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[Semi-Original Statplay] Music of the Heart

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Silver, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. The Kingdom of Illumination

    Trumpets had sounded earlier that day, sounds more joyous than those that rang from the heavens abound the entire kingdom. Earlier that day festivities fit for the gods enveloped the kingdom as all celebrated the arrival of a new dawn. A bright light so brilliant not even the strongest traces of darkness could stand to touch it had been born. Princess Cordelia, the final of the eight maidens void of darkness; one of the select few who could truly hold back the darkness. Her birth had been something of great mystery and joy; for previously only seven maidens held the power the infant was gifted with. It had been believed that only those seven young girls would be able to hold back the darkness. To witness such an unexpected delight and radiance, and to provide home for such a pure entity was truly worth such merriment.

    However, festivity had all but faded now; dusk settling on the world, bathing it in starlight. In the princess' tower sat two others, the only ones still awake in the entire kingdom. Of those two, one was the young girl's father, King Abner, the other an unexpected guest. One who's presence in the world was entirely foreign. She, with hair similar to the color of the night sky and wise gray eyes, stood in the doorway; her brow was furrowed and her eyes desperate.

    "I don't understand." came the tired voice of the king, his worries tainting his quiet tone. His deep sapphire eyes trained on the sleeping daughter in his care, though his statement obviously directed at the visitor. "How is she, one with a heart so pure, doomed to face darkness that will tear life itself from her?"

    "I know not," the woman replied, her tone heavy with sorrow "the Seer spoke not of how or why." Her gray eyes drifted over to the small child sleeping soundly. She herself could not understand why a the princess, so pure and untouched, especially on this her day of birth, was doomed so. Darkness should not have been able to touch her, and yet the Seer's predictions were never wrong... "Merely that she will. There is nothing anyone can do to change her fate, terrible though it may be." she whispered, pursing her lips tightly together.

    "There must be something-" the king retaliated, his voice raised for but a moment. He would have lowered it had the woman not cut him off.

    "There is not. She will face it one day." the woman replied rather coldly, taking another step into the room. "However," she added after a moment, her voice warmer "We can protect her. It will by no means save her from her fate, but it will protect her in her time of need." At this the king quickly moved from the sleeping form of his daughter and over to the woman, falling to his knees and grasping her.

    "Tell me and it shall be done!" he plead, gripping her a little more tightly. The woman sighed and removed him from her, eyes trailing from his sunken form to the child.

    "Gather your council," she said quietly, ignoring the king as he ran off to do so. The second he was gone, the woman moved over to the cradle, a slightly hesitant hand reaching out to the baby. "I envy you not," she whispered "but brilliance blossoms from even the greatest hardship. Yours will be no different..."

    Two years later...

    "And that, my people, is why I am pleased to announce the beginning of the young highness' second birthday. May your joys and happiness fall upon her and lead her through another bright year." Applause. Though his words had been happy and very well received, he could not help inwardly grimacing. These past two years had been frightful ones; not for the kingdom, but for the man who led it. Protected though his daughter was, he spent every day fearing for the young child; her fate was sealed in stone, their safeguard would not keep her from it.

    And yet a smile remained on his face throughout the festivities, his form not straying from that of the young princess. With him were not only the council, who had provided the spell, but also a group of three; specially selected for their skills, they had been charged as being guard for the young maiden. Though the festivities were about, and trumpets played as though it were the day she was born, they would need be on guard. There was no room for such a would-be happiness to catch them off-guard; if the princess' fate was sealed in such a way that there was an offender to take vengeance on, then vengeance would be had.

    But no murderer made himself present, nor did any attack on the babe come forth. She was safe for yet another day, but one could only wonder when the ill-fated day would come. The day when darkness would wrench life away from the unexpected maiden with a heart void of shadows.

    - - - - -

    Looking for two or three other people~<3
  2. I volunteer as tribute! ...if I can come up with a good character for this.
  3. Oh cool. A couple of different questions, myself:

    • Are these protectors magically talented/is there a source of mana?
    • Is there a clear source of antipathy, like forces of the cloying darkness? I don't see any within the opening.
    • How long will the RP span?
  4. The "Young Majesty's Guard" can be magically talented if you wish. Mana is natural in the world, but the people don't particularly know that that is what gives them their powers. However, as you might have noticed, not everyone within the Kingdom of Illumination is from the world––this is permissible for y'all as well, I just need to talk it over with y'all beforehand.

    The "source of antipathy," as you call it, is present, however, no one in-game is certain of what that source is. The reason it isn't within this interest check is that it hasn't hit the scene just yet; the only reason anyone knows about it in the first place is that mysteriously foreign woman.

    The RP is not nearly as long as some of mine are sketched out to be; I imagine it'll be fairly short in comparison to a lot.
  5. Alright, color me interested then.
  6. I would gladly partake in this roleplay, if you'll have me...! My main question is, why is this "Semi-Original" (I have my suspicions, obviously, but having it clarified would be grate)?

    On the statplaying aspect, I'd love to fill the position of tank.
  7. I call it Semi-Original because the story and characters are all original, but, like Masq's HotW, I am using concepts from KH.
  8. Expressing tentative interest, but that depends. Will not be able to participate until after exams [which end mid–May]—and we'll see after that.
  9. Let's bump this sucka. I'd love to see it attract some more attention.
  10. Sent my profile, just waiting to get it back from @Silver
  11. Just wondering, how much knowledge of KH is required for this? I have only very limited knowledge of the series but the IC is very intriguing
  12. Next to no knowledge of KH is required. Just the general concept should be enough to get you acquainted; the story itself will fill in any holes.
  13. Alright, expect a profile within the next day. And once I'm done with my last week and a half of high school maybe I can actually start posting frequently >.>
  14. Won't that be a shocker ;p
  15. Alright, so I know it's been a really long time, but this is still A Thing.

    I now have two spots since Gist left.... anyone interested? Still interested?

  16. I'm still interested. I'm hoping that more people are going to join this beyond just myself, so just keep me down and grab a couple more people~
  17. I'm up for it. Hopefully this one doesn't die like the last few RP's I tried to join. I'll send you the character sheet in a bit.
  18. We be bumping this because reasons
  19. If Silver is still down to run this, then I am still down to participate. I might stick with Evisca or use a different character... or both, if the need is especially great. I would rather break myself into this with a single character and perhaps introduce a secondary later on in the story.
  20. This is still very much a thing, but it is vital to the story that the guard be made up of three people excluding my character. As you guys will come to realize, three is kinda the magic number for this roleplay. At the moment I have Eebit and myself for sure, a Cerby bb profile in in the ether, and an unknown answer in regards to Cid. I can work around having just Jacob bb and Cerby bb fairly easily, but I'd like to stick with my original plan if possible!

    @Eebit – Feel free to stick with Evisca or switch. The character profile thread needs to be updated before we begin anyway.

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