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[Statform | Steampunk] Liquid Salvation

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Eebit, Nov 29, 2013.

  1. Well, here we go. First, let me just quote the opening post of Gist's original version of this RP...

    In an effort to provide more activity to ZEJ (and because conceptually I am absolutely enamoured with the idea of this RP), I asked @gistofeverything if she would be alright with me taking over a one-on-one of hers with @"Irouk Inverse" at Eternal Dream (Masq's forum). She generously said that it was alright with her, and so, here we are.

    This is going to be vastly different from her ill-fated original iteration, as it won't be a 1x1, first of all. I plan to have this open to about four other people, though I will happily run it with less. I can be flexible with numbers based on the interest of the community as a whole. Obviously, I plan to run it a lot closer to its steampunk roots, and give it a bit of Eebit flavour. We'll call this show 'Pimp My Roleplay' and I will license it to MTV.

    No, but actually.

    Steampunk RP. The waters of the world have gone missing and it is now a very precious resource. Most machinery is steam-powered, and it will take place on an alternate version of our Blue Planet. Monsters, magic, other fun shit like that. Them's the basics, really. If I get enough people, obviously this will expand into a much better OoC/Profile thread, as well. So look forward to that.

    Anyone in?
  2. >Complains about not finishing statprofiles
    >Tells you she'll use that pent-up self-anger to make profiles for a future SP
    >Feels like there wont be any for a while
    >Sees this

    ...Just yes. Why am I even beating around the bush.
  3. Oh yeah, I'll definitely join in this
  4. Intredasting

    probably not the best way for me to learn this shit but YOLO LET'S GO
  5. Wicked. I'll be starting this up probably after I finish exams and the Statistical Tournament, so look forward to that, I guess.

    Also, I will be using Shadow's format, so E-Triggers, Innates, X-Gauge, etc etc will all be in play. I would prefer if you guys kept your characters appropriate to Industrial Revolution-era in our fair planet. Naturally, machine characters (such as Kuori's in the original RP) are fine, but they are going to have to be setting-appropriate and stuff like that. And now, for the profile template, shamelessly yoinked from Shadow's character thread:

    [b]+ Skill #1:[/b] Description. Damage. Effect. Cast Time. Accuracy. Variance. Range. Element. MP.
    [b]+ Skill #2:[/b] Description. Damage. Effect. Cast Time. Accuracy. Variance. Range. Element. MP.
    [b]~ Statistics ~[/b]
    [b]X Gauge:[/b] [SIZE=2][b]{[color=red]/////[/color]}{[color=#5C5C5C]/////[/color]}{[color=#5C5C5C]/////[/color]}[/b][/SIZE]
    [b]Skill Points:[/b] 0
    [b]Upgrade Points:[/b] 0
  6. Could I possibly jump in too?
  7. Just for the record, I am accepting characters actively (though the profile thread won't be up until after I finish exams/the tournament). So feel free to send me your characters as you complete them. Thus far, Kuori and Silver have sent me their characters~
  8. I'm working on mine...should have it done by either next week or the following. Lord knows how long I'll be out of steam post-finals.
  9. haha get it steam because this is a steampunk rp lmfao good one buddy

    No problem, I'll still need to work on the aesthetics of my threads and all that jazz. It'll be nice and pretty when I'm finished with it, but it'll take time (especially because of the tournament going on and all the homestuff I'll have going on). I'd like to get the profiles in time for the New Year though, if that's possible!
  10. I wasn't trying to be funny! I didn't even notice the play on words! Anyway, New Year's deadline does sound good.
  11. I've been looking into joining, but I'm edgy about it. Perhaps by the time this officially takes signups, we'll have a clearer picture of what's going on (e.g. post-tournament)

    @Eebit could we have an update please?
  12. Not entirely sure what you mean by being 'edgy' about it 3edgy5me but you answered your own question in that I don't have intricate plans in place for it, and don't plan to do anything beyond this until the tournament is either taken care of by someone else (GM-wise) or finished. I am, however, still taking characters and will be until a bit after I do get around to posting the profile thread. Kuori and Silver have both submitted their characters already.

    There's not much to update, and I don't anticipate there being anything more to say until the conclusion of the tournament.
  13. Since Kuori asked me over Skype the other day about the status of Liquid Salvation, I would like to shed some light on its current status.

    Right now, I'm just beginning work on the aesthetics that I'd like for the thread. This will probably take a couple weeks to work on, but it should be worth it in the end. I haven't had a chance to work on it lately due to the amount of work that has been flowing in and out of my sightlines, but I'll be getting there soon.

    Two more exams, so I wouldn't count on it starting until the 28th at least. But t'will continue, rest assured.

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