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Recursion 【OoC Thread】

Discussion in 'Out of Character Discussion' started by Shadow, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. Or rather, the "Strategies To Avoid Dying Soon Thread."

    Current Battle: Floor 001
  2. Kuda, throw your buffs onto Levy pls o3o
  3. Kuda /needs/ a better way of relaying posts or something for Recursion, because as it stands, I'll only be able to update twice a week at the most, and this is far from favorable with the pace this is expected to take. I won't go into best/worst case scenarios here, but waiting five days for an update is... just not I had in mind for this.
  4. Until I stop taking GED classes, I'll be able to log on for a short time on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  5. If need be over the weekend, I'm sure you could text your actions to either Nate or myself.
  6. I can't text Canada and the phone browser hasn't worked for over a week. <_<
  7. As Eebit said, you can text me.
  8. ... Eh, fair enough, but you'll have to tell me where everyone is and what happened and such because of the problem with the browser. Text me if needed, then.

    Take note that the phone is my mom's when you text so she'll probably see it before I do.
  9. Made a small error in my post. Edited to actually math.
  10. Alright, I think the plan is that Levy can go and finish off Jier on her own (she can work her damage output all the way to the max by revolving a full circle around Jier, going B3 - A3 - A4 - B4 - C4 - D4 - D3 - D2 - C2 - B2 - B3 to maximize it).

    I've already had Evisca set up a Tether onto Adel, so it can be focused down as necessary. Wendy can attempt to damage it with a spell (or just Cycle Mana in order to get more of her spells available for use). Kaeld should target Adel with her Dual Wield on top of Evisca's Tether. Ebrethiel can also attack Adel in some capacity.

    I'd prefer not to immediately finish off Adel though, so some of the damage can go onto Khen (sorry flem) this turn. Evisca next turn will be moving to drag Adel into Khen, damaging them both and forcing some form of knockback, triggering the Atmosphere Effects if I'm not mistaken, as it is treated as knockback damage (correct me if I'm wrong here, Shadow).
  11. Knockback damage indeed, just from a very unconventional method.
  12. k posted, sorry for the delay.
  13. @"Kudamon", I'm going to need you to move Kaeld out of the way (anywhere, honestly) before I post, since I'm going to have Evisca drag the three pawns right into the wall in a nice, tangled mass of metal. But I don't want to deal a shitton of damage to Kaeld in the process, so uhh... yeah.
  14. All we need now is for Kaeld to land her two Basic Attacks, and have Levy and Sliaz wait since we don't actually need their damage for a Perfect Kill.
  15. Sliaz might as well also heal Ebrethiel, just for the extra X-Level.

    But yeah, three Perfect Kills and an Overkill. I look forward to our EXP gain!
  16. May or may not post today, at my cousin's but idk how busy I'll be.
  17. need ideas on what to have evisca do pls inform asap
  18. Should I just start this battle like I did the last one
  19. @Eebit once you post I can deal 18 damage to Niente, so it miiiiight be possible to KO it this phase, as long as you Solidify your Tether.

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