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[split] Euthora-Roul ~ Kel en Myyr [Profile Thread]

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Red Starr, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Name: Iri
    Gender: Female
    Age: 32
    Level: 1
    Next Level: 0/10

    Profession: Illusionary Wyvern: The one who claims this profession is a Wyvern who is capable of conjuring and releasing poisonous mist all while being immune to such a deadly ability. Also, they have a keen ability to move quickly and gracefully through almost any terrain. [Airborne Switch]
    Weapon: Unbreakable teeth: Besides releasing hallucinogenic mist from them, Iri’s teeth are as sharp as daggers and hard as the toughest diamonds around. [+1Atk]
    Armor: Scales: Basically what Iri has is what Iri needs. [+1Def]
    Accessory: Irras Fang: A fang that belonged to a friend of hers that she just carries around with her for good luck. [+5MP]

    A-Ability: Venomous Spire.

    +Misty winds: Iri releases a cloud of mist from her fangs and flaps her wings in order to spread the cloud towards her foe. With the force of he wings, this causes her foes to flinch, therefore taking in more oxygen and the mist. Effect: Chance of daze, chance of poison. %100 INT damage. Range: 3 cells. Element: Neutral. MP: 11.

    + Flaming Spire: Breathes fire in a ‘circular‘ motion around herself in order to reduce the power of her enemy‘s attack. No Damage. Effect: 25% of damage taken away from opposing attack, duration is 3 turns. Range: Self. Element: Fire. MP: 7

    R-Ability: N/A
    S-Ability: Self Meditation: Takes a moment to take a breath and relax, ultimately keeping her body in tune and working properly. Iri recovers %15 of MP every 3 turns as a result.
    X-Ability: Blitzkrieg Rains: Iri speeds up into the skies and begins speeding up while flying up to her highest point. Then with a swift movement and a quick eye on spotting the enemy, Iri flies down and releases a steady stream of poisonous mist around the enemy cells as she descends. Swerving in circles around the enemy, she then grabs onto the enemy and slams them down, slamming her tail at point blank range on their back neck and biting them with all she has. %200 piercing ATK damage. Chance of daze, poison, Immobilize, venom. Range: 6 cells. Element: Neutral.

    HP: 20
    MP: 20 (+5 Irras Fang)
    ATK: 4 (+1 Unbreakable Teeth)
    DEF: 2 (+1 Scales)
    INT: 3
    SPR: 2
    Evasion: 5%
    Critical: 5%
    Movement: 2 (+2 Illusionary Wyvern)
    X-Gauge: [/////////]
  2. RE: Euthora-Roul ~ Kel en Myyr [Profile Thread]

    Name: Lys
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Level: 1
    Next Level: 0/10
    Appearance: Lys is a slender golden firedrake, a "jewel" in the dragon world. Her rarity as a species itself shows in her glistening golden scales and beautiful cyan-blue eyes, intricate color swirled and splashed upon her corneas. Her slender form as a dragon displays down her head, neck, forearms and legs, wings, and tail, as if made by one smooth and graceful curve. Her goat-like horns are small and smooth, defining to a beautiful white point.

    Profession: Golden Firedrake- The one who claims this profession is a golden dragon of the firedrake species. Nothing more. [Airborne Switch]

    Weapon: Smooth Claws- smooth, slender claws with a beautiful light-reflecting sheen. [+1 INT] [INT-based BA]
    Armor: Gold Shine- These golden scales have a beautiful resistant coating that protects against most attacks. [+1 SPR]
    Accessory: Bright Shard- A stunning crystal that glows brightly, giving the crystal a consistant white color. [+5 MP]

    A-Ability: Golden Assault

    + Refraction- Lys refracts light around her, pulling the light around her to avoid the perception of light-dependent eyesight. Bestows Cloak. Range: Self. Element: Neutral. 6 MP

    + Light Beam- Lys fires a blinding beam of light energy at the opponent. 110% INT Damage. Chance of Blind. Range: 3 cells. Element: Neutral. 10 MP

    R-Ability: None.
    S-Ability: Blinding Gold- Lys gains a permanent 10% EVA boost.
    X-Ability: Blinding End- Lys begins to glow rapidly as she absorbs the light energy from her, the world going dark albeit to her shining golden scales. Her roaring mouth is the last thing to see before the bright light pierces your eyes, and sent to eternal darkness. 100% Piercing INT Damage. High chance of Blind. Range: All enemies. Element: Neutral.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 20
    MP: 20 (Bright Shard +5)
    ATK: 2
    DEF: 2
    INT: 4 (Smooth Claws +1)
    SPR: 3 (Gold Shine +1)
    Evasion: 3% (Blinding Gold +10)
    Critical: 5%
    Movement: 2 (Golden Firedrake +1)
    X-Gauge: [/////////]

    Skill Points: 0
  3. RE: Euthora-Roul ~ Kel en Myyr [Profile Thread]

    Name: Ssurronvetr
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Level: 1
    Next Level: 0/10
    Appearance: He looks like a normal, mud-and-leaf coloured Leafwing Dragon. He has the same muddy body scaling, with the same leafy wing-scales, and measures about 34 feet in length, which is short for a Leafwing Dragon, but about the right size for such a young dragon. His wing-scales, however, are a much deeper green. He has a gravelly voice tat is pretty low pitched even for a Leafwing. His last redeeming feature is an odd green mosslike colouration on his underbelly. He also wears a deep azure pendant on his neck.

    Profession: Leafwing Dragon - The one who claims this profession is skilled at moving the Dragon's Breath in the earth, shaping and reshaping soil and stone according to will. [Basic Attack: ATK-based] [Immune Airborne]

    Weapon: Great Limb - A huge limb with blunt claws that are better off deflecting blows than dealing damage. Still, it will suffice. [ATK: +1]

    Armor: Scale Shield - Odd scales shaped and coloured like leaves are a great camouflage, but this particular type of scales is nigh-impenetrable. Offers a handy defense boost. [DEF: +1]

    Accessory: Soul Stone - A blue stone pendant, a token of friendship and remembrance given to him by a dear friend. He refuses to take it off. Gives him a little more spirit. [SPR: +1]

    1. A-Ability: Terramancy - Support
      The Leafwing Dragon lends strength and succor to its allies by poweful and immense supportive terramancy.
      [*]+ Soul Refresh
      Uses the healing properties of the nutrients in the earth to soothe and undo an ally's wounds. It is a little difficult to do, but serves the job well!
      >[100% DEF Healing; Range: Self or 3-cells; MP: 7]<
      [*]+ Maximoxie
      A powerful burst of earthy energy gives an ally unit strength and vigour on the battlefield, helping it get past obstacles. Talk about a silent pep talk.
      >[Status Effect: ATK increase by 10%, INT increase by 10% for 3 turns; Range: 3-cells; Lasts 3-turns, Cannot stack with itself; MP: 11]<
    1. R-Ability:

    • S-Ability:
    • Bulwark
      This dragon's huge, sturdy wings give it a good defence boost! Handy when fighting really strong enemies.
      {[DEF: 115%; Permanent (Passive) S-Ability]}

    • X-Ability:
    • War Quake
      - If you haven't heard the saying, do take note of it now: the Leafwing Dragon is not to be tampered it. Threaten its friends, brethren and young, and your death will be imminent. For it will grow thrice in strength and unleash a mighty burst of rage into the ground, which will trigger a mighty quake, dubbed by the strong as the War Quake, which will raze all foes nearby to the ground. And it will not be a pretty sight, for it will be your doom.
      !!!>[ATK: 160% Damage; Status Effect: Chance of PAIN, Chance of WOUND; Range: Radius of 4-cells]<

    - STATS -

    • HP: 25
    • MP: 15
    • ATK: 2 (Great Limb +1)
    • DEF: 4 (Scale Shield +1)
    • INT: 2
    • SPR: 3 (Soul Stone +1)
    • EVADE: 1%
    • CRITICAL: 4%
    • MOVEMENT: 2 (Leafwing +0)
    • X-Gauge: [/////////]
    • SKILL PTS.: 0
  4. RE: Euthora-Roul ~ Kel en Myyr [Profile Thread]

    Name: Rimierr
    Gender: Male
    Age: 36
    Level: 1
    Next Level: 0/10
    Rimierr is typical in size for a Plasmascale Firedrake - that being fairly small in stature at the average size. His scales do not gleam as they would if they were entirely clean, though they are still notably a bright red colour. He does not have a contrasting colour, except for the scales directly rimming his eyes and his wing membranes, which are an electric blue colour - a stark contrast to the bright, neon red of his main scales. His talons and fangs show remnants of dried, chipped blood from his hunting and natural abilities.

    Profession: Plasmascale Firedrake - The one who claims this profession is a descendant of the endangered Firedrake, capable of manipulating liquids as seen fit. [Airborne Switch]
    Weapon: Chipped Fang - A basic ‘weapon,’ if it could even be considered such. [+1 ATK]
    Armor: Grimy Scales - Obviously coated in grime, for the wearer has not cleaned them in a long time. [+1 SPR]
    Accessory: Red Sphere - A simple, crystalline sphere which glows a slight red colour from within. Seems to contain liquid blood. [+5 HP]

    A-Ability: Manipulation of Blood

    + Bloodletting Fang: Sinks a viciously curved fang into the opponent with the sole intent of spilling large quantities of blood upon the floor. Creates a Blood Cell [Denoted
    { }] on every cell target occupies for next 3 turns. 100% ATK Damage. Damage Persists for 3 Turns. Range: Adjacent Cell. Element: Neutral. 8 MP.

    + Scarlet Quenching: Uses a nearby pool of blood to sate the innate thirst for the red substance. 10% Max HP or MP Healing (choice). Requires Blood Cell in Range (fades upon effect). Range: Self or 3 Cells. Element: Darkness. 9 MP.

    R-Ability: N/A
    --- Crimson Draw - Allows the user to move Blood Cells as a separate phase to the Move Action. [Blood Cells given a Movement of 3 Cells]
    X-Ability: Bloody Phantasm - Rimierr dives into a pool of Blood, before releasing himself from all of the Blood Pools simultaneously as a spectral form to slash mercilessly at his opponents from wherever they may be. 100% Piercing ATK Damage. 10% Additional Piercing ATK Damage per Blood Cell on Grid [to a Max of 5 Blood Cells]. Range: All Enemies. Element: Darkness.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 20 (Red Sphere +5)
    MP: 20
    ATK: 4 (Chipped Fang +1)
    DEF: 3
    INT: 2
    SPR: 2 (Grimy Scales +1)
    Evasion: 3%
    Critical: 5%
    Movement: 2 Cells (Plasmascale Firedrake species +2)

    Skill Points: 0

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