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SecretWeapon's Drawings

Discussion in 'Creation Station' started by SecretWeapon, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. I drew a bunny for Fluffymicfluffykins-Star

    [attachment=2]Check it out and tell me what you think :D

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  2. RE: I drew a bunny for Fluffymicfluffykins-Star

    It looks better in person :3
  3. Jack Skellington

    [attachment=3]I drew Jack Skellington :3

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  4. RE: Jack Skellington

    i wuv it
  5. RE: Jack Skellington

    That's pretty awesome! I love the style, it's really cool-looking. Could we possibly see any of your own original characters in it? ;D
  6. RE: Jack Skellington

    Sure but I am going to be busy for the rest of this week haha. I will start Monday ;) Thanks!
  7. RE: Jack Skellington

    It's kinda like a chibi Jack :)
  8. RE: Jack Skellington

    What to draw now?
  9. RE: Jack Skellington

    Hm, you should draw Selma Granny. B) Or really any Ultimate Tournament character, it'd be cool to see how people render the text that was supplied for the Tournament!

    Also, I merged this thread with the "I drew a bunny..." thread, just for the sake of having a single thread for your stuff~
  10. xP Maybe, Thanks for the ideas :D

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