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Statistical Tournament Interest Check

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Flimzy, Oct 17, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys.

    I was going to make a statplay tournament; however, Eebit decided that there was an obtuse amount of statplays flowing around and decided that I need to prove 8 people actually want in before I start. I know Shadow and I are in, that means that we need 6 people I trust to express interest in this.

    If you want more info, here is what I had planned to be the original post in the sign up.

    Hello people of ZEJ, and may I welcome you to my statistical tournament. Where we shall battle it out to see who is number one. Shadow will Handle the MP costs and will GM the battles. I am simply here to host the show. We are accepting 6 contenders to join me and Shadow currently, unless interest spikes, in which case we will allow 14 others. All contestants will be expected to have 3 level 15 characters. These characters must be sent to both me and Shadow for final approval.

    Before we start, a few rules:
    I do not allow characters that don't belong to you. What I mean is, if you enter the tournament with Cloud or Reimu or anyone like that.
    I do not allow summoner type characters, they cause major problems in PvP combat.
    Do not fudge numbers, I WILL find out and WILL throw a tantrum and disqualify you.
    Do not argue with me or Shadow. You may bring up an issue, but unless Shadow and I disagree, I don't want to deal with you bitching.
    Do not try to slip in things you did not get approved. Obviously we're going to see it dumbass.

    I think that's everything, so without further adu, here is the code for your three contenders, we understand that you will probably want to spend a good amount of time perfecting everything so please just say you want a slot to reserve one, that way I will know if I need to extend it from a 8 people to 16 people.

    [b]Appearance:[/b] [spoiler]Image or Description.[/spoiler]
    [b]Profession:[/b] Changed back to first profession. Innate properties are fine, but don't go overboard with them.
    [b]Weapon:[/b] Weapon limits TBA.
    [b]Armor:[/b] Armor limits TBA.
    [b]Accessory:[/b] The Accessory is important--it should offer a completely unique effect, affliction immunity, elemental resistances, stat bonuses, and the list could go on. Don't go overboard.
    [b]+ Skill #1:[/b]
    [b]+ Skill #2:[/b]
    Continue until you have spent all of your Skill Points.
    [b]R-Ability:[/b] Remember that these cost 3 SKILL POINTS
    [b]S-Ability:[/b] You can start with one of these, and have ONE active at any given time. Recall that additional S-Abilities cost 2 SKILL POINTS.
    [b]E-Trigger:[/b] (Shadow Edit:) Will certainly make X-Gauge usage more strategical with this.
    [b]X-Ability:[/b] (Eebit Edit:) I am going to add these back in tentatively, as I think they could be a fun game-changer. Feel free to get crafty with them, but maybe not TOO crafty.
    [b]~ Stats ~[/b]
    Stats are all determined by the GM, so you shouldn't worry about them. Send the Profile to both Shadow and Eebit. Once your characters are approved, you will be given your Base Stats. Apply a total of 18 Stat Points before resending it to Eebit for verification. At this point, no other edits are allowed to the character. 
    [b]Skill Points:[/b] You have 6 Skill Points to spend since your characters are Level 7.
    If you are interested please just post below.
  2. Welcome everyone to- wait, what do you mean I shouldn't say something funny? Oh that's why. fine.

    I would like to join!
  3. I won't be able to get to an actual computer until next Monday but if that's alright then I'm in.
  4. If the other four spots aren't taken by the time I can come up with three characters then I'm in as well.
  5. Yay, we have half of the required people! Just so this post isn't spam, can we send one character at a time? (Don't worry other people, I haven't finished my first one yet.)
  6. Now, as I said on IRC, I will of course be joining this.
  7. There will be a good amount of time before this gets started, as I want everyone have the chance to put a lot of thought into their characters.

    So yes and yes.
  8. Huh, this seems interesting, sign me up
  9. Since Flimzy has left ZEJ, and a couple of the other members who were involved have gone with him, it seems that this was going to crash, which was unfortunate because it seemed like it was going to be pretty fun, and entertaining to watch our level of Stat meta, and how far it had come from the SC days.

    Seeing as the majority of you guys had at least one or two characters ready for this, I'd like to take a survey; how many of you are still interested in seeing this run? I'd be willing to GM the battles, and I'm fairly certain that MP costing won't be difficult with Shadow still around. Since Flimzy's gone, I'm pretty sure he'll have no qualms with me attempting to finish what he's started (but if you do see this, Flimzy, then let me know ASAP if you have issues with me running this).

    If you weren't in the initial tournament, but are still interested in joining now, please post here as well. I'd like to get as many people interested in this as possible, so that we can have a fun tournament that isn't just 4 people duking it out. The more, the merrier, as the saying goes!

    So yeah, let me know if you're interested, or if you'd like to see anything run differently from last time!
  10. Still interested, of course.
  11. Fuck, this means I'll need to make the profiles I _never_ bothered to complete. LOL!

    New meta is always welcome, just don't do something ridiculous.
  12. Well, I pretty much still have my profiles from the last one handy, so count me in still.
  13. Hmmm... will probably be doing some serious re-haul to my characters, but sure, I'm still in.
  14. It seems like it's that time of year again! The time when Eebit attempts to revive the tournament a third time. A revival of a revival. A wonderful time of year that brings hope and joy to ALL THE LITTLE CHILDREN.

    You don't want to make the children cry, do you? No! Of course you don't. Not unless you're kicking their teeth in with your kickass combination of three party members for statistical roleplays! You don't want to miss out on this event, because it will most certainly be an exciting one... once I get some profiles happening! This will certainly be an event for the ages. ZEJ loves tournaments, almost as much as I love you! which could be a lot or very little, depending on my mood and my state of inebriation

    So yeah! Seriously, this is going to get a nice reboot. I'm always going to be accepting profiles for this. Remember the stipulation is that there be THREE profiles, all of original characters of your own making, but in an incredible game changer...

    I'm lowering the required level down to Level 7. This is for ease of access for people who don't have endless amounts of time to make scratch profiles to level fifteen. Personally, I'd love to see people do L15 profiles, but it just does not seem likely with how busy everyone gets around this time of year. It makes far more sense to just lower the level.

    So hopefully there is much more interest in this. Shadow will still be costing the MP costs (feel free to use Spirit Energy or ENG if you know the mechanics, I'm happy to see experimental meta put into place regardless), and if you have anyone you feel would like to participate but isn't a part of ZEJ, I'd be happy to open this up to them. If anyone has any qualms with lowering the level, or whatnot, then please let me know! Additionally, I will be imposing a deadline on profiles once I've got the initial interest gauged this time, so that we can actually bring this to completion.

    What are you waiting for? Let me know if you're down, and then GO GET STARTED!
  16. I'd definitely try this~
  17. :| Interest confirmed.
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