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Rise of the Keys SU and OOC

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Electro, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. So, if you can't guess from the title, this is a Kingdom Hearts based roleplay, and this is the storyline:

    On the world of Radiant Gardens, a dark plot is unfolding. The Keyblade master Exonius has created the X-blade (pronounced Keyblade) and is using it to take over the universe with his army of keyblade masters.

    Now, seven years later, Keyblades are outlawed, and anyone caught carrying one, other than an imperial soldier, is immediately arrested. The Keyblade masters have gone underground, and are forging new Keyweapons, in order to be able to fight the army of Exonius.

    You are one of the recruits of the rebellion, and are a true Keyblade wielder. You must take missions for the Rebels in order to move up the ranks, and eventually defeat Exonius. I will make a Mission Thread and an RP thread. some missions will require teamwork, others will require Individual work, think 358/2 days.

    Sign-up Sheet
    Name:(your character's)
    Age:(also your character's)
    Gender:(hmm, your characters)
    Appearance:(what your character looks like)
    Race:(human, nobody, heartless, or anything else you can cook up)
    Alignment:(light or dark or neither)
    Favoured Magic:(in this, you only get one spell, sorry, but I don't want my RP to be too complicated, so yeah, whichever KH spell your character uses)
    Keyweapon:(your weapon)
    Home World:(existing or made up)
    Personality:(how they act, and interact with others)
    Backstory:(brief history of your character)
    Other:(anything else I need to know)

    My Character
    Appearance:He has short black hair, is a moderate height, and is of a slim build. He wears dark clothes, and and has black shoes. His eyes are a silverish-grey and he has a scar running diagonally across his left eye.
    Favoured Magic:Gravity(from KH 1)
    Keyweapon:Keyspear: A spear with teeth on either side of the spearhead, and has the Jungle King keychain. It can use other keychains.
    Home World:Originally Twilight Town, but grew up in Deep Jungle
    Personality:He is mostly a loner and prefers to spend time in Deep Jungle as opposed to with others in the base in Traverse Town, but when around others is civilised, though somewhat immature.
    Backstory:Xiax was born in Twilight Town, but his family hid him in Deep Jungle because when he was 7 he summoned a Jungle King Keyblade and knew they had to hide him when Keyblades were outlawed and found that a Jungle King meant he should go to Deep Jungle.

    Accepted Characters:
    Marilyn Rosswind
    Brent Shenstine
    PM any questions.

    Still accepting submissions, if anyone's interested.

    Anyone can make others run into Riku or enemies, but you can't do that to yourself. Occasionally I will make a Rescue Mission while someone is in a mission, and they will be attacked by a massive enemy, and need help from other RPers.
  2. Hope this one turns out better~

    Name: Marilyn Rosswind
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Marilyn has emerald green hair that is cut to just above her ears, excepting a narrow braid which runs down her back to her shoulderblades. She has an elegant, gaunt face with slightly pronounced cheekbones, and is vehemently opposed to wearing any sort of makeup to conceal her features. Her skin is very pale, giving her an almost ethereal appearance. She clothes herself in white fabrics with deep forest green trimming around the sleeves, and wears knee-length shorts of the same style. She is very thin, and only about 5’11”.

    Race: Human
    Alignment: Neutral
    Favoured Magic: Aero (Birth By Sleep era)
    Keyweapon: Poltergeist Voice - Marilyn wields an épée (a type of fencing sword) with the handle highly resembling a skeleton key. Named for its nigh-impossible-to-see speed (as well as significance to her home world), the Poltergeist Voice serves Marilyn’s style of combat well; allowing her to vanquish many a foe in a deadly flurry of swipes.

    Home World: Halloween Town

    Personality: As brief, brisk, and cool as a spring’s breeze, Marilyn is an unforgiving sort of person. She is dutiful and does not tolerate ignorance well, for fear of her companions being put at risk from any small mistake. She holds conciseness, loyalty, and efficiency in high value, and, simply put, once you lose her trust, you will never gain it back. She operates well in teams, though is much more capable when fighting alone without other people to worry about.

    Backstory: When the rebellion surfaced, Marilyn was still incredibly young. For unknown reasons, she was put into a coma from the age of five, and left alone from all civilization underground in Halloween Town. When she awoke, she found that she could recall nothing of her former life; only that she could summon the Keyblade. When an anonymous resident of Halloween Town found her exercising this capability, they directed her to Traverse Town, where she learned of the Rebellion formally. She now forges her own path, working with the Rebellion to end the tyrannical reign of Exonius.
  3. Name: Da Spi
    Age: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: http://img121.imageshack.us/img121/9569/gmsupersizeroom0001.jpg
    Race: He looks human, why not go with that?
    Alignment: N/A or Neutral. Whatever floats your boat.
    Favoured Magic:(in this, you only get one spell, sorry, but I don't want my RP to be too complicated, so yeah, whichever KH spell your character uses)
    Keyweapon: The Revolver-Da Spi wields some time of giant cigarette, but it also appears to have a revolver gun attached to both ends of the weapon. It seems to have a key-type structure, possibly classifying it as a keyblade. There is a button on it that fires the revolvers at both ends of the keyblade within easy reach of the handle. When another button is activated, a knife can be used to back-stab the enemy.
    Home World: Untitled earth-like planet in the 1960's.
    Personality: He seems to be mainly silent, except for yelling out 'Gentlemen' or 'Mentlegen'. He also seems fairly sadistic, and seems to enjoy killing people.
    Backstory: He was created in some freakish mutation of a spy and a monster. He escaped the labs in which he was created to find his destiny. He traveled long, but not too long. He eventually came to a cliff with a rock on it. He excalimed, 'SO DIS IS MAH DESTINY, A RAWK'. The rock gave Da Spi large wings, allowing him to defeat Darth Vader and send him to the moon. He eventually retired and became Batman, which was a great career, but he retired again. He eventually lost his wings. He just seems to be sitting in retirement, waiting for another chance at smexi.
    Other: MENTLEGEN
  4. Name: Lenard
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Black hair with a few strands of cyan colored hair. He has a green eye on his right eye, but his left eye has a yellow iris and all the white is black, much like a Heartless. Has a red vest with a black shirt, red fingerless gloves, and blue baggy pants with green shoes. He is scrawny and is 5"7.
    Race: Heartless
    Alignment: Light
    Favored Magic: Magnet (Birth by Sleep)
    Keyweapon: Soul of Burden: a Gladius sword that is black as night with red jagged edges on the blade. The handle is indigo with yellow dots that resembles small eyes that looks as if it could see inside your soul. It has a Rejection of Fate keychain.
    Homeworld: Originated from Realm of Darkness, was modified in Space Paranoids, and then was abandoned in the Land of Dragons.

    Personality: Incredibly shy around others and tries to fit in. When alone, he ponders as to why they made him this way. He tries to stay devoted to his objective, but will abandon it in order to protect someone in danger. He feels remorse for killing any Heartless.

    Backstory: When Lenard first existed, he was just a lowly Shadow Heartless. However, there was a man who wanted to see if he could make a stronger Heartless. He took him and many other Heartless and had started experimenting. After many trials and errors, he had finally made a Heartless that not only look human, but can also weild a keyblade. He always respond to him as his test subject name: #0632. He had made his body to where it would never age, and had made him do different tests of all sorts. One day however, his assistant had grown pity on the poor heartless and giving him a name and free will. The scientist was not pleased with his protege and killed him and had scraped his project due to Lenard not having the will to fight any more. Lenard was forced to live alone; society would not accept him due to being a Heartless and even his own kind had no pity upon him and had treated him as a human. While sneaking through the alleys, he had heard of a rebellion and wanted to join. He hopes that one day, he can finally be accepted for who he is and not be feared by anyone.
    Other: He has a journal that acts as a diary and sketchbook. Also Afraid of heights.
  5. Umm, Light, great character, and you can still join, you need to have a Keyweapon that ISN'T a Keyblade, although I like your choice of Keychain. So, change that, and your in.

    Fuzzydude, are you ever gonna fix your character? Just wondering so we can maybe have more members.
  6. Name: Brent Shenstine

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: He is a man of about an average height, he has dark green eyes, and Black spikey hair, on a single strand of hair is a Green streak, and he is always wearing nearly skin-tight black leather armour. He has two small sheaths on each leg, ment for holding what seem to be some sort of knife, and a larger sheat on his back, presumably for a larger, bladed weapon.

    Race: Human

    Alignment: Neutral

    Favoured Magic: Stopra

    Keyweapon: Brent has two weapons, one is a set of Skeleton Keys, which are small keys which seem to be made out of the bones of some animal, and are bladed at the end in the shape of a key, albiet much spikier, and a larger bladed weapon on his back, which is sort of a mix between a spear, and a sword, being a long wooden pole with a large blade along one side, and with a large key head at the top, which has an even larger spear head ontop of that.

    Home World: Born in Agrabah, now drifts from world to world.

    Personality: He is kind of silent, but extremely deadly, and hard to befriend.

    Backstory: Brent was mistreated as a child, and ever since he was about 12, he had ran as far as he could go. After drifting from world to world, not really knowing what he should do, although after one day, while running through an alleyway, he heard a rumor from a lonely street beggar that there was a rebellion being formed, and he decided that is where he would go. He would join the rebellion, and finally make something of his life.

    Other: Hard to befriend, and has a bit of a Devious mind, although it usually never shows.
  7. Great character, and I did accept it, just note that there are no different levels of spells, and the only time it matters is if you're using a 358 spell, cause each level is different. So, yeah, your stopra is no different from a stop or a stopga
  8. Alright, thanks for accepting me
  9. Hate to be an ass, but I just want to point out that the "Revival Requests" thread was made for a reason, and this subforum was moved to Inactive Subforums for a similar reason. No worries this time, but please, if you have plans to revive your Roleplay after it dies, use the Revival Requests thread.
  10. I actually hadn't noticed that until after I posted, as I had accessed The Keyblade Graveyard from my threads, and then saw it was in the inactive section, and even then I couldn't remember where Revival Requests was. But, yeah, anyway, sorry for not asking, also, not to annoy, but Phoenix Wright's Mission is the only one progressing
  11. It's fine, no worries~

    It's kind of tough to post back when there is little to go off of from your posts, to be completely honest... but I'll try to get a post up soon.
  12. Ummm, can SOMEBODY post in their mission?
  13. Sorry for integrating my character into Cid's character's mission, but Light hasn't been on since February.
    Also, sorry for double post.
  14. Name:Gainax Page
    Appearance: Gainax has chrome short hair black hair and wears a jet black jacket with crimson red markings on it. His pants are black levis that have been stretched slightly for more free movement. He has calm green eyes and is light tan.



    Favoured Magic:Thunder
    Keyweapon: Volted Cresendo- A weapon resembling the bold double bar line of a music piece. The actual note that runs up the bar is the Hemidemisemiquaver note. It's superb ability is to bring music to serrated-edged notes of blood-red color to slaughter the opponent and high speeds.The handle is a Chrome black and the blade is lustrous gold.

    Personality:Gainax is a really friendly person with his allies. He can get along and protect them when they need it.

    Backstory:He's always wondered why he was chosen to be a Keyblade wielder and why he was always being pushed around to not take it our, EVER! It was just way too sudden for him to be taken into a rebellion especially. He felt such racked nerves and didn't quite understand what they were rebelling and why. He will soon find somebody that will have his answers, Hopefully...

    Other:volted cresendo can become an actual cat named "takun" . Gainax can't stand seeing his friends in huge pain. He goes nuts if one of his friends are killed and goes berserk.
  15. Ookaaayyyy... Sure, I think... (Accepted)

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