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Statistical Tournament Interest Check

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Flimzy, Oct 17, 2011.

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  1. I'm going to express my interest in this assuming I'm allowed to use characters from a different forum? Because well, obviously, I don't have any characters here. Yet~
  2. ^Yeah we are, I'm probably going to end up using characters from MM and FE2.
  3. Yeah, for sure~ You're certainly allowed to use characters from other forums, so long as they are your own creations and are made in the 'official' profile template (aka the one posted in the first post). Since I gather you know how ZEJ's systems work, I don't think there will be a problem. Lookin' forward to seeing what you guys conjure up!
  4. That shouldn't be a problem <3 I run a statplay à la ZEJ, so I think I can manage, thank you very much~
  5. Alright, guys! @Eebit has expressed interest in restarting this! Most of you know what this is, and I'm confident those who preternaturally don't can guess. Suffice to call it a clash of the brain and the brawn! We all know the Statplaying scene has been getting invigorated lately, so this is hopefully a perfect time to bring this up again. We are virtually open to anything this time, so long as it involves statistical characters of our own creation beating each other senseless until one champion (or team) comes out on top. What we need to decide before this entire Thing can start is how many people are interested, and what formation they want characters in; what Level they should be at, whether it should be Team Battles or not, and how many characters are going to be on each side. First of all, come one and come all to express your interest in this!

    ...I feel like highlighting all of ZEJ...
  6. Thanks for the post, Cerby! I really appreciate that you were able to post this sucker up for me. Saves me a bit of trouble in coming up with a post to encapsulate the core nitty-gritty bit of information that I want to throw up. As mentioned above, a bout with boredom this afternoon, coupled with the bolstering of the ZEJ Statplay scene that we have been attempting to do as of late has inspired me to do another reboot of this tournament. I really like the idea of a competition in this medium, since it is something that is largely unique to ZEJ and Eternal Dream (Masq's forum, for those not in the know).


    I have a few questions about how we are going to let this play out this time, as Cerby slightly glossed over. Obviously, for newbies to the scene, as well as veterans as is evident by the lack of participation in the way of the past attempts to revive this, three Level 7 profiles is something of a tall order. So the first question is, naturally, is Level 7 a reasonable target to shoot for? I like the level since it offers enough flexibility in terms of A-Abilities, and also allows people the versatility of having their R-Ability unlocked if they choose to have one. So the first question is one of Level restriction. What level is reasonable to you if you're looking to participate?

    I plan also to reduce the pressure of this tournament by shrinking the team size to TWO CHARACTERS. This is less daunting an order, so hopefully we can get things moving a bit smoother for this iteration.

    With the lack of 'collaboration' that has been around of late, I'd like to also address another question that comes with the original expectation of the tournament. Should we make teams a collaborative effort, with each player making one profile that they can use? The thought process which Cerby and I share on this is that pairings would be randomized, so that there isn't just a pair of expert statplayers dominating everyone else in their matchups. Would people prefer a setting with partnerships for this tournament, or would it be preferred to have more control of both characters?

    One final note is that, if people were interested, I would be willing to toss a $20 prize to the winner(s) of the tournament. It's nothing substantial, but would prize money be a good incentive to get more people interested in vying for the title of prime statplayer/team on ZEJ? The idea was met with some apprehension from Shadow and Cerby when I posted it, but I figured I should ask for feedback publicly anyway.
  7. Well in a 1v1 situation most of the time it's just a DPS race to see who can do more damage with very little strategic thought required. So I'm definitely in favor of team play. As for whether or not the teams should be a collab I'd say no to that since with a team of only 2 it requires the two characters to have as much synergy as possible. And sometimes with other people it's difficult to find that synergy since we probably know our own characters better than anyone else. And I'm somewhat okay with level 7, unless someone else has a better alternative I'd say just keep that as it is.
  8. Randomised team play sounds fun. Lv 7 is reasonable, and I'm generally strapped for cash so though I feel bad about saying it I wouldn't mind USD 20. =P
  9. 3 L4 allows for all abilities minus X. I'm open to anything, and still wholeheartedly supporting this. o3o3o
  10. Still in. I'll find a way to work around my internet situation.

    Being that I make level 15 profiles for practice, I'm open to any level.
  11. Sorry if this seems like a dumb question... Who would be reffing this? @Eebit ?
  12. I think Eebit would referee, yeah. Having this post double as a bump, maybe?

    Come on ZEJ, it's high time we showed our pride in statplaying and put on an event like this! It's not like it's just for veterans-- I personally back the Team plan so it's more likely battles will be balanced. We encourage anyone who has an interest in statplaying to try and join in on the fun here~
  13. Dropping out if I'm the only newbie.
  14. I do intend to referee this (in the event that we do get enough people) on my own. Shadow ideally would be the provider of MP Costs for me, as usual, for the sake of consistency. As with Cerby, I'd really like to garner a whole crop of people into this, of all varieties of skill levels. Right now, I'll take a checksum of the participants:

    <moved to a new post>

    Obviously this isn't enough to run a tournament on, especially if Gist chooses to drop. I don't think you can really be considered a 'newbie' anymore, either, Gist. But all things considered, I'd love to get some more participation. Don't make me start harassing people!
  15. Welcome aboard, Masq! I'm glad that we'll be seeing you in the festivities!

    Since Kuori has started (and largely finished) his profiles for this, I'd like to announce the official guidelines of the characters. Each player will be in control of two characters, each at Level 7 (giving you six skill points and eighteen stat points to spend as you please). The Weapon, Armour, and Accessory restrictions are not in place yet, but for now, tentatively I am going to say that those all stay at their Level 1 equivalents, for the sake of 'balance.'

    Hopefully more people are going to join us! There is currently no defined deadline/date on which the tournament will start, but I would anticipate a deadline being posted sometime in late October to early November. Get those profiles in!
  16. No longer interested.
  17. Alright. Thank you anyway, Gist.

    List has been updated to reflect this change. I have received profiles from Masq and Kuori, both of whom are ready to go. I am going to set a deadline for profiles to be sent to me by no later than November 25th, 2013 at 11:59pm EST. That's exactly one month from today, so it should be ample time. After that, I will be starting the tournament proper. Looking forward to seeing what you fine ZEJ folk cook up~

    EDIT: I have also received word from Nate that he will "most likely not" be participating.
  18. mother eebit says i have to post here so i posted ok
  19. Jake mentioned this in a Skype Chat. I'd love to join the brawl~
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