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Starcraft: Last Stand on Korhal ~.:SU and Discussion:.~

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by crazE, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone! Many of you know of the popular 3rd person building game series Starcraft, some of you won't. This RP will take place At the end of the Terran campaign in the very first game, where the planet Korhal was overrun by the monstrous species known as Zerg. This was caused by the disastrous machine known as the Psi Emitter, which seems to pulse a frequency the Zerg attract to. The machine was set off by a devilish man known as Mengsk, who abandoned the whole planet and it's inhabitants (even his own men) to avoid getting eaten by the Zerg swarm.

    This is where your story begins.

    Basic Outline:

    Mengsk has suddenly left orbit and stranded you and your fellow soldiers on the barren planet of Korhal to fend for yourselves. The RP isn't expected to last long though; all of your characters will die by the end of the RP (which ironically is decided by how long you can survive, but eventually I will close the RP with a final wall-of-text epilogue about how you all did your best and such). This RP is great for those bored guys who like to shoot the crap out of monsters, but don't like to commit.

    The best part about this RP is that you can pull out any time! You'll just have to read about how your character was ripped to shreds by an angry Ultralisk. ^^

    Note: For the option of joining the Protoss or the Zerg race, PM me and I'll give you a separate profile.


    The new name of the human race. There are several Terran factions, such as the Dominion (main military and dominant political body over most of the Terran sectors before being overthrown by the "Sons of Korhal" terrorist group, which was run by Mengsk himself).

    Marines are the main infantry of Terran armies. They're the guys sent into the middle of the battlefield. They wield the general but powerful army-issued Gauss Rifle, and can be switched form semi- to full-automatic firing. They also wield (when out of ammo) a 12x4 inch Ka Bar knife that is lightweight yet made of the most durable metals. Although they wear heavy nerve-connected infantry suits, life expectancy of a Marine can range from only 5 months to about 5 years (depending where they're stationed). Marines are mostly recruited by force, more than 80% being convicts sentenced to life in prison or death. The other 20% are volunteers.

    Firebats are the "firepower" in the Terran armies, wielding two double-barreled high-powered flamethrowers. The powerful barrels can propel the napalm-like flames of a distance of over eighty yards, and can be transitioned for either precise fire lines or wide flooding blasts. They handle extremely well toward Zerg swarms due to the fact that the fire spewed from a Firebat can get under their thick hides, literally cooking them in their own skins. 75% of Firebat operators are re-socialized sociopaths or mostly sane pyromaniacs. Unfortunately for most Firebats, the gases inside the Firebat's suit leaks into the operator cabin, either causing permanent brain damage or eventually killing the operator after being exposed for a long period of time.

    Marauders are the heavy infantry within Terran armies. They carry large "Punisher" grenades that launch like bullets, but explode like bombs. They're best fit as support troops and can hold a line very easily against larger opponents. Surprisingly, 70% of Marauder operators are volunteers looking for good pay, and have never even been to jail.

    Medics are the main support units on the battlefield. These brave girls are dropped in with most troops and fight for survival. Although they can't fight, they wield twin precision surgical lasers that can heal a wounded marine from a safe distance of 100 yards. This allows these life-givers to stay out of harm's way while helping prolong the lives of troops during battle. All medics are volunteers, while jokingly most marines say that only 99% are, and the 1% are their girlfriends sneaking into the military to see them.

    Reapers are the fast-moving special operations infantry that work well with hit-and-run operations and close combat. They work with dual-wielded gauss pistols that are moderate in battle and powerful G4 charge bombs that can level buildings. But what sets them off the most from infantry is the fact that they have their own personalized suits (other than the bulky suits of marines and marauders; like the Ghost) with detachable jetpacks. Because of these jetpacks, Reapers can easily climb up and down cliffsides and overcome obstacles far better than main infantry. Other than Marines, 100% of Reapers are sentenced to death row or life in prison. Reapers are imprinted with a device in their skulls, where if they're found trying to escape the military or their suits, their brains are immediately launched with electricity and fried.

    Ghosts are the tactical specialists in covert operations. Their branch of military is somewhat secret, with barely any information on their training, but can always be found taking on whole missions alone. They're equipped with a C10 canister rifle that can take the head off a Zergling from over 600 yards away. The rifle can also fire special tech-burning EMP rounds. They're specialized and personalized tech suits have been imprinted withe cloaking device, allowing the Ghost to have perfect stealth. But the greatest piece the ghost carries in his arsenal is the targeting system on the top of his rifle that calls in a tactical nuke. That's right; Ghosts, when sent into the field, connect their targeting systems to a Missile Silo found at their base, where when the targeting system is triggered the missile launches off.

    Ghosts are specially picked only from a select group of people, and what studies could collect, are put through rigorous amounts of training everyday, not only with physical training but mind stimulation training. This is the cause of the Terran military to try and advance into psionic(mind) abilities.(Note: To become a Ghost, you'll have to PM me an application. Because Ghosts are "special" units, I can only allow up to three Ghost profiles total)

    You may choose to have up to three characters at most.
  2. UPDATE: SU is closed until Sunday (camping trip), but please go ahead and make your profiles. Thank you :)
  3. UPDATE: SU's are now open. :D

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