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Serendipus Analogues ~ Nightfall (SU)

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by The Kakuzato, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. Serendipus Analogues ~ Nightfall
    And when a king unfit
    On the throne of Rose does sit,
    Then nature will in reply
    See that night never dies.

    ~ Sisar Calandra, twentieth year of the Rosean empire.

    The Story Begins...

    As the three hundredth anniversary of the great and prosperous Rosean Empire looms on the great world of Serendipus, many of the cities within its borders have started to prepare for festivals of all kinds. This jubilance is especially noticeable in its capital of Rose. However, just four days before the awaited day, the emperor, a good ruler who thought for the good of his people, died of a terrible disease, leaving his negligent son to the throne. The festivities were subdued, the fantastic event nearly ruined by the news of the emperor's garish son taking the throne. Evening seemed to approach earlier than normal, but most people ignored this strange happening.

    After two months of nearly constant parties thrown by the new emperor for the rest of the nobility, the days seem to come and go before anything can be accomplished. Many scholars remember prophecies presented by the orator Sisar Calandra from the earliest years of the empire, once ignored due to the incredulous idea of the throne of Rose harbouring a bad king.

    In his short rule, the new emperor, Adrastus, has already set about many new laws and taxes. These laws have only made him hated more, for the taxes he put forward only press the poorest of his populace. Any failure to abide by these laws, no matter how small, would no doubt wind a person up in the prison island of Purgamos, where the mountains that surround the island only accentuate the quickly diminishing days.

    And it is when the days are nearly to a stop altogether that we go to this prison island...

    Sign Up Form:

     [b]Level:[/b] Start with Level 1
     [b]Next Level:[/b] 0/10
     [b]Appearance:[/b] [spoiler]Image or Description.[/spoiler]
     [b]+ Skill #1:[/b]
     [b]+ Skill #2:[/b]
     [b]R-Ability:[/b] Reaction Ability. This is an Ability which activates in response to a certain action. You can't start with one, and you can only have ONE R-Ability equipped at a time with a maximum of THREE.
     [b]S-Ability:[/b] Support Ability. This is an Ability that is either Passive or Active. A Passive S-Ability is always taking effect, and an Active S-Ability will need to be activated at the user's own will. Active S-Abilities can only be activated ONCE per Battle. You can have TWO S-Abilities equipped at a time, with a maximum of FIVE, but you can only start with ONE.
     [b]X-Ability:[/b] X Ability. For a Character to be able an X-Ability, 10 X Levels of his or her X Gauge are required.
     [b]~ Stats ~[/b]
     [b]HP:[/b] Hit Points
     [b]MP:[/b] Mana Points
     [b]Atk:[/b] Attack Points
     [b]Def:[/b] Defense Points
     [b]Int:[/b] Intellect (Magic Attack) Points
     [b]Spr:[/b] Spirit (Magic Defense) Points
     [b]Critical:[/b] Critical Ratio Percentage
     [b]Evasion:[/b] Evasion Ratio Percentage
     [b]Movement:[/b] Movement Points
     [b]X Gauge:[/b] [b]{[color=red]/////[/color]}{/////}{/////}[/b]
     [b]Skill Points:[/b] These are a vital adition to a Statistical Roleplay. Skill Points are awarded whenever a Character Levels Up, and are used specifically to PURCHASE Abilities. A-Abilities cost 1 SP, S-Abilities cost 2 SP and R-Abilities cost 3 SP.
     [b]Upgrade Points:[/b] These are a recent addition to a Statistical Roleplay. Upgrade Points are awarded whenever a Character Levels Up, and are used specifically to ENHANCE Abilities. Modifying a Skill costs 1 UP, Lowering of an MP Cost costs 3 UP and Upgrading S and R-Abilities cost 5 and 7 UP, respectively.
  2. RE: Serendipus Analogues ~ Nightfall


    None yet.

    Arias of Battle:

    None yet.
  3. RE: Serendipus Analogues ~ Nightfall


    Normal Items:



    Key Items:


    World Map:
  4. RE: Serendipus Analogues ~ Nightfall



    Addle ~ Cannot use Abilities for 3 Turns.

    Apathy ~ MP cannot be Restored for 3 Turns.

    Armor Break ~ Armor Equipment is Nullified for the duration of the Battle.

    Airborne ~ Passes through Special Cells and Nature Cells, it also gains [Null Earth] and [Vulnerable Wind] for 3 Turns.

    Berserk ~ Atk Stat is Increased by 100%, but Def Stat is Decreased by 50% for 3 Turns. Only Basic Attacks are enabled.

    Blind ~ Abilities and Basic Attacks have 50% Chance of Missing for 3 Turns.

    Blood Loss ~ 25% Max HP Damage is added to the Base Damage taken. Damage Modifier.

    Burn ~ 12% Max HP Damage every Turn for 3 Turns. Damage is Increased by 100% if [Vulnerable Fire]. Alleviated with Water/Ice-Elemental Hits.

    Center of Attention ~ Enemy / Neutral Characters can only Target the Afflicted for 3 Turns with Damaging/Status Abilities or Basic Attacks.

    Cloak ~ Cannot be detected by Enemy / Neutral Characters for 3 Turns.

    Confusion ~ 33.33% Chance of hitting Self/Ally/Enemy for 3 Turns. Alleviated with Physical Damage.

    Covered ~ Damage is directed to a Covering Ally within an Area of "X" Cells, where "X" is equal to the Movement Stat of the Covering Character.

    Covering ~ Takes Damage for a Covered Ally within an Area of "X" Cells, where "X" is equal to the Movement Stat of the Covering Character.

    Critical ~ Automatic Status triggered by having 25% Max HP or less.

    Curse ~ 2 Random Stats (Physical / Magical) are Decreased by 50% for 3 Turns.

    DeProtect ~ Physical Total Damage received is Increased by 100% for 3 Turns.

    DeShell ~ Magical Total Damage received is Increased by 100% 3 Turns.

    Drown ~ Cannot Act and receives 33% Max HP Damage per Turn. If on a Water Cell, Status is alleviated by exiting the Water Cell(s). Trigger Command: Help Him/Her Out! is available.

    Doom ~ Instant Death after 10 Turns.

    Encroaching Doom ~ Instant Death after 5 Turns.

    Frail ~ HP cannot be Recovered for 3 Turns.

    Freeze ~ Cannot execute Act Commands or Move Commands, and Damage received is Increased by 100% for 3 Turns. Duration is Increased by 2 Turns if Vulnerable Ice. Alleviated with Fire-Elemental Hits.

    Haste ~ Available Act Actions and Move Actions per Turn are Increased by 1 for 3 Turns.

    Health Regeneration ~ 15% Max HP Recovery for 5 Turns.

    Health Sap ~ 15% Max HP Damage for 5 Turns.

    Immobilize ~ Move Commands are restricted for 3 Turns.

    Immune ~ Immune to Status Afflictions for 3 Turns.

    Infatuate ~ Treats Allies as Enemies and Attacks them until Inflicter or Afflicted is KO'ed for 3 Turns. Opposite Gender only.

    Infinite ~ MP cannot be Decreased by any means for 2 Turns.

    Instant Death ~ Immediate KO Status. Bypasses Abilities, Effects and Bonuses involving HP reaching 0.

    Intangible ~ Physical Abilities and Basic Attacks have 100% Chance of Missing (Overrides Sure Hits), but Magical Abilities and Basic Attacks have their Total Damage Increased by 100%.

    Invincible ~ HP cannot be Decreased by any means for 2 Turns.

    KO ~ Self Explanatory.

    Magic Loss ~ 25% Max MP Damage is added to the Base Damage taken. Damage Modifier.

    Mana Leak ~ 10% Max MP Damage for 5 Turns.

    Mana Restoration ~ 10% Max MP Recovery for 5 Turns.

    Oblivion ~ Immediately Removed from the Battlefield.

    Pain ~ Physical OR Magical Abilities have a "Use/Cast Time" of +1 Turn, depending on the type of the afflicted Target.

    Paralyze ~ Cannot execute Act Commands for 3 Turns.

    Petrify ~ Cannot Act or Move for 3 Turns, but Total Damage received is Decreased by 50%. Alleviated by a Critical Hit.

    Poison ~ 17% Max HP Damage every Turn for 3 Turns.

    Protect ~ Physical Total Damage received is Decreased by 50% for 3 Turns.

    Purification ~ Total Damage received is Increased by 100%, Damage dealt is converted to HP Recovery, and the effectiveness of HP / MP Recovery is Increased by 100% for 3 Turns. Can only Target Enemies.

    Rage ~ Int Stat is Increased by 100%, but Spr Stat is Decreased by 50% for 3 Turns. Only Basic Attacks are enabled.

    Reciprocation ~ Afflicted receives 50% Total Damage the Inflicter receives, and viceversa for 3 Turns. Effect does not include itself.

    Reverse ~ Damage dealt and received is converted to Recovery and viceversa for 3 Turns.

    Scramble ~ Available Act Commands (Except S and X-Abilities) are randomized for 3 Turns.

    Seal ~ Seals all Abilities, preventing their usage for 5 Turns. A Sealed Ability cannot be executed--but the Seal can be Dispelled.

    Severe Burn ~ 12% Max HP Damage every Turn for Infinite Turns. Damage is Increased by 100% if [Vulnerable Fire]. Alleviated with 2 Water / Ice-Elemental Hits.

    Shell ~ Magical Total Damage received is Decreased by 50% for 3 Turns.

    Sleep ~ Cannot Act or Move for 3 Turns, and every Hit is a Sure Critical Hit. Alleviated with Physical Damage.

    Slow ~ Can execute only 1 Command (Act / Move / Wait) per Turn for 3 Turns.

    Stasis ~ Cannot execute Act or Move Commands for 3 Turns.

    Stop ~ Turns are Skipped for 3 Turns.

    Toxin ~ 21% Max HP Damage every Turn for 3 Turns.

    Unconscious ~ Automatic Status triggered by having less than 0% Max MP, it is treated like KO. Recovers 5% Max MP per Turn. Alleviated by Current MP > 0.

    Weapon Break ~ Weapon Equipment is Nullified for the duration of the Battle.

    Warp ~ Can Warp to Any Cell instead of conducting a Movement Action for 3 Turns.

    Weak ~ Max HP and MP are Decreased by 15% for 3 Turns. Can Stack up to 3 Times.

    Wound ~ 10% Max HP Damage for 3 Turns. Can Stack up to 3 Times. Alleviated with HP Recovery.

    Zombie ~ Afflicted gains [Vulnerable Light] and HP Recovery is converted to HP Damage for 3 Turns.
  5. RE: Serendipus Analogues ~ Nightfall

    -Reserved for Enemy and Neutral characters-
  6. Name: Kisara Seithe
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Level: 1
    Next Level: 0/10

    Job Promotion: Dual Elementalist --- ??? --- ??? --- ???

    Profession: Dual Elementalist: The one who claims this Profession has dedicated his or her studies in focusing on two contrasting Elements to execute a variety of techniques with an added surprise factor. [Basic Attack: Magical (Intellect)] [Affinity Switch (I)]

    *Affinity Switch (I): Kisara is able to switch, by the usage of her Act or Move Command, between the Light Affinity and Dark Affinity Innate Properties, which grant her a 20% Light or Dark Elemental Resistance and a +10% Light or Dark Elemental Damage Output bonus, depending on the Affinity type.

    Weapon: Basic Tome: Clearly the wielder was in a hurry. Dusty, ancient tome which covers only the basics of Mana Theory.
    [+1 Int / Range: 3 Cells]
    Armor: Worn Outfit: Rather distinguishable set of clothes which immediately label the wearer as a witch. They appear to be rather worn out.
    [+1 Spr]
    Accessory: Crystal Mana: A fragment of crystallized Mana which acts as an extension of the wielder's body Mana.
    [+5 Max MP]

    A-Ability: Ray of Light, Veil of Shadow

    + Amplify Affinity: Charges the user's body Mana with Elemental properties in order to achieve higher Elemental efficiency in the user's techniques. Increases Elemental Affinity Damage Output by 10% every 2 Turns for 5 Turns. Resets Elemental Affinity Damage Output when "Amplify Affinity" fades. Current Elemental Affinity must be kept for the Duration of "Amplify Affinity". No Chain. Cast Time: Normal (1 Turn). Hit Rate: None. Variance: None. Range: Self. Element: Light or Dark. 10 MP.

    + Thu: Concentrates Light Mana particles on the tip of the user's finger before pointing it at the target to fire a concentrated ray of light in a certain direction. 80% Int Damage. Decreases Target's Spr by 10% for 3 Turns. No Chain. Cast Time: Instant. Hit Rate: 100%. Variance: 0%. Range: Straight Line. Element: Light. 8 MP.

    R-Ability: None.
    - Body Mana (I): Increases the user's Max MP by 30% before Equipment Calculations. There is a 30% Chance the user's Special Command: Cycle Mana! will have its Effectiveness Increased by 3%.
    X-Ability: Twin Arcana "Absolute End": Myriad lasers of Light Mana particles shoot out from the ground around the user as butterflies made entirely from shadows rise and soar through the air to rend everything apart before they both conglomerate into a gargantuan pillar of surging Arcane Elemental power to put an end to those caught in the effect radius. 150% Piercing Int Damage. Chance of DeShell. Chance of Mana Leak. Cast Time: Instant. Hit Rate: Sure Hit. Variance: 0%. Range: 2 Layers of Surrounding Cells. Element: Arcane. 1 Use Counter.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 15
    MP: 25 (Body Mana +8)(Crystal Mana +5)
    Atk: 2
    Def: 2
    Int: 4 (Basic Tome +1)
    Spr: 3 (Worn Outfit +1)
    Critical: 4%
    Evasion: 5%
    Movement: 2 Cells (Dual Elementalist Job +0)
    X Gauge:

    Skill Points: 0
    Upgrade Points: 0
  7. Name: Colyn Jeffreys
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Level: 1
    Next Level: 0/10
    Colyn is dressed in a fairly decorated way, as one would expect from a man who has been with an army for the majority of his young life. Due to his former high ranking in the army of the Emperor, he is fairly well-off, having money to spend on formal attire and armour. His armour is of a lighter build, as he prefers to trade defense for speed in most cases. His personal thought it that if he is unable to be hit; there is little point in such heavy armour weighing one down. He is approximately 6’1”, and weighs 174lbs.

    Over top of his armour, Colyn is most recently seen as wearing a clean, saintly white cloth, which matches his job as a paladin. The cloth has red trim around the edges, and an ornate red cross covering his chest cloth. His helmet is one that covers his face entirely, protecting him from harm. However, he is still able to see through slits in front of his eyes.

    Colyn’s face is thin and angular, with very pronounced cheekbones - almost giving his visage a gaunt appearance. Resting in his eye sockets are two eyes of a calm, green colour, which are filled with deep regret. His face is clean shaven, while he wears his dark brown hair to a length which stretches just below his ears, with his bangs being almost entirely cut off. It is slightly messy from lack of care, as Colyn has never particularly had enough time to keep his hair in check.

    Profession: Cleric Knight - The one who claims this profession combines the healing powers of a cleric with the offensive skill of a soldier. [ATK-Based BA] [Light Affinity] [Inner Speed]

    *Inner Speed - If, during any given turn, Colyn does not use an Act Command, he can instead take a second Move Command.

    Weapon: Shortsword - A small, simple blade. Nothing more, nothing less. [+1 ATK]
    Armor: White Cloth - Simple white clothing which is worn for the most basic of cover. [+1 DEF]
    Accessory: Light Shoes - Shoes made to give the wearer a quick boost in times of need. [+5% Evasion]

    A-Ability: Mystic Blade

    + Nurse: Channels Light Mana into the user’s body, cleansing him of debuffs and healing him somewhat. The excess Mana is expelled into the adjacent cells to heal any allies. 80% INT Healing. Removes Simple Debuffs. No Chain. Cast Time: Instant. Hit Rate: 100%. Variance: 0%. Range: Self and Adjacent Cells. Element: Light. 10 MP.

    + Barrier of Light: The user creates a barrier of Light Mana which forms around an ally, reducing physical damage from an enemy. Bestows Protect. Cast Time: Instant. Hit Rate: 100%. Variance: N/A. Range: Self or 3 Cells. Element: Light. 8 MP.

    R-Ability: N/A
    --- Baffling Agility: Colyn’s Evasion is innately boosted by 15%.
    X-Ability: Strike of Vengeance: Colyn calls forth, summoning a divine angel to the battlefield, which hovers for a moment before firing a beam of pure energy which both obliterates the opponent, and purifies Colyn’s allies. 100% Piercing ATK Damage (Enemies) / 100% ATK Healing (Allies). Cast Time: 2 Turns. Hit Rate: 100%. Variance: 50%. Range: All Cells. Element: Light.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 20/20
    MP: 20/20
    ATK: 4 (+1 Shortsword)
    DEF: 2 (+1 White Cloth)
    INT: 3
    SPR: 2
    Critical: 4%
    Evasion: 5% (+5% Light Shoes)(+15% Baffling Agility)
    Movement: 2 Cells (Cleric Knight Job +2)

    Skill Points: 0
    Upgrade Points: 0
  8. Name: Galin Swarmfeeder
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30
    Level: 1
    Next Level: 0/10
    Galin is 6.5 feet tall. He wears a buttoned, dark brown trench coat that reaches to his feet and includes a hood. His shoes are black tanker boots. A long staff is strapped on his back. He wears one of those flat metal welding masks that can be moved from in front of the face sliding on top of the head. It has a praying Mantis face painted on it. If you see his face, it´s pale and you can see long, black hair hanging off his head. He has ice blue eyes a pointy nose and a thin mouth. His trench coat is constantly bulging and retracting even when he isn´t moving.
    Profession:Insect caller – Only few ever become Insect callers. Some freak out, other fail the training. Some just aren´t made for it. But those who become Insect callers are never truly alone. [Int-based ] [ earth affinity]
    Weapon: Staff of termites – A staff that was supposedly carved into a pattern of termites said to be capable of controlling all insects. Ironically, it was chewed up by it´s name-givers. Now it only possesses a fraction of that strength. [+1Int]
    Armor: ancient chitin armor – An old exoskeletal piece of armor. It´s under the coat. [+1Def]
    Accessory: Scarab pendant – A jade scarab pendant worn as a necklace. [+1Int]

    A-Ability:Call of the hive

    +Mantis Strike: The users arms turn into giant raptorial legs and strikes the enemy. 100% atk damage. Chance of Wound. No Chain. Cast time: Instant. Hit Rate: 100%. Variance: 20%. Range: 1 Field. Element: Earth. 8 MP.
    + Bombardier Cannon: By summoning a giant bombardier beetle and using it to cover the enemies in a painful, burning chemical spray. 100% Int damage. Chance of Burn. No Chain. Cast time: Instant. Hit Rate: 90%. Variance: 20%. Range: 2 Fields. Element: fire. 10 MP.

    R-Ability: None.

    -Hive mind: Galin gains 1 MP each turn for each ally involved in the fight.
    X-Ability: Ant lion’s pit: The User transforms into a giant ant lion and drags all foes to their doom… 200% piercing Int damage. Chance for Armor Break. Chance for Pain. Cast Time: Instant. Range: 2 Layers of Surrounding Cells. Element: earth.

    ~ Stats ~
    HP: 20/20
    MP: 20/20
    Atk: 3
    Def: 2 (Ancient Chitin Armor +1)
    Int: 4 (Staff of Termites +1)(Scarab Pendant +1)
    Spr: 2
    Critical: 3%
    Evasion: 3%
    Movement: 2 (Insect Caller Job +1)
    X Gauge: {/////}{/////}{/////}

    Skill Points: 0
    Upgrade Points: 0
  9. Name: Cadia Arstan
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Level: 1
    Next Level: 0/10

    Profession: Cross Arm: Bearing the custom creation that straps onto one's arm, these warriors train in guillotine style combat. [Dual Wield]
    |-RH-> Bent Scissor: Two blades strapped to separate parts of the arm and hinged together to form a cutting clamp. [+1 Atk]
    |-LH-> Parrying Sword: A short sword wielded more for protective deflection rather than attack. [+3% Eva / No Attack]
    Armor: Worn Armor: Plain armor made from worn leather. [+1 Def]
    Accessory: Charm Necklace: A silver necklace used to ward off evil spirits. [+1 SPR]

    A-Ability: Split

    + Furious Advance: Forcing herself to think angry thoughts, Cadia releases all of her rage into a burst of speed and power. Inflicts Berserk. Bestows Haste. No Chain. Use Time: Normal [1 turn]. Hit Rate: 100%. Variance: None. Range: Self. Element: None. 14 MP.

    + Broad Swipe: The scissor is clamped before swung, allowing for a heavy, more devastating slash than if it were open. 110% Atk Damage. No Chain. Use Time: Instant. Hit Rate: 100%. Variance: 10%. Range: Frontal 3 Cells. Element: None. 8 MP.

    R-Ability: None
    S-Ability: Focused Rage: Reduces the Defense decrease from Berserk to 25%
    X-Ability: Decapitate: Faster than a bullet could leave the barrel of a gun, Cadia positions her scissor around the target's head. Then clamps. 200% Piercing Atk Damage. High Chance of Instant Death. Range: Adjacent Cell. Element: None.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 25
    MP: 15
    Atk: 4 (Bent Scissor +1)
    Def: 3 (Worn Armor +1)
    Int: 2
    Spr: 2 (Charm Necklace +1)
    Critical: 6%
    Evasion: 2% (Parrying Sword +3%)
    Movement: 2 (Cross Arm job +1)
    X Gauge: {/////}{/////}{/////}

    Skill Points: 0
    Upgrade Points: 0
  10. Name: Jestuan Halluese (Jest - oo- an Hall- you - s - a)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Level: 1
    Next Level: 0/10
    Jestuan Halluese is a mysterious figure, who is about 6 feet high, and has a skinny look about him. He wears a sort of trench coat, however up near the top it comes up and wraps tight around his arms, the coat itself opening up near the bottom to come out so his legs can move freely. On this leatherish coat, there are also slots where he can slide in materials to strengthen it. He has a pale skin, which is however rarely seen as he wears a hood over most of his head, overshadowing his face, all that is visible is his chin and mouth. He has two hilts on each side of a black belt going around his waist. Each hilt is used for a dagger, as he often dual wields them for faster close range attacks.

    Profession: Skeletal Striker, Albiet the name, it does not mean he is a skeleton, but he is actually an Assassin with a bit of skill in necromancy. (Dual Wield)
    Weapon: Two small Iron Daggers, capable of killing in one swift strike if used correctly. (Attack +1)
    Armor: Leather Coat (Def +1)
    Accessory: A small skull necklace hangs from his neck, increasing Int by 1

    A-Ability: Skeletal Stab

    Summon Skeleton Adds an extra character to move, which can only move 1 cell, and has a fairly low attack. It does 50% of my equipped weapon damage.

    Double Slice Jestuan pulls out his two daggers and does a spin, slicing the enemy with both daggers at the same time. Two hits for 80% Damage

    R-Ability: None
    S-Ability: Swift Strike Speed +1, Attack +1
    X-Ability: Skeletal Swarm I summon a hoard of small skeletons to run up and attack at an RDM of 5-20 times, each hit dealing 20% damage. Range: 3 cells. Damage: 20% x RDM of 5-20
    C-Ability: None

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 15 (+2, Leather Trench Coat)
    MP: 20
    Atk: 3
    Def: 2 (+1, Leather Trench Coat)
    Int: Intellect (Magic Attack) Points
    Spr: 3 (+1 Skeletal Striker)
    Critical: 2%
    Evasion: 3%
    Movement: 2 (+1, Skeletal Striker)
    X Gauge: {/////}{/////}{/////}

    Skill Points: 0
    Upgrade Points: 0
  11. The fact your profile is largely incomplete and lacking MP Costs with seriously questionable skills points to your inability to read and comprehend this is a dead Statplay--not to mention Nate himself said all the spots were taken.

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