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Rise of the Keys: The Land of Dragons

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Electro, Mar 25, 2012.

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    A world depicting the land of Ancient China, where young men-and occasionally young women-train to become Soldiers for the Imperial Chinese army. This army is a front for the army of Exonius, as the most elite soldiers are inducted into his army, and transported to the Keyblade Graveyard.

    As Brent arrives, a unit of the CIA (Chinese Imperial Army) is marching past, and discovers him.

    (OoC) Sorry this took so long, I had actually sorta forgotten about it, but I'm gonna get it back up and running.
  2. RE: The Land of Dragons

    Brent looks over towards the unit from the CIA and noticed about how he had been discovered. He readii]es one of his small skeleton key daggers, and gets ready to let loose an attack if needed.
  3. RE: The Land of Dragons

    The majority of the company takes little notice of Brent, but 3 stragglers notice him pull the daggers, and realize he could be dangerous, and come up to him to check on this threat. "You there, whaddaya think you're doing? You can't be here, this place has been cut off from the city to protect the citizens. Those creatures have been a real hassle-" one said, before he was cut off by another. "Wait, I've never seen you before, and those creatures just showed up not too long ago." The third one picked up on what he was saying, "This guy must have brought them here. Let's get 'im."

    The three attacked, one on the left, one from the right, and one straight at him, but despite these intelligent tactics, they aren't the best fighters of the army.
  4. RE: The Land of Dragons

    "Haha, you guys really think you are able to take me on?" Says Brent, perhaps over confidently. Ben pulls out the large Key Spear out of the sheath resting on his back, and spins it around to take out the two coming at his sides, then at the one infront of him, he does not knock out, or kill him. Instead, he spears the front of his shirt, and lifts him up in the air. "Haha, this is getting quite boring, just hurry up and tell me where he is..." Says Brent, quite ready to end this before it has even begun.
  5. RE: The Land of Dragons

    As the soldier on the right got knocked back, the left hand soldier ducked, expecting what was coming, but still got hit with the spear. As his comrade was being questioned, he got back up and charged the intruder. Just as he was about to reach Brent, a blast of dark fire hit the ground in front of him. He immediately ran off, and the other soldier, who had taken the full force of the blow, finally got up and left. A voice was then heard. " I'm guessing you were looking for me, Key Wielder?"
  6. RE: The Land of Dragons

    "Hehe, Yeah... Seems your almost as dark as my personality. Im glad to finaly meet you" Brent says in a bit of a sadistic voice. "You see, I am here to... well lets just say recruit you for our team. I have heard of your power, but if I must, I WILL bring you back by force." Says Brent, ready to strike if neccasary.
  7. RE: The Land of Dragons

    "I'm sorry, that's not an option. I would love to join your little rebellion, but I have more important things to attend to," Riku said as he opened a Dark Corridor. As he was about to leave he said, "If you must know what's more important than your puny 'Rebellion', follow me. Otherwise, go tell Sora no. Again."
  8. RE: The Land of Dragons

    Brent, determined not to fail on his mission ran after him through the corridor yelling "Wait!"

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