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Segregation ~ In-Character

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Eebit, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. Eebit Presents...

    This thread is the in-character thread for the Roleplay Segregation. The Out-of-Character discussion and profile thread may be found here. Without any further distractions, let the Roleplay begin!​


    Location Unspecified: approx 05:30

    A lone figure stood atop a building, bathed in the rising sun of Terra Alternata. If one were to have seen him, they may have noted his painful scar and run the opposite direction… but he was alone. Desmond Marwick watched the sun rise on the morning that his new recruits were to join the operations of D.Y.S.T.O. He had taken extra care with this bunch; he had high hopes from their histories as he knew them. Their data had been strenuously removed from any possible place the Medium could have kept them, and Desmond hoped that these precautions did not go to waste on a bunch of young men and women… He turned on his heel away from the sunlight, grunted, and made his way back to D.Y.S.T.O. Headquarters to begin the day’s work…


    The applicants to the covert operation of D.Y.S.T.O. had all been rising from their sleep at approximately 7:00am, each in their own fashion. Their rooms were the same quarters that they had been graciously leant by D.Y.S.T.O. A rotary system had to be employed so the Medium would not suspect any suspicious activity. Each room was decorated in the same way; grey walls with minimal steel furniture, leaving only the bare necessities. As they ate their breakfast - also supplied by D.Y.S.T.O. - they would notice a small letter by their doors.

    Each of the applicants had received a similar letter, slid underneath their doors as a precautionary measure, so as not to be read by a snooping employee of the Medium. The letter, which was typed plainly and written on a pure-white piece of stationary, read:

    The letter was nothing special, but it was certainly tailored for those who had applied to D.Y.S.T.O. They would make their way over to the building - again, each in their own way - to begin their training… Under the sun’s gaze, the prospective agents would need to take extreme caution, as the mechanized streets of Terra Alternata’s floating world would be crawling with those poor souls owned by the Medium… The day was just beginning, and the agents still had a long day ahead of them...


    ((So, let's start out with a bit of RPing. I'd like to have each of you guys make your way over to the D.Y.S.T.O. building in whatever way you want, so long as it actually makes sense in the context of the RP! From there, things will get interesting...))
  2. Kaylinn Roberts happened to be sitting on a chair in the small quarters that had been rented out to her by D.Y.S.T.O, eating the small breakfast that had been provided by the organization consisting of a cold bran-based cereal with a bright reddish-orange fruit drink thatwas a mixture of many kinds of fruits, when she heard something sliding near the door. Curious as always, Kaylinn walked over to the area. Having just been thinking about leaving for a little walk, she had hoped that it was something to actually give her a reason to get out. Looking down, she noticed the small piece of stationery. Picking the envelope up from the ground, she tore the flap off at its hinge, and took out the white paper that was within.

    Kaylinn read over the letter quickly, knowing immediately that the letter was from D.Y.S.T.O., the organization she got into contact with in the last few months, and the one that her own father was a member of before his sudden disappearance widely attributed to the ruling body of the Medium, which controlled almost every aspect of Terra Alterneta. That is, every aspect except the ones brave enough to rebel.

    As she read over the second-to-last sentence, Kaylinn headed over to the small kitchen area of the apartment that only just passed for a living space. Stopping at the sink, she reached down to a drawer that was seemingly empty. However, a strange square was attached to the front-inside of the drawer. She pulled down a small, cut-out rectangle to reveal it as simply a tiny storage place where she put a lighter. If not for danger from the Medium, Kaylinn would have no need to go to this measure, but she knew that if discovered, no doubt something very bad would happen to her.

    Kaylinn took the lighter up to the stationery that held the brief instructions, placing both items above the sink. Flicking the lighter's ignition, a small flame came out, flickering against the paper, causing a small spark to appear on the instructional letter. Black char extended on the paper, quickly enveloping it. Before the fire could reach her hand, Kaylinn dropped it in the sink, where it continued to burn until it became a small pile of ash. As the flames died down over the black powder that was once a letter, Kaylinn turned on the sink, turning the knob to the point marked with a blue "C," and cold water came out of the faucet, quickly wiping away all trace of the letter into the drain.

    Kaylinn then went into the small bedroom, and opened a door to a closet only slightly wider than the door, and about a foot deep. Clothes, mostly plaid jackets and simple tank tops, hung on hangers attached to a horizontal pole, and a strange, metal bar was put up vertically in right rear corner of the closet. Grabbing the bar, Kaylinn pulled to the left, revealing a small compartment where a wooden crossbow sat, its quiver full of what seemed to be sticks, but were in fact arrows whose heads could be materialized by Kaylinn's powers bestowed upon her by use of Opticks -- another precaution due to the rule of the Medium.

    Picking up the crossbow and quiver, she stood back and reclosed the small space. Grabbing one of the plaid jackets, she walked back to the front door of her apartment, wrapping the weapon in her jacket before opening the door. Putting the "package" beneath her right arm, she went out the door, quickly locking it as it closed, and walked down the hall containing many other apartments almost exactly like her own.
  3. After Shade had finished his breakfast, which consisted of Frosted Flakes, crispy bacon, and some milk, he laid down on his bed staring at the grey-ish ceiling. As soon as his body touched the semi-comfortable bed, a noise caught his attention causing him to look at the door to see a small envelope in front of it. He slowly got off the white bed and made his way toward the grey door. Shade looked at the white envelope and opened his door to see who delivered the letter, but no one was inside the hallway except for his head. After closing the door and picking up the envelope, he grabbed a knife from a holder on his belt and cut the envelope open. He took out a white paper inside and began to read it inside his head.

    Shade looked over letter with much concentration, while walking toward his microwave, which was located by the sink in his room. From reading this letter he knew that it was from D.Y.S.T.O. and that they wanted to make sure no one got this letter. He read over the second to the last sentence again and looked at the microwave. Shade opened the small black door to the microwave and put the letter and the remains of the envelope inside. He pressed the buttons on the microwave causing it to start up and cook the white paper. After a while, the letter bursted into small flames, quickly shriveling up and turning black due to the heat.

    After turning off the microwave, Shade casually grabbed the burning letter, not caring about the growing flame, and dumped it into the sink before turning it on. The flame quickly got extinguished the gushing flow of water, while barely visible smoke retreated from the area where the two opposites met. He turned off the water and threw away the soaking letter into the nearby trash can. He walked over to his closet, which was located by his bed, and opened it to reveal clothing that only consisted of the colors black, blue, and red. Shade took out a black over coat, putting it over his upper body, and a red tie, which he clipped on to the neck area of his clothes. After getting dressed, he walked toward the door and opening it, revealing a long gray hallway with many other doors leading to other peoples' apartments.

    The hallway was silent as Shade walked through it, except for the sound of another of feet in front of Shade going in the same direction. He looked in front of him, seeing a woman around his height walking in front of him. Since she was slow, he walked right pass her, accidentally bumping into her right shoulder with his left arm. He stopped a couple feet away from her and stared into her eyes with his dark black eyes.

    "You are too slow brat," Shade told the young-looking woman as he turned around and continued to walk down the hall. He soon found himself in front of another door which led to the outside world. He opened the door and let the rays of the sun hit his body as he walked out of the building.
  4. As Kaylinn was walking, she felt her body being shoved by someone coming up behind her. Surprised, she accidentally dropped her plaid jacket-covered crossbow and quiver, the wooden frame of the weaponslightly peeking through beneath the ruffles of checkered blue fabric. For a moment, Kaylinn panicked, quickly retrieving the weapon and the jacket and rewrapping it so as to hide it again. As she again put it beneath her right shoulder, she ran up to the man who had bumped her, not to mention called her a "brat."

    She went through the door behind the man, angered at his rudeness. Sure, she wasn't the most formal of women, but outright rudeness was something that she simply would not stand for. Noticing the man walking somewhat fast some ways ahead of her, she ran to catch up with him, a small piece of wood poking through the fabric of her jacket as it got disturbed by Kaylinn's sudden fast movement. "Hey, jerk," she accused as she caught up with the taller, dark-haired man. "At least say 'excuse me' if you insist on pushing around women just so you can get somewhere in a hurry."

    "Speaking of which," she continued in an overly-sarcastic tone, her face in an innocent smirk, "I suppose I should say 'excuse me' so I don't look like a hypocrite or anything." Winking slightly at the well-dressed man, she passed him by, knowing that she too had to hurry, for there was an urgent event at D.Y.S.T.O. headquarters, and it was rude to be late to such a thing. The small piece of wood - one of the sticks that could become an arrow - stuck out about an inch further. Realizing now that there seemed to be something moving inside her jacket, Kaylinn quickly pushed it back in and continued her walk.

    Now let's just hope that he doesn't trail me, Kaylinn thought as she walked along, The last thing D.Y.S.T.O needs is a civilian, or maybe even an agent of the Medium, in the HQ. I should be careful now...
  5. Shade watched as the "brat" who called him a "jerk" hurried past him to go to her unknown destination. He noticed the small flirtatious wink that she gave him, but he ignored it without problem. He didn't care what happened to her or where she went, he had somewhere to be and it didn't concern her. He strayed from the path that the woman took and crossed the street in order to take a new path. The road wasn't busy and only a couple cars drove along, but they were spread far apart. He moved his hand on top of his knife holder on his black belt to check if he had his sharp weapon. After being reassured that his weapon was there, he stared blankly as he walked to his destination.

    As the morning sun shined on him, Shade remembered about his past with the organization known as Medium. When he was a young boy, around the age of 7 and showed emotions, his parents were killed by Medium agents. His parents, Robert and Juliet, were suspected of being D.Y.S.T.O members and were on the list to kill. One day when he and his parents were out on a walk around a small suburban park, a man in black walked up to his father and shot him point blank in the forehead causing his blood to fly in every direction. As his father's body fell down to the ground, his mother urged him to run away before she had gotten shot in the head as well. Witnessing both of his parents die before his eyes, Shade ran away from the man as tears flew down his cheek. The man didn't chase after the young shade because his job was only to kill the D.Y.S.T.O. members.

    After the events of his parents murder, Shade had been living on the streets trying to survive without the aid of his family. Living on the street has caused him many misfortune over the years like forgetting what his name was, forgetting his parents' faces, and other things. At his pre-adult years, he found a good-paying job to start off before he found an apartment. The years following he applied for D.Y.S.T.O. leading him to his current events. The Present Shade looked at the shining sun in the sky as he walked on his path. Remembering his past gave him lots of misfortune, but he was already used to the pain it had gave him now and all those years ago.
  6. Struggling to get out of bed this particular morning, Lawrence walked over to the sink and turned on the cold water. He cupped his hands beneath the cool stream and let them fill before splashing himself in the face with it. He had stayed up a bit late the previous night, tinkering with his gadgets as he normally did. The man wasn't really hungry this morning: a couple of pieces of toast with grape jam accompanied by a banana satisfied his appetite. From his position at the table, he noticed a white envelope near the door, yet he ignored it until he was finished eating. Leaving his solitary plate on the table, he stood up and walked over to the envelope, tearing it open with a sharp piece of jagged metal that he retrieved from his burlap sack of 'goodies.'

    So, it was time. He walked over to his tool belt which he had placed on a metal stand next to his bed and produced a lighter, one that he used for his engineering. Nothing out of the ordinary there. He dropped the letter on the steel floor and ignited it. The flames consumed the paper quickly, and when they were done, he stomped them out with one of his shoes. He produced a small brush and a dustpan and swept up the ashes before treating the floor with a special polish to get out the smudges until it looked like nothing had happened. He was fortunate to possess such a profession.

    Digging into his closet, he took out his fancy clothes. He had a full black suit ensemble, but only grabbed the nice shirt and black pants, leaving the black jacket and tie behind. After he was dressed, he slipped on some black dress socks with matching black shoes. He ran a hand through his silver hair; it always maintained its body. He took a moment to glance in a mirror and winked at himself before rushing out the door....only to rush back through the door to strap on his tool belt which he attached his small burlap sack of parts to. When that was taken care of, he made his way back out the door and nonchalantly walked along the hallway. He couldn't imagine who'd be up so early, but he still remained wary of anyone who might be apart of the Medium. The letter DID say to take caution.
  7. Blake opened his eyes. His face was drenched in sweat as he sat up in his rather uncomfortable bed. "Just a dream..." he spoke in a low, grumbling voice. He arose and moved for the "kitchen". It wasn't much of a room. It had a very small bathroom with always cold water, at least, until Blake tampered with the nozzle, adding in a kind of heating device he made from scratch. Now the water was sometimes warm. The "kitchen" consisted two cupboards, a small fridge, a sink and an oven that didn't work... yet.

    He started the tap and washed his face. Using a relatively clean hand towel he dried his face.

    After about 10 minutes of cleaning and dressing he noticed a paper on his floor. It must have been pushed under the door. Picking it up, he looked it over.

    Pulling a lighter from his bottom-left pocket he burned the paper over the sink. He washed the ashes down the sink and replaced the lighter. He pulled a box of some kind of cereal bars from the second cupboard. Breakfast.

    He picked up a brown bag that hung by the door and slung over his shoulder before heading out, locking the door behind him.
  8. Kivvard paced the highly basic room, "What to do? What to do?" His stomach growled for an answer. Going into the kitchen he got some bread, a banana, peanut butter, and jelly. Putting two bread slices into the multipurpose cooking box, which he bought for himself on his last birthday to make his home a bit more comfortable. Walking back into is small living room, he saw what appeared to be a letter coming under the door, "Not this time," Kivvard said as the letter got all of the way over, Kivvard snatched his door handle and pulled open the door with extreme force, which made a slight gust also. Kivvard stepped into a barren hallway with not even a citizen to blame for the letter.

    "I lost a bet...again" Kivvard said defeated, walking back into the room, reaching for the letter...which was gone. "Well I guess I should eat breakfast again. Kivvards actions didn't take long at all, maybe two minutes at the most, by that time his toast should be done. Looking at his cooking box, he saw the letter, starting to become reddish since of the heat the cooking box was emitting. Rushing up to his letter, a small spark of fire appeared on the letter. "Not again..." Kivvard moaned as he carefully blew out on the small fire. Successful, he began to read the letter, or at least what was left of it.

    To Whom it May Concern,

    This is a...to your application... organization. If this is addressed..., you will... what we are talking about. You are to meet up ...headquarters at 09:00 sharp to... your training. Make sure you... not followed. Burn this letter... as you have finished... it. We.. stress the urgency of this memo.

    Kivvard sighed out of relief, even though the letter was burned a bit and was hard to read, the main message stayed intact. As his toast popped up, Kivvard made his breakfast of a toasted PP&J with banana slices on it. Satisfied with his breakfast, Kivvard grabbed the remains of his letter and put it in his cooking box and set the instructions for "Campfire fire", which was a perfect setting for making marshmallow smores or for burning a letter, as Kivvard found out. Taking the remains of his letter, which were black little ashes, he put them into the sink to disappear forever. Grabbing his breakfast sandwich and his gun, Kivvard locked up his house and left for the training building.

    As Kivvard was walking out into the desearted street, well almost deserted. There was one guy with a brown bag slung over his shoulder. Kivvard hoped that brown-bag wasn't going too far in the same direction, so Kivvard stayed back a bit, eating his sandwich.
  9. Blake noticed the man appear in the street, but paid no mind. He never seemed to mind anything anymore. He walked the empty street as if he were only strolling. The simple buildings around him didn't appeal to him in any way, he kept his attention forward, never yielding. He took a few, what would seem like random, turns as he went along.

    He wasn't really there. His body was on auto-pilot. He was within his mind, racing through images and memories, searching for some kind of clue. I will find her and they will regret ever crossing me. He had thoughts like this often. Blake wasn't actually sure what he'd do when the time came, so he focused more on getting to that point.
  10. Kivvard finished the rest of his sandwich, "That was tasty," He said to himself and looked back to the road, brown-bag nowhere in sight. "That's a relief." Kivvard said as he turned around a a nondescript street corner, brown-bag in sight walking still the same way. Kivvard started to get worried, but kept his mouth shut. Maybe this man was drunk and was walking in a random direction, that is randomly going the same way to DYSTO... Pushing all thoughts aside Kivvard realized that he could see the back of the DYSTO building, "Man, well at least I could tell them that I followed him to the building, not the other way around," Kivvard said concerned at first, but laughed a bit at the end.

    Well, whatever the case, I'm here Kivvard thought as he rushed past brown-bag, reaching the door to DYSTO. Upon twisting the door handle, Kivvard realized it was locked, "What the?" Kivvard said a bit out loud, then trying the other door handle, the door came open with ease. "Oh?" Kivvard laughed as he entered the seemingly normal building.
  11. Memories of that day burned in his skull. He almost didn't notice the other man rush ahead of him. Almost. The man passing him caused Blake to snap out of his little dream world. He took the bag off his shoulder and reached in for his cereal bar and, taking it from his wrapping, he ground it in his fist and let for the light wind to take. He paused as he watched the dust float away, the memories beating against his subconscious, demanding entry.

    He shook his head and proceeded to the door the stranger had entered and went in himself. "No need to feel any alarm." He said to the man. "I am Blake, I am here for the same reason as you." He pulled his lighter from his pocket and set it alight, holding it up and closing his eyes, his mouth moving but no words escaping. After a brief moment, he replaced the lighter.
  12. The minuscule, chibi-stylized blue frog clock alarm situating itself upon Tomari's bedside was boisterously loud, shaking about vigorously as it awaited the moment where it would be pressed back into silent submission by its owner's hand. Luckily, that task was taken care of mere split moments before it was to fall onto the ground and start shaking its way under the dresser, which wasn't what the young biologist fresh out of college wanted at all. Having machinated several potions and bio-machines of his own design, Tomari was sure that he would make a good first impression with the other D.Y.S.T.O. members who had inhabited the rooms rented out to the lot of them, though, looking at the message he had received, and then at the time, 8:45 AM, he realized that he almost wouldn't even have the change to make any impression whatsoever, aside from perhaps a bad one:

    "Aw, gosh! We gotta run, we gotta run, we gotta runrunrunrunrun...!!!" he exclaimed to himself, breaking the dead silence which had swallowed his room in its entirety for several hours upon several hours, hastily making his way out the doorway and making his way down the hall towards the headquarters, eventually reaching the HQ door and entering it ever-so-carefully compared to the mad dash he had made not even a split second beforehand. "Hey there everybody," Tomari said, voice plain and unwavering, throwing his arms over his shoulders and showing off a big grin.
  13. With the sun shining down on him, Shade casually made his way toward D.Y.S.T.O. Headquarters. As he was walking down his path, he heard several footsteps around him going in the same direction, this small detail caught his attention, but the thing that happened next left him awestruck. A man had ran right past him in blinding speed, going in the direction of HQ. God, he is an idiot. Shade thought as he hastened his pace while making sure no one else is following him. He is lucky that barely anyone is on the streets today, or he might have been tailed. Finally after a long walk, he was standing in front of the door of HQ.

    The Bounty Hunter opened the door and walked in to see 3 people had arrived before him including the maniac from before. He walked over to the others and closed his eyes to let him think. "I assume all of you are applicants as well?" Shade asked as he opened his eyes glancing over at the man he saw before. "My name is Shade and that's all you people need to know. Also, don't run like a maniac through the streets, it certainly draws attention to yourself." He took away his attention from the others and cast it upon the door, waiting to see if anyone else shall appear. I have a feeling that I will see that "brat" again.
  14. It was a surprisingly leisurely stroll to what was supposedly the intended destination: a building used for certain purposes by DYSTO. Lawrence came to a halt at the entrance. He had witnessed several other people entering before him and figured they all be around inside. They were sure to be his new comrades in this fight against the Medium. DYSTO was definitely thorough with hiding themselves; it brought him a bit of a feeling of safety with joining up with them. Of course, it was up to the organization's operatives to help keep things a secret, and that responsibility would soon be one that he had to carry out.

    Taking a breath, he continued up towards the building and entered through the door. Turned out that there were some others standing around. Things seemed to be a bit tense. "Is it to my understanding that...no. It should go without saying. We all know why we are here, eh?" Lawrence said smoothly before making his way farther from the door should someone else enter. "The name is Lawrence Caustier, by the way. Introductions are rather....important, n'est pas?" He smirked smoothly and took a glance at his burlap bag of tools to make sure it was still there. He had become so familiar with the weight that sometimes it felt like it wasn't dangling there at all.
  15. Kaylinn walked up to the building that held D.Y.S.T.O headquarters, having slowed down after passing the man that had been so rude to her earlier. Opening the door slowly, she noticed that there already seemed to be a rather large group of people there. Rather embarrassed, Kaylinn walked inside. "Hello everyone," she said, putting her hands into the pockets of the pants she wore, "I hope I'm not disrupting anything." Kaylinn then looked around at everyone gathered, her eyes stopping on the one she had passed earlier.

    Well isn't that a coincidence, she thought to herself, smiling slightly. "By the way, my name is Kaylinn Roberts," she continued only mostly politely, "and I presume that we are all here for the same reason. Today's the big day then, isn't it?"
  16. As the applicants correlated and associated with one another on the main floor of the towering, yet inconspicuous D.Y.S.T.O. building, a lone woman watched them from above; clearly an aide of mister Desmond Marwick, their future employer. The woman had hawklike features; well-pronounced cheekbones and deeply set green eyes that were as cold and callous as her employer’s. It was clear that this woman meant business. She descended the stairs, drawing the immediate attention of all of the D.Y.S.T.O. hopefuls, and stopped a few stairs from the main floor, apparently to keep their attention.

    “All of you may follow me to the training room. It is good to see that you are already associating with your peers, but the time for chatter is over,” she spoke rapidly and with a hint of a Scottish accent, “My name is Catriona MacPherson, and I will be the one leading you through these training exercises.” With that brief introduction, she ascended the stairs as quickly as she had spoken, and the applicants followed without question, recognizing her clear authority. The interior of the D.Y.S.T.O. building was very formal, with glass guards lining the stairs and each new floor to make sure nobody fell from the astonishing height. The staircase wound, as the applicants followed Catriona blindly to the third floor; their destination being a quaint, steel-grey door immediately in front of the staircase. Catriona pushed it open with relative ease, her diminutive size belying her clear strength.

    She turned, facing the applicants who entered the room. A single glass panel allowed them a clear view into a relatively empty room, aside from three humanoid robots, sitting motionless in the dim, fluorescent lighting. “I will be watching your performance from here, as will Mr. Marwick when he returns. Go along, get yourselves acquainted with the ebb and flow of battle.” Her Scottish-accented voice gave away a small amount of sadness in spite of her position. It was quite clear that she wanted a battle as well, but was stuck as an aide. Catriona opened the steel door, and watched expectantly as the applicants took their positions opposite the robots, who came alive on the wooden floor under the brightening lights above…

    Chapter 0-0: Combat Training

    Location: D.Y.S.T.O. Headquarters ~ Training Room

    Objective: As operatives of D.Y.S.T.O., you must prove yourself to your superiors. Group up, and prepare for training with your peers!


    Music: Combat Training (ReVolt - Race Theme 6)


    { } { } {A} { } { } { } {I} { } { } A
    { } { } { } { } { } { } { } { } { } B
    { } { } { } { } {S} { } { } { } { } C
    { } { } { } { } { } { } { } { } { } D
    { } { } { } { } { } { } { } { } { } E
    { } { } { } { } { } { } { } { } { } F
    { } { } { } { } { } { } { } { } { } G
    { } { } { } { } { } { } { } { } { } H
    { } { } { } { } { } { } { } { } { } I

    Schranz (Automaton)
    HP: 20/20
    OP: 20/20
    ATK: 5
    DEF: 4
    INT: 2
    SPR: 2
    Evasion: 0%
    Movement: 3 Cells

    Sambass (Automaton)
    HP: 20/20
    OP: 20/20
    ATK: 5
    DEF: 4
    INT: 2
    SPR: 2
    Evasion: 0%
    Movement: 3 Cells

    Illbient (Automaton)
    HP: 20/20
    OP: 20/20
    ATK: 5
    DEF: 4
    INT: 2
    SPR: 2
    Evasion: 0%
    Movement: 3 Cells

    { } - Empty Cell

    Starting Cells for Players are Rows H - I

    ((Please check the OoC thread to download the font I have been using for this RP, if it isn't displaying correctly for you.))
  17. Blake appeared to pay no attention to the woman when she arrived on the stairs. She spoke to the group and quickly went back up. He followed after without a word as there was nothing to say. I start today, Catherine.

    He reached the top where there was a room containing 3 robots. Their guide opened a door and invited them in. Without hesitation, he entered the room. From his brown bag he removed a small box. Upon pushing what appeared to be nothing, it folded out to reveal a larger misshapen box with two well-positioned handles. He twisted one and a short beam emerged. He was ready.

    [Blake starts at I4; Energy Saw in Raw form]
  18. Great it's that brat again from before and her name's Kaylinn, interesting. The Bounty Hunter thought as she walked toward the group. After she introduced herself to the group, a mysterious woman walked down the steps, looking down on the group. After the woman spoke to the group, he followed her without a second thought and motioned the group to follow as well. This is going to be a very interesting day. He thought as he let out a small grin.

    After walking up the steps, he reached a small room and saw three robots on the other side of the room. He walked over into the room and just glared at the robots as he took out his knife from it's holder. He was ready to destroy the robots and get this training over with.

    [Shade starts at H6!]
  19. Kivvard was hardly socializing with the small group, for one reason, he didn't like talking to random people, but that didn't stop him from giving his name to all of them. Then came a woman who sounded eager to get Kivvard and the group out of her life, which was fine.

    Following Catriona, in the back of the group, Kivvard started to abolish his quietness once he saw the robots. So that's what were doing!" Kivvard exclaimed, "Were fixing robots!" Seeing Catriona's smirk on her face he decided that was wrong "Were fighting robots!" Kivvard said with enthusiasm. Kivvard went to stand by the person that called himself Blake. "Hello, nice to meet ya." Kivvard said as he pulled out his gun from his hidden gun holster that was in his pocket. Kivvard turned away from Blake and faced the robot directly.

    Kivvard made a face as if he was confused.
    Kivvard starts at I5
  20. Lawrence starts at H5.

    So, it was time to begin with the training. He wasn't very happy with who'd been sent to fetch them; she seemed like the kind of woman that wouldn't easily be sweet-talked. She was fairly fierce and a lady on whose bad side he did not want to be on. He smirked and moved into the area next to the man known as Shade. From his tool belt, he picked his trusty wrench and jiggled his bag of scrap metal. "So it'll be robots served cold today, oui? I must say they are my favorites," he aloud and pointed his wrench at the one in the center, imagining how he could deconstruct and rebuild it.

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