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Segregation ~ In-Character

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Eebit, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. Kivvard moves to E2 (H3-H2-G2-F2-E2)
    Kivvard uses his basic attack on Sambass 5 damage.
    Gun based ranges return to normal.

    _____Kivvard finally got fed up from waiting behind this person, he hoped he would had moved earlier, but he didn't. "Outa ma way!" He said without letting his lips touch each other until the sentence was said. Moving with determination, and a smile, Kivvard shot a bullet/small beam that zoomed diagonally towards the robot.
    _____Seeing that the bullet did no damage, Kivvard laughed, "Of course! Flesh is softer then steel, haha..." Kivvard's laugh was full of cheer and his thoughts were, uh, let us say they weren't about woman, just violent shooting at a tea party held by teddy bears. They bled white fluff.
  2. Tomari moves to E7. (G7 > F7 > E7)
    Tomari uses his basic attack on Illbient for 5 damage.

    ((Yep. That about ends this match to open up the RP again, as far as my own calculations go. How I acted in this preliminary round is NOT how it's gonna be for the rest of this RP; I'll be interacting with you lot and making my posts as nice and detailed as possible, just as I do with my other roleplays I participate in or have participated in in the past. I've just been super busy lately, but I'll make time to make proper posts as much as I possibly can!))

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