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[Statplay|Original] The Celestials

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Cid, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. The Celestials

    In the land of Mongora, there once existed a great power. A power of great evil, and despair. A power able to take out anything which would stand in its way, and to push man into a severe state of fear. This power took many forms, it could disguise it self as an average man, and strike when the time is right, or it could appear in the form of a large beast, capable of destroying buildings in a single blow. Whichever form it took, it always retained its horrible power.

    One day, a group of 4 warriors joined forces to attempt to defeat the beast. One warrior for each of the 4 elements, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. These warriors where also of great power, but they used it for the greater good, to help the land of Mongora, instead of wreaking havoc. These 4 warriors fought valiantly, in a battle of strength, wits, and of course, power. In the end, these four warriors were nearly defeated, worn out from the battle, but the beast had also taken quite a bit of damage. Knowing that there was no other way, the four warriors combined their power to finalize the beasts fate, and sealed it away within a magical orb.

    Now, no one knows where this orb is, but it is known that this story is very well true, and if the power contained within this orb were to be released again, there would more then likely be no way to stop it again. The orb now, is kept under watch by a powerful race created by the gods, known as the Celestials. This is a humanoid race, with each of them having the power to control one of the four elements.

    The Celestials did their job well, protecting the orb, and strengthening the seal whenever it is to grow just a bit weaker, but now there is a mysterious force at work. For reasons unknown, the Celestial race is being killed off, one by one. As if someone was hunting them for their own cruel game. There are only four left now, one for each element, being just barely enough to protect the orb.

    Fearing that this orb is what the mysterious force is after, the remaining Celestials have kept an even closer eye on it then ever before, and now, the real battle starts.

    If you actually read through all of this, I thank you for doing so, as it is what I feel to be one of the best RP's I have ever dreamt up, and if interest is shown in this, I will have the Sign Ups up by next week. Not sure as to whether or not it will be stat or freeform..
  2. It does indeed sound like a sensational idea-- I'm interested in taking part. The plot sound well-developed and well-conceived, and I hope the mechanics are just as original.
  3. Thank you for the feed back on it, also it will be playing using either Shadow/Masq's play style, or one I am developing myself, also the RP will need a min/max of 4 characters to start.
  4. Well, since this seems to be getting no interest, It must be a bust. If not though, the reason im posting this is as to whether or not this idea would be better as freeform or statplay... Yeah, your choice really. I can do both with it.
  5. Well, it's not so much that I'm not interested, but the fact that you haven't yet been in a statistical RP in the vein of Shadow or Masq's style makes me a touch nervous to give this a shot. I like the plot - there are no qualms from me with it, though it does seem a tad cliché. I just don't know how you plan to work the mechanics without having any experience in the statistical genre, have no MP-costing formula of your own, etc etc.

    Don't give up after what, five days? That's weak, man. If you give up that easily on an idea that you've hardly advertised, then that just shows that you don't yet have the patience to run a statistical roleplay either. Especially during battles, things can get slow as you get people who are running on their own schedules. Look at Shadow's 'ever-popular' Oblivion Phantasy ~ A Decaying Flux. It's been stagnant for at least half a month, and was lying dormant for far longer than that previously, but it has not yet died. Just gotta have patience, eh? :>

    I'm potentially interested, but as I said, your lack of experience in the format makes me a bit wary of joining without some sort of test drive, I guess. And I'm pretty inconsistent because of my schoolwork load, too, so you'd have to bear with me on that.

    Alternatively, you could try running it as a one-on-one between you and Cerby? To get you both acquainted with GMing and running the statform? Just a suggestion.
  6. Yeah, I have been thinking of changing it to freeform, also I have had some experience in stat play, just im not exactly the best at it, so yeah, it is going to become a freeform... Also, what do you mean by its a bit Cliche?
  7. To be fair here, it's not as if trying to recruit people works most of the time. Common response seems to be "I have too much on my plate right now. *goes to join every OP and Masqplay in existence directly after*".

    Feel free to refute that, but I've definitely seen that happen more than once.

    I told Cid IRL that I was into this though, so... :>
  8. In some cases (like mine) the person already plans to join those RPs and is taking that into consideration. Which is why I haven't joined ARKNET yet. :p
  9. That's totally fair, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes that way. If you are desperate for people, and don't mind waiting a little bit for me to post, I'd love to join in. Also would love to see you get into the statform to give it a spin when the opportunity arises, but that's a bit down the road, I suppose (or alternatively joining Feign of Paradise).

    By cliché, I mean that the concept of a magic, all-powerful orb that was fought for by a set of four allies in the name of the greater good against a Big Bad just seems a tad generic for a plotline, but sometimes the generic-ness is what allows players to make it shine for themselves... which I am hoping will occur here~

    Problem with your statement is that (assuming it is directed at me) I have been fully involved in both Masqplays in their tenure at ZEJ, both having been started late last year. Oblivion Phantasy, as well, I have been involved in since their inceptions, and notice that no new ones have been started recently when I began to say "sorry, getting a tad too busy." All still, Cardinal Sigil has been held off from beginning due to the fact that I have told Shadow I'm too busy to do another statplay, and additionally, he is equally finding himself swamped in loads of RPs that previously were not a problem.

    Other cases it may be accurate, but please do not point a finger in my direction if you aren't prepared to have research done on it first.

    Continuing on a similar note, most people around here don't join things without prodding anyway, if they aren't done by their friends. Notice that Kuda has amassed an immense following in her freeform RP, Raised to Win? Of course you have, as you constantly draw parallels between it and ARKNET's activity. You take a far more laissez-faire approach to your RPs than Kuda does, preferring to let people post whenever instead of asking for their attention when it becomes their turn to post.
    Kuda, however, has gotten that bustle of activity because she chooses to ask people to join in, and check it out if they are interested. In a sea of ideas such as ZEJ's interest check section, it is natural that some things will go unnoticed - especially when school is starting up for most in the northern hemisphere. Some things just need to be prodded into prominence, like how Cerby put Celestials and Somnambulance in his sig to advertise. Ask around to people through PMs, maybe. It can't hurt.
  10. The Masqplay/OP thing was actually in general. I didn't mean to sound like I was singling you out specifically.

    I don't really like bugging people, because it makes me feel like a tremendous hypocrite, as well as bugging people to join my RP(s) feels a bit... weird. It's almost like I feel as if I'm part of some spam agency, lmao.

    This thread isn't really the place for this conversation, though. :>
  11. @ Eebit: Yeah, it would be cool if you would join, I will have the sign ups, up soon... Also, going to be joining FoP, making my char sheet as I post this.

    @ Dark: Thank you for trying to defend me, but nothing he said really got me riled up all that much. I've learned to accept criticism, and take it into consideration, SO yeah.

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