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SC: Information ~ Store Thread

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Shadow, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. ~ I. Weapons ~

    Combat Knife: A sharp cutting edge that is particularly small for wielding efficiency and slashing precision, perfect to deal silent and fatal strikes. [Equippable by Espira and Jonah / +2 ATK / 3% Accuracy / 260 Gold / Stock: 0]

    Extendable Blade: A special type of blade that can be extended up to a maximum of two meters with a built-in device in the handle, increasing its slashing range. [Equippable by Voltage and Roymus / +2 ATK / Range: 2 Cells / 250 Gold / Stock: 0]

    Oil & Iron Sword: A generic sword with a blade crafted in iron, completely covered in oil. One can easily set the blade ablaze and add a painful, scorching side-effect to slash wounds. [Equippable by Eric / +2 ATK / Chance of Burn / 300 Gold / Stock: 0]

    Bronze Bracelets: A set of bracelets crafted of bronze that are empowered with Thunder Mana and are capable of delivering short-ranged magical blows. [Equippable by Ayana / +2 INT / INT Basic Attack / Element: Thunder / 300 Gold / Stock: 1]

    Sharp Spear: A perfectly normal spear with an exceedingly sharp icosceles triangle-shaped blade, it is quite lightweight, allowing easy maneuverability for the wielder. [Equippable by Eroy / +2 ATK / Range: Straight Line of 2 Cells / 250 Gold / Stock: 0]

    New Fire Bands: Firmented in easily-flammable liquids, these small bands of clothing are easily set ablaze with friction made on their ends, and water is unable to put the fire out until the entire cloth is consumed. [Equippable by Keira / +2 ATK and +1 INT / Element: Fire / 350 Gold / Stock: 1]

    Quality Brush: The bristles on this brush are made of a high-quality textile that no matter how paint-soaked it becomes, it will always be easy to clean, and they will never get stuck in a certain direction. The handle is made of an extra-strong wood for some reason, so it can handle quite a beating. [Equippable by Pike / +2 INT / Sets a Paint Wall Cell on BA / 350 Gold / Stock: 1]

    Dim Orb: A strange orb of exceedingly hard crystal that seems to glow faintly inside. Has some sort of arcane power been concealed here? [Equippable by Caleb / +2 INT / BA on Ally is One-Use +10% Random Stat for 3 Turns / 300 Gold / Stock: 1]

    Reinforced Nail: A gauntlet-like weapon that is specifically designed to be equipped to a dragon's claw in order to increase its damage potential. [Equippable by Mercury / Overrides Current Weapon / Chance of Wound / 350 Gold / Stock: 1]

    ~ II. Armor ~

    Brand Outfit: A black, particularly new and comfortable battle outfit that excels in wearer agility. It is adapted to a more feminine body, and has various pockets where one can store her weapons. [Equippable by Espira / +2 DEF / +5% Evasion / 300 Gold / Stock: 0]

    Vivid Dress: A vividly-colored dress that, at simple glance, doesn't have other interesting qualities, but in reality it has surprisingly decent magical defense properties. [Equippable by Qiris and Ayana / +1 DEF and +2 SPR / 300 Gold / Stock: 2]

    Special Suit: A strange-looking suit that looks much akin to a shizoku, which is a ninja uniform, and has yellow lightning bolt designs on either side, making it seem it was specially designed for someone...[Equippable by Voltage / +2 DEF and +1 SPR / 300 Gold / Stock: 1]

    Iron Plating Set: A set of protective, individual armored plates that are meant to be be placed--and magically embedded--into the wearer's cloth. Even though they look fragile, they can sustain an impressive amount of damage. [Equippable by Eric and Keira / +3 DEF / 300 Gold / Stock: 1]

    Leather Vest: A simple vest made of leather, allowing the wearer for easy movement, but it's protection value from physical and magical attacks alike is rather poor. [Equippable by Roymus and Eroy / Turns into Macho Man Leather Dress when Equipped to Roymus / +1 DEF and +1 SPR / +3% Evasion / 260 Gold / Stock: 0]

    Shadow Cloak: This strange cloak is almost completely black, with a smooth, velvety texture. When worn, the impossible-to-wrinkle fabric seems to move with a certain grace that makes it hard to perceive where the wearer is truly located. [Equippable by Jonah / +1 DEF / +10% Evasion / 300 Gold / Stock: 0]

    Clean Apron: A painting apron that is made of a stain-proof material that makes even the fastest-drying paint simply run off.[Equippable by Pike / +3 SPR / 300 Gold / Stock: 1]

    Buff Robe: This robe has a strange magic enshrouding it that somehow increases the effectiveness of strengthening buffs, allowing the wearer to be quickly buffed. [Equippable by Caleb / +2 SPR / +10% Stat Increment Bonus / 400 Gold / Stock: 1]

    Reinforced Scale: A huge set of what can be loosely called as "armor plates" that are mounted and secured to a dragon in order to increase its defensive potential. [Equippable by Mercury / Overrides Current Weapon / Critical Hit Ratio -15% / 350 Gold / Stock: 1]

    ~ III. Accessories ~

    Out of Stock

    ~ IV. Items ~

    Potion [Recovers 25 HP / Self or Adjacent Cell / 200 Gold / Stock: 10]

    Ether [Restores 10 MP / Self or Adjacent Cell / 200 Gold / Stock: 4]

    Soul Tonic [Revive with 20% HP and MP / Self or Adjacent Cell / 500 Gold / Stock: 3]

    Antidote [Removes Poison and Toxin / Self or Adjacent Cell / 100 Gold / Stock: 5]

    Flesh Coolant [Removes Burn and Severe Burn / Self or Adjacent Cell / 100 Gold / Stock: 5]

    Sight Drops [Removes Blind / Self or Adjacent Cell / 100 Gold / Stock: 5]

    Boundary Fragment [Boundary Roulette / Special / 2000 Gold / Stock: 1]

    ~ V. Lottery ~

    Coming Soon...

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