasures of War

    Ohohoho, I seee.

    I dunno about the name, "Fencer," though, I just, eh. XD
    Would Ranger -> Merc -> Hero be better? Or maybe Merc -> Hero -> Vanguard or something. I dunno. It's up to you. :p

    But other than that, cool! Thanks for clearing it up.
  14. RE: [Statplay | Fantasy] - Fire Emblem: Treasures of War

    ^I guess, I couldn't think of anything else. Vanguard isn't the best term either, because, well, the unit won't be guarding just the rear. XD I'll see to something. If you have any other ideas, do tell.

    EDIT: Figured something out.

    Merc -> Hero -> Knight (as in 'Sir')
    Soldier -> Commander -> General. 'K?
  15. RE: [Statplay | Fantasy] - Fire Emblem: Treasures of War

    Yes, but does thief not also have the possiblility to go into assassin?
  16. RE: [Statplay | Fantasy] - Fire Emblem: Treasures of War

    Thief -> Rogue -> Dacoit. Not all thieves have to become assassins! For that matter, if they do, then all units automatically become assassins. However, their skill, Lethality, is transferred to the Trueblade (maintaining that onee line from RD) instead as the third-tier skill.
  17. RE: [Statplay | Fantasy] - Fire Emblem: Treasures of War

    Sounds good to me! Although, don't you think Knight, and Hero should be switched around? I can see it working better that way, but again, it's up to you. XD
  18. RE: [Statplay | Fantasy] - Fire Emblem: Treasures of War

    ^Ahh, yup, I see, good idea.
  19. RE: [Statplay | Fantasy] - Fire Emblem: Treasures of War

    I didnt say all thieves were assasins, just assasin is one of my fave classes, can you incorprate the assasin class in?
  20. RE: [Statplay | Fantasy] - Fire Emblem: Treasures of War

    ^I know! Just making sure that my reason for removing Assassins out of the Thief line was clear. ;D

    Also, effectively, Trueblades (Myrmidon -> Swordsmaster -> Trueblade) will function as an Assassin, so yeah.

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