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Secret Santa 2017!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Keileon, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. We're not gonna let the exodus bring our festivities down, are we?

    I may not be in-character as Santa, but after asking ZEJ in Discord I've gauged that there is enough interest to potentially bring back our Secret Santa!

    The last couple of years we did this went well, so there's no real need to change anything. Simply express your interest along with a list of things you would want, and then when the deadline hits everyone will be assigned random partners to give secret gifts to! There are a few caveats:

    1. Understand that not everyone has the ability to easily send gifts by mail. You are expected to hold up your end of the exchange, but you may have to get creative and send a digital gift.

    2. Price limit. To avoid anyone feeling cheated because they gave an expensive gift but received a cheap one, the maximum price you may spend on your giftee is $25.

    3. Deadlines. Ideally you should express your interest and post wishlists by December 1st and send or otherwise have your gift to send by December 21st. Deadlines may be adjusted if participants need it to be.

    Happy holidays in advance!
  2. Yay another Secret Santa!

    Again, I'm mostly in for the giving, so I suppose my list isn't to different from last year's.

    Here is the mentioned oversaturated Steam Wishlist. Also I have an Amazon wishlist full of cooking stuff. Some of it is more a "shopping list" than a wishlist (most notably anything with the jars, so don't bother with those), but whatever. Also, many of the things on there are less that specific brand/whatever but more just WHAT it is, and a lot of them I put on there ages ago so there may be better deals or something at this point. idk.

    (Oh and for anyone else, please share the kinds of food, mostly baking-related stuff, that you like to eat. Since I plan on doing something like the previous two secret santas again.)
  3. Goliath has expressed his interest in this via Discord but has lost his account information.
  4. I like Monster Hunter, Sonic, WoW, Overwatch and Portal 2~

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