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Rise of the Keys: Deep Jungle

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Electro, Apr 19, 2012.

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    A highly vegetated world, that has a massive Treehouse falling into disrepair, an old camp site, and a high gorilla population.

    As Brent walked through the Corridor, he saw he was in a deteriorating, but somehow still majestic, treehouse. In a corner, he saw Vanitas, but something was wrong. The X-Blade Keyspear was stabbed through the armour, not touching his skin, but directly through the armour. Suddenly the armour slipped away, and the original Vanitas reappeared in it, injured, but still smiling. "That was actually amusing. Thank you, Xiax," he said, as he made his way over to Brent. "So, they sent you, huh? I thought they expected more of me." The Dark Corridor disappeared, as Riku, on the other end, was about to step through. "What, you thought I'd fight against 2 of you? Now how is that fair? Now, let's do this!" he finished, as he drew his Void Gear and and viciously swiped at Brent.
  2. RE: Deep Jungle

    Brent jumps backwards as Vanitas swung the Void Gear at him, and Sticks his Spear in the ground, and uses it to swing around, then going forward bringing the spear with him, he swings it over his head to attempt to atleast damage his armour. "He, I see you have cut Riku off from this fight, so it is going to be a bit of a good one I see... I have not had a bit of a challenge in a while. Lets do This Vanitas!"
  3. RE: Deep Jungle

    As Brent was flying at Vanitas, he was suddenly flattened against the ground. "What, you thought that your little 'rebellion' were the only people who could cast spells? I can do everything Xiax can do, and more," Vanitas said, as Brent slowly got up, and ran behind him, slashing him as he ran past.


    "Gravity!" Xiax yelled, crushing Vanitas to the ground. "I got your back, Brent!"
  4. RE: Deep Jungle

    "Ugh..." Brent says while he gets up. Brent thinks (I freaking hate that spell). As he thinks this, he hears a shout from behind as Vanitas is crushed from a gravity spell. As he wonders where that came from, Brent figured this is his chance. He yells "Stopga!" to freeze Vanitas in place, he then runs behind him, and uses his skeleton keys to hop on his back. Then, he starts jabbing them in continously.
  5. RE: Deep Jungle

    As Brent casts the Stopga, Vanitas runs around him, going after Xiax. His Void Gear suddenly turns into a Keyspear version of itself, as he goes to slash Xiax. The shaft of the spear hits Xiax, bouncing off mostly harmlessly, as Xiax rams his Keyspear into Vanitas. "Ugh... How... could this... happen?" Vanitas said, as he slowly disappeared. "You may have originally spawned from Ventus, but you're still a part of me. Return to me..." Xiax said, as he plunges the Keyspear deeper into Vanitas. "MY DARKNESS!" He finishes, as his Keyspear becomes The Keyspear of People's Hearts. Darkness suddenly floods through Xiax and he disappears. Suddenly, the Void Gear, which Vanitas had dropped, begins to attack Brent.
  6. RE: Deep Jungle

    "Whoa... I am not entirely sure what is going on here, but if its a fight you want, you stupid Void Gear, then it is a fight you will get!" Brent pulls the keyspear off of his back, and readies his stance to fight the void gear.
  7. RE: Deep Jungle

    The Void Gear slashes mercilessly at Brent, attempting to disarm or kill, whichever comes first.
  8. RE: Deep Jungle

    "Hehe, almost as if you got a mind of your own?" Brent says as he bats the Void Gear away from him, then he rolls off to the side and readies to continue the same pattern... Its just a weapon, cant have tactics as good as his can it?
  9. RE: Deep Jungle

    The Void Gear suddenly halted in mid swing, and then Brent felt a pain in his lower back. The Keyblade had used Vanitas' common tactic of teleporting while leaving an illusion of himself behind. It kept attacking Brent, heedless of any blows Brent deflected.

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