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[Statistical | Fandom] TWEWY ~ Subversive Purgatory

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Keileon, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. Is Beatification (heehee, double pun) going to be a thing for players who die or are abandoned (as in Reaperification)?
  2. Well, Players who die... well, die. Becoming a Reaper may be an option for Players who lose their partners, though don't rely on the possibility. We'll be trying to keep the number of Players-turned-Reapers to a minimum.
  3. And only @"quackers are yummylicious" doesnt have a partner so far :/
  4. I'd be in for being the partner once I know if obligatory animal-people/sentient ferals are in. Just going to throw that in and show that I have the potential to be interested~

    Even though I have no idea what TWEWY is. XD
  5. Afraid not, Spaught.

    Though if you don't know what TWEWY is, there's a handy Wikipedia link in the first post.
  6. After reassurance and a good plot, I'll even this out if you'll have me.
  7. We'd gladly accept you, Gist~

    With that (so long as @quackers are yummylicious has no qualms with taking @Wendy as her [sorry if I get your gender wrong I tend to have problems in this respect] partner) we have six teams, 12 Players, and certainly an amount enough to start TWEWY SP~

    Look forward to the Profile Thread coming soon, and feel free to ask any questions in the meantime!
  8. I'm cool with it, and yeah, I'm a girl.
  9. While Kuda and I continue to make final preparations to SP, why don't you guys tell us your favorite pins from TWEWY? You never know-- we might put fan-favorites into SP's Pin List~
  10. Okay now I can't -start-.

    Innocence Beam.
    Final Pyre.
    Lightning Rook.
    Lightning Rage.
    Sweet Talk Tether.
    Icy Stare.
    Sizzling Gaze.
    Eyes Full of Light
  11. Masamune
    Frozen Cool
    Blizzard Cool
    Fresh Line
    Peace Full
    Final Pyre, All Expired
    Pop Pendulum
  12. Masamune
    Shock Warning
    Healing Whale
    Dope Line
    Lolita Chopper
    Pegaso Bishop
    Meteor Spike
    Velocity Tackle
  13. ummm not too sure about favorite pins since I watched more than played buuuut maybe:
    Player pin of course (I don't care if it doesn't count it is a favorite)
    Ummm the microphone one whichever it may be
    I think K pin (it was Jupiter of the Monkey, wasn't it?)
    and then the Ice stabby uppy one
    The Crow Noise pin
    The swordy slashy one that one is great
    and what the hell how about Sexy Beam or Sexy Glare or whatever the Sexy one is
    My pin names are incredibly clarifying.
    Sorry for my terrible suggestions, if I actually need to give some good ones tel me, and I;ll make it a real list. Sorry! Sorry.
  14. ^Oh yeah Crow and the icicle one are amazing too. I think I already mentioned the latter?
  15. Cornix, not Crow. Unless you mean Raven.
  16. Oh right whoops Cornix. Not Raven.
  17. Also I'd just like to note that as SP will be using mostly different Noise, only a few of the old Noise-based pins will be available.
  18. Alright all, sorry for some delay.

    My internet is down and the computer is currently not an option, but I should be able to be on once a week or so.

    I'll send @CerberusLycan a few details and he should be able to set up the profile and OoC threads~
  19. I am also interested~

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