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[Statistical | Fandom] TWEWY ~ Subversive Purgatory

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Keileon, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. [​IMG]

    Reform; scramble through to be reborn
    Survive seven days the urban hive
    Endure the constant ploy of Death's envoy
    Forfeit your closest joys to hush the Noise

    May the Reaper have mercy on your soul.

    Imagine yourself running through the streets of a sprawling, metropolitan city, a single partner by your side. Imagine racing against the clock to complete tasks sent to you via your phone, when failure to complete the mission means the erasure of your very existence. Imagine fighting strange animals hunting your very soul, your only defense against them a small collection of pins. Imagine a world overlapping our own, run by an omnipotent and omniscient individual and his underlings.

    Welcome to the Reapers' Game.

    You have seven days to survive, fight off creatures known as the Noise, and complete daily tasks assigned to you by your session's Game Master. Should you not accomplish the objective before the time limit runs out, your existence itself shall be forfeit. Your only weapons are "pins", objects which resemble political buttons but hold power within them tied inherently to the user's Imagination. Your only ally is a single partner, a complete stranger, without whom you cannot survive and defeat the Noise-- so there must, of course, be a firm bond of trust between the two of you, or you will surely die.

    Then again, you're already dead.

    Your manner of death is unimportant, but all players in the Reapers' Game are deceased, and participating in order to regain their lives. To achieve this, you must make it to the seventh day and defeat the Game Master, but of course obstacles stand in your way: the time limit, which is the candle that symbolizes your life, constantly reminding you as it counts down in the palm of your hand; the Noise, monsters which aim for the kill, and which you need your partner's help to defeat; and the Reapers, whose task it is to kill you indirectly, stalling you with walls or summoning Noise. It is a small wonder why your revival depends solely on your survival.

    May you have the best of luck surviving.​


    Yeah, we're setting this up again. This time, I'm the one running it, with some help from @CerberusLycan . I guess he's the Conductor to my Composer or some shit

    For those who don't know what this is, it is a statplay based on Square Enix/Jupiter's NDS game The World Ends With You, widely called TWEWY. In case you tl;dr'd the above text, the premise of the game-- and thus the roleplay-- is that you survive something called the Reapers' Game, a seven-day-long event where the dead attempt to make it to the end and return to life. In this game you must make a pact with someone you've never met, but you have to trust them or else you're basically fucked (wording courtesy of @Eebit, thank you very much). Until you gain a partner, you will be unable to fight the Noise, leaving you defenseless. If your partner is erased, you die in about seven minutes.

    Oh right. And being that this is a statplay, you get to share HP. You fuck up, you die. Yay~

    The purpose of this interest check is to rekindle the interest that was probably lost when @Shadow failed to do anything with this. :p Go ahead and post here if you're interested, and definitely feel free to form partnerships ahead of time~

    More information on TWEWY can be found here, but be warned that there are spoilers, and TWEWY is not the kind of game you want to spoil for yourself.
    Current Partnerships
    @CerberusLycan - @Masquerade
    @Kudamon - @Ninjacatmuffin
    @Eebit - @Nymphali
    @"Lord X-Giga-X" - @FallenBro
    @Redleaveshavefallen - @Hinatarooo
    @"Quackers are yummylicious" - @Wendy
  2. ... Eh sure, why not?
  3. Yup, this is something that I'd still be in for. Unfortunately, since @Shadow is no longer interested, I'm also out a partner.
  4. Not interested, sounds stuped Obviously in. I'll be co-GMing it as well for the sake of Kuda's sanity, and I hope dear @Masquerade will stay my partner for this Game?~
  5. I most certainly will. :3
  6. Oh God how long have we waited for this? Too damn long. <3 Count me in—I'll take whomever for a partnership. @Eebit perhaps?
  7. Oh goodness, I'm so glad this is back. Me and my character have been waiting---I'm glad to have stuck around. I am definitely interested, good luck to all and thank you very much for bringing this back!
  8. I am most definitely interested in this. I'll try working on my character sheet asap.
  9. Aaah yes, definitely interested!
  10. We have nine people interested. Six of those nine are partnered. We need one more person to make the count even~
  11. I'll guess I'll join in if it needs to be evened out.

    You can thank Masq for guilt-tripping me.

    As for partners...I don't know any of the un-partnered people, so I don't really care.
  12. Alright.

    Cerby and I still have a few quick things to smooth out, so expect the profile and OoC threads up soon. We will explain the new mechanics with the profile template, and in case there are any last-minute players that want to jump in.

    thank cor that cerby's helping me gm

    Also, be aware that my internet's likely to go down in the next few days, but there is a cafe nearby where I can get internet. In my absence, you can direct your questions to @CerberusLycan .
  13. You know I'm in this o.o
  14. Added Fallen to first post.

    Also, really don't care who I'm partnered up with.
  15. Well I only know you from the rest of them, so partners @"Lord X-Giga-X"? xD
  16. I have no problem with that.
  17. I have a question, what if someone loses interest in this RP or mysteriously vanishes?(I WONT LEAVE YOU GIGS I PROMISE)

    Would they be kicked out of the RP? Be forced to die? What about their partner though, who wants to remain in the RP? And if two pairs each have one death, would the remaining two be able to partner up? Just some questions :p
  18. While we'd obviously hope SP will keep people's interest, retractions and absences will be handled in the same way they're handled in most other roleplays around here-- and yes, I'd assume we would have to make the unfortunate and abandoned Player Noise food, considering with the system we can't just idly dismiss and forget Players. As for the remaining partner, there are many things Kuda and I could do to accommodate singular Players. As for the two pairs, two deaths scenario, I would think that they could partner up, so long as they're willing.
  19. Another question... permadeath: is that A Thing that is going to occur?
  20. It very well could! Kuda and I have developed revival mechanics since we don't want it to be an issue that would subtract from the overall experience, but if you're excessively unwise or careless, your Player will be erased. Despite how this might sound, the chance of permanent death is about the same as in any other roleplay-- maybe even lesser. It's not as if we want a Player to be selected out in this manner.

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