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Rise of the Keys: The Realm Of Darkness

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Electro, Apr 16, 2012.

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    A realm of perpetual Darkness, haunted by nightmarish Heartless, and as of late, many Unversed. An old Master Keeper can be found here, left by an unknown owner. There is a Journal written by Ansem the Wise, capturing his slow decent into near madness.

    "Welcome, to the Realm of Darkness. Now do you see the problem?" Riku said, as Brent looked around. All around them, Unversed were flowing through numerous Dark Corridors, and the Heartless followed them. A lone warrior in Keyblade Armor, dual wielding a Wayward Wind and an Earthshaker. As he looked closer, he realized the warrior wasn't actually holding the Keyblades, they were floating around, attacking Heartless and Unversed. As the Heartless were eliminated, they spawned Nobodies occasionally, and some were defeated, but most escaped through the Corridors. He also noticed the warrior was standing there, doing nothing.

    "Aqua dropped her Keyblade. Again," "Sorry Riku, but Roxas and Terra are doing better than I could." The warrior said, as she came over to Riku and Brent. "I'll get back to work now, though." As the warrior approached, Brent realized it was she was a woman. She picked up the Master Keeper, and went off to fight the Heartless, Nobodies, and Unversed.
  2. RE: The Realm Of Darkness

    "Oh I see What you ment now... your having a bit of a problem here at the moment... Let me strike you a deal. Ill stay here and reinforce you with your fight, but in return you will join the rebellion..." Brent says, cautious as to what might be said, or as to what this realm would hold, as other then the regular heartless he has fought before, he has not fought much else. Brent holds out a hand, as if he were making a deal, and that if he could help calm this attack, he could get Riku to actually join the rebellion. "Besides, it seems that even with the power you have at the moment many are getting through." Brent says this as he readies himself for some blood shed.
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    " Yeah, sure, if you can make a dent in their output. Aqua's here because if she leaves, we lose three warriors, her, and the spirits of her friends, and I'm here cause I'm the only one who can reach the Core. But you, I saw what you did in the Badlands. I think you might be able to do something." Riku said, as he dropped down a hole in the ground. "Now get work."
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    As Riku says this, Brent looks over towards Aqua, and sees a nobody straggle by her. Brent runs up to the nobody, who thinking it got lucky to get by, slashes at it with both of his daggers, in a bit of an x motion, leaving a couple of large cuts on it, leaving to most likely die from its wound, and then runs ahead to help Aqua kill more of them.

    (OoC: Sorry for the black text, I just realized it is a bit hard to read, if your using the Dark theme, so Ill use yellow from now on.)

    (Edited by Roxas: I use default theme, so I can't see the yellow on my phone, so I made it red. Good for dark, good for default.)
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    "Thanks..." Aqua said, as she shot a Crawling Fire at a passing Scrapper. A blast of dark fire came from the hole Riku had dropped into, and Riku landed on the ground, somewhat burnt. "Seriously? You've been here for a month? You don't give up, do you?" " It's only been 5 minutes Riku," Aqua said. Brent then realized that Riku looked older than he should. "Oh. Sorry, you know what the Core does to me," he said.
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    "Its alright, it seems you guys needed the help anyways... How long have you guys been here fighting these anyways?" Brent says as he jabs his Key-Spear through a Heartless and a Nobody who were one after the other, and then throws them into a nobody off in the distance. "Anyways, I can see why the help was needed, they dont seem to end"
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    "Until the Core is destroyed, the Heartless won't stop, and therefore neither will the Nobodies, and as long as Vanitas lives, the Unversed won't stop. I just hope I don't grow too old before I can eliminate the Core. I leave the Realm every once in a while, as it makes me a bit younger, plus I need to find Vanitas, so I follow the swarms of Unversed. Aqua saw one bound for Wonderland, but I was in the Core at the time. I think it was, I dunno, 5ish days ago, regular world time." Riku explained to Brent, as a Bruiser went by. Riku then stabbed it with Soul Eater. " Exonius' power reaches even here. If I used Way to the Dawn's true form, the Imperials would be on me in minutes. You see that massive Corridor?" He asks, pointing at a corridor receiving the majority of the Nobodies, but little else. "That one goes straight to the Imperial citadel. In the old labs of the Bastion, Exonius' scientists are making modifications to the Nobodies." "Dusks with wings, Dragoons that can Warp, it's just not natural," Aqua said, as she slashed a Sniper to shreds.
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    "Really.. Then why have you not gotten a party together to go down and wreck the place..?" Brent says as he uses he spear to smash another nobody a few feet away.
  9. RE: The Realm Of Darkness

    Riku laughed. The sound was terrifying. When he had finally calmed down, he said, "You know how time passes quicker down there than up here? Well, that's only what it does for those align with the Dawn or Twilight. We just age quicker, spending time in the Core. We found out the hard way what happens when people who aren't aligned with one of those goes down there. How do you think Exonius got the Restoration Team's Nobodies?" He laughed again, then dropped into the Core again. "I told him too much time in the Core was bad for him..." Aqua commented.
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    ..."And we trust this guy to eliminate the core... The one with the maniacal Laugh?" Brent sort of jokes around like that, as he uses his spear to jab a few more Heartless.
  11. RE: The Realm Of Darkness

    "Yeah, well he wasn't always like this. Oh sure, he doesn't have the best background, but he's always done what he believes is right. When he first discovered the Core, his only goal was to eliminate all the Heartless. I showed him their source, and he went in. I hadn't tried it, luckily, but I still didn't think it was a good idea. He came out, changed. I can't put it any other way. He was still Riku, but he didn't act like he had when I met him on Destiny Islands, he was different. No one, not Sora, not Kairi, no one, could place it, but something was different." Aqua said. She obliterated three Nobodies, then the Wayward Wind and Earthshaker took out three Unversed and three Heartless, respectively. "For some reason, Riku seems to be avoiding a confrontation with Vanitas. I'm not sure why, but I think he has some connection to Vanitas." "He doesn't, so I don't know why," a voice said, as another, that had a similar sound, and also sounded familiar, said, "Brent! Aqua! Run! Get out of here before it's too late!"
  12. RE: The Realm Of Darkness

    Huh? Brent says, turning around to see Xiax and an unknown young man. He follows there advice, and starts running as he fears something big is about to happen.

    Edit: Sorry, I changed it so it works.
  13. RE: The Realm Of Darkness

    "Shut up you worthless trash! I only brought you along because your Nobody might be more cooperative than you," Vanitas said. "Vanitas!" Aqua said, "I see you found a new form. Why don't you go back to where you came from?! No one wants you." "My dear Aqua, your naivete is astounding. I am trying to go back to where I came from, and believe it or not, this wimp is going to help me. Either him or his Nobody, that is," he replied. Aqua froze, her face paling. All of a sudden, Riku shot out of the Core, creating a massive burst of dark energy that Vanitas absorbed. "Thank you Riku. Now, I'll be taking Xiax here down there." As he said this, Xiax and him both disappeared, and then Xiax reappeared, but wearing an ancient suit of Keyblade armour, but it looked organic. "Aqua, get out of here! Riku, Brent, he- wow, this guy's body may be weak, but he has a pretty strong hear- -mour, it's his power source, without it he's pow- -up! I'm trying to get my point across here!" he said, as he and Xiax fought for control of the body. Suddenly the X-Blade appeared in his hand, and an evil grin crossed his face. "Finally, I got rid of that wretch. Now, where was I?" Aqua finally snapped out of her stupor, as Riku yelled, "About to get thrashed!"
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    Brent turns back around as he hears what is going on. He runs up and readies his spear, as he knows his Skeleton Keys wont be enough to break through that armour. "Haha, I said I would stay and help, besides... Remember? Im not leaving without you Riku!" Brent says, joking around a bit as he prepares himself quickly for the fight ahead.
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    Vanitas' X-Blade suddenly changed to become a KeySpear version. Suddenly, he hurled himself through a Dark Corridor. As Riku turned to follow him, Aqua said, "No. This is my fight Riku, I never should have allowed any part of him to continue to exist. I need to finish this, once and for all. For Ventus and Terra," "Aqua," Riku said, You can't do this. You know it, I know you do. You have no idea what risks you're taking doing this. If Vanitas is defeated, we may be able to eliminate almost all the Heartless, and a strong majority of the Nobodies, but who knows if we can even defeat him. He knows how you fight, our only chance is someone who's never fought him. I propose we send Brent into battle. I know it may be difficult, but I'll be right behind you. He's fought Terra, but I'm faster than Terra. I think I have a shot." "I guess you're right," Aqua conceded, "So Brent, are you gonna follow Vanitas, or stay here and let Riku handle it?"
  16. RE: The Realm Of Darkness

    "I honestly think what Riku said is a great Idea, you two have fought him before, so no matter how immensly strong you get he is still going to know your fighting style, and strategy. However If I were to fight him, he would not know my fighting style what so ever, so I would have a much larger chance at defeating him. So if it would be ok with you, I would like to take this fight." Brent Says. "However, If I do go, you may end up getting over whelmed by the large number of heartless and nobody... As well as the universed. So if you can handle what comes out of there by your self, then I will go after Vanitas..."

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