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Randomness: Untold Secrets of CrazE

Discussion in 'Creation Station' started by crazE, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. crazE stared at the wall of his labratory. Several minutes passed by as his revelation gave way to words. "I've done it..." crazE mumbled. He felt his dark brown hair, the realization striking him like a hammer. "I've unlocked the secret..." CrazE pointed his palm at one of the lab tables, a blast of mustard launching itself out of his palm. The mustard pummeled everything on the table, having the fragile glass beacers and instruments smash on the floor. CrazE turned and stared at the ceiling. Instantly, the ceiling began to melt, the solid cement becoming a soft liquid. "Astounding!" crazE exclaimed. He pulled his notebook out, writing his observations. He pulled his webcam into view of his face, clicking the start button. The image of himself projected itself onto the computer screen. "Entry log 3,458, day 5,704. I've done it! I have successfully mastered the power to control the random odds of something happening to happen in the aid of the user! This marks the end of my mission, and the start of a new one." CrazE sighed, wiping his face and staring nostalgiacally into space. "What I've done.... What I will do... will be the future. It will be the beginning of a new era where people can change their day to fit them, to help each other to make a perfect Utopia..." CrazE stared directly into the screen, his deep green eyes concentrating on the image of himself. "Well, looks like this'll be the last log for now." With that, crazE cut the transmission, saving it into his logs. He grabbed his suitcase off his desk, not bothering to clean up the mustard mess or think about his ceiling. He felt accomplished, and that's all he needed.

    CrazE headed for the door, reaching for the knob. Suddenly, the door opened by itself, surprising crazE. Five men began shuffling into the labratory, pushing crazE and the door aside. One of the men, looking very dignified in his high-priced suit, stopped midway and turned smiling at crazE. "Well, what do we have here?" He smirked. "I believe I just heard that you... accomplished something. Am I too far off?" CrazE scowled. "I fired you, Malden. Get out of my lab." The man named Malden laughed. "Yes, of course you did..." crazE didn't know what, but something about his tiny italian accent that irritated him. Maybe because of the years of hearing Malden beg to corrupt his discovery. Malden coughed slightly. "Well, now that the ice has broken, I guess it's time to move on to serious business." Malden walked over to crazE's computer, running his black-gloved hand over the surface. "CrazE, or should I call Brian, which in my opinion is a better name. Why pass on a stupid name like crazE in your family? Well, anyway, I have a proposal." Two men picked CrazE by the shoulders and pushed him forward. The two other men stood emotionless by crazE's computer. CrazE spat on the ground, a disgusted look encompassing his face.

    "I've already declined and always will decline your proposals, Malden. They're nothing but evil scams and destructive ideas that don't benefit mankind at all." CrazE spat. Malden laughed, making the four other guys join in a small chorus. Immediately all of them stopped. "Well, consider this one." Malden pulled out a small flashdrive, placing it into crazE's computer. The screen instantly flickered with hacking codes, and in no time data began to download into the flash drive. "You give me the powers you have discovered and to all of my buddies, and we'll let you live." CrazE tore out a mocking laugh. "Malden, if you think you can threaten me, then I am 100% sure that firing you was for the best." Malden smiled slightly. "Oh?" he inquired. CrazE nodded. "Research has been booming since you've left. No more of your stupid military operations, offensive research, and test facilities. My discovery was never meant to harm-" Malden stopped crazE. "But it could! Imagine the possibilities, Brian. Imagine the power that our soldiers could have! Any opposition would be pummeled by whatever the soldiers feel like conjuring up! It would be the most powerful military in the history of mankind!" Malden stopped himself, composing himself from his outburst and fixing his already nicely fit tie. CrazE shook his head. "Malden, the best situation for war is to avoid it, not to get tied into it."

    Malden sighed, staring at the marble floor. The computer bleeped to proclaim itself as completed. Malden looked back up at crazE, their eyes locking. "Goodbye, Brian." Malden sighed. "It would've been nice to have you on my side." Malden pulled a black Colt .45 out of his suit, pointing it straight at crazE. The four men did likewise, pulling out their own pistols. CrazE reacted instantly, his hand outstretching to the computer. The computer exploded, the flash drive conveniently flying straight into crazE's palm. Malden flew backward as the four men tried avoiding the bright sparks. Instantly, all the beacers and other computers in the room exploded, sending glass and metal flying everywhere. CrazE ran out the door in no time flat, making his way down the lit hallway to the elevator. Malden pulled himself off the ground, grabbing his eye. "Grab him!" he yelled to his lackies. Three got up off the ground, the fourth bleeding out on the floor due to glass and metal protruding his body. CrazE clicked on the elevator door on the end of the hallway constantly, hoping the elevator would go faster. bullets ricocheted off the metal doors of the elevator, forcing crazE to retreat to the stairway. CrazE took three stairs at a time as he headed for ground level, his assailants hot on his tail.

    CrazE slammed through the door at the bottom, rushing out into the alleyway. He forced his hands backward, sending trashcans behind him. Unfortunately for the first man on crazE's pursuit, the trashcan pummeled him into the ground, the unmerciful metal crushing his built body. The othet two men pursued without hesitation. As far as they were concerned, Malden would do worse if crazE escaped. CrazE stopped at the end of the alleyway, gasping for breath. Dead end. CrazE turned around slowly, the two men slowing their pace to a steady walk, guns pointed. CrazE put the flash drive into his pocket and raised his hands slowly, smling. "Wipe that smile off your face." one of the men said. CrazE smiled wider. The man growled, taking a shot at crazE. Nothing happened. the man looked at his gun. Nothing was wrong... he took another two shots. Still nothing. The man yelled, unloading his pistol to empty. The other man gasped as the sight. The bullets left the gun, but never made it to crazE. They hung suspended in the air in an impossible anti-gravitational bubble, like God had put strings on the bullets and let them hang. CrazE twitched his finger. The bullets flew back at the very man who shot them, launching him down the alleyway. The other man charged at crazE. CrazE hooked the man right in the face, proceeding with another hook to the stomach. CrazE uppercutted the man, sending him into a backflip onto the ground. CrazE put his palms toward the man, then flipped his palms toward himself and balling them into fists. The concrete suddenly jumped out, impaling the man with a giant concrete spike.

    Malden rushed through the exit door into the alleyway, coughing for breath as blood dripped from his right eye. CrazE looked up at Malden, smiling. "I told you, you can't win, Malden." crazE smirked. Malden smiled back. "Yes I can." Malden's eyes averted behind crazE, nodding. CrazE's eyes turned from bewilderment to shock as he turned around to see what Malden signalled for. A metal blade sliced through crazE's abdoman, the steel shimmering in crimson from his back. CrazE gasped, grabbing his stomach. A faceless mask stared back at him, two black heartless visors staring back at him. CrazE could see his whole life pass through the emptiness of the two eye protectors of this... being. The person pulled his sword out of crazE, stepping back to reveal himself. Nothing but black. A black jumpsuit, black belt, black helmet mask, black gloves, black boots, black sword. CrazE knelt onto the ground, grabbing at the ground to steady himself. He felt the literal life seep out of him slowly, the color of the world beginning to fade into black and white. Another boot came into view of crazE, lifting his chin to have crazE stare up at Malden. "I prevail." Malden said coldly, a wicked smile coming across his face.

    Malden kicked crazE's head back, and being too weak, went with the momentum, his head hitting the ground behind him. CrazE didn't realize he'd fallen back due to his shock until he was suddenly looking up at the sky. CrazE looked down at Malden and the mysterious man, seeing them walking off. CrazE stared back at the empty night sky, feeling total darkness encompass his sight, and then his life.

    Men... I bring you....

    Randomness: Untold Secrets of CrazE!

    This is the official backstory of crazE, told in the way of a novel. I hope you will enjoy this novel as much as I've enjoyed writing it :D

    I will bring all the five chapters I've made before over here soon. For now, I hope you enjoyed this cliffhanger prologue of crazE's older brother ;)
  2. Oh crazE, you so crazE. <3
  3. chapter 1
    I stared at the wall of the classroom, watching an ant scrabble up the wall slowly but surely. The teacher, as usual, was babbling about something I already knew. There wasn't one thing I didn't, actually. My brother taught me everything he knew before I came here. He was a scientist, so him knowing things wasn't a surprise. I wish I could've been able to conduct experiments with him. He told me that one day, me and him were gonna change the world, to reinvent the whole concept of living. That sounded much more interesting than World Geography.

    I sat up, sighing. The classroom was about as stupid as any other classroom; informational and motivational posters, a markerboard with hundreds of words taking up half the whole thing, and an old teacher with a fine wooden desk who always acted like they were too important to answer questions when we all knew they just didn't want to bother with us. I looked down at my usual ceramic desk attached with a web of metal pipes. Several engravings could be found almost everywhere on the desk, with vulgar and profound words all over it. My brother was the smartest and best-funded scientist and I get sent here? I grumbled in my head. What happened to all his money?!

    No sooner was I thinking this that the old bell rang, signalling the end of an educational day. I pull myself out of the desk, walking lazily to the door. Once out to the marble-floored halls, I make a steadily pace towards my locker, luckily close to my class. This was one of the best things I liked about my locker. I could always walk over to my locker and leave in less than a minute. I gratefully thanked the arhitects who build this building just for the spce of the hallways. Someone could drive a Hummer straight down these halls. I laughed at the thought. If only I could do that...

    My body is hurled into my locker, slightly deafening myself from the impact of me and metal on metal. I look up to see the worst kid around- George Gummary. He may have a fancy name, but he was no fancy boy. In fact, I swear he was built from steroids and PCP. The kid had several apparent brain problems to go off and start fight with people constantly and take whatever he wanted. I struggle to my feet as George swings at me. I'm hooked at the jaw, unfortunately, swinging me aorund until I hit the cold marble once again. "Where's your money," George growled, ready to pick my up to my feet only to knock me over. Hilariously though, George forgets some things about me and why no one messes with me. "George," I say, "goodbye." I flicked my fingers outward, which caused a large blast of fire and pressure just above me. Several students screamed and most backed up from my summoned explosion. I stood up, dusting myself off while doing so, and turned around. George lay motionless, stuck in a pile of lockers. I put my finger to his neck, checking his pulse. He was alive.

    I turned to see everyone else. They either were running or staring at me with shocked eyes. I slammed my head onto the locker next to me. Nice going, genius.


    I looked around the principal's office. I honestly can't believe I'm in the principal's office again. I thought this was for elementary students. The place smelt thickly of Frebreeze, and the principal did her best to make her small office looking as elegant as she could be. Cheap woodwork meant for school funds dot the room, such as a wooden lamps, wooden table, wooden desk, wooden knicknacks. And red. Lots of red. She evern bought a cheap rolly chair with red velvet on it, with wood framing. Ridiculous that one woman would want to much red and wood. Then came in the horrid ancient artifact.

    I don't know what it is with the faculty, but they always hire women who are about to die to be their principal. Ms. Leeflang's birth certificate should've expired by now, with a face revealing hundreds of years of age. We have no proof of her being ancient, except that she keeps getting friend requests from dinosaurs. I laughed to myself. She was probably too old to know what a computer was anyway. Wearing a dark red velvet dress, she clacked her way to her desk with the biggest scowl of all scowls. Of course, anyone with fat rolls on their face wouldn't have a hard time doing it. She reached out a splotchy hand and grabbed a folder, looking through it with the biggest serious face I've seen. "Do you know why you're here?" She asked sternly. I nodded. She shook her head. "Of all my days, these are the hardest years as a principal. I never knew I would have to take care of a freak." I flinch at the last word, which was put into emphasis. That was the worst part of Ms. Leeflang. She was racist.

    "Now, I will report this offence to the authorities and have you expelled. I can't have your kind roaming the halls of this school." Ms. Leeflang growled. This was the one thing I dreaded the most. Ms. Leeflang was just waiting for the one moment to strike me down and send me off since she read my report. Every little thing I did, she would exaggerate it and get me suspended or in detention. "What about George?" I say bitterly, although I already know the answer. "George is going to sue you for his injuries, and I will be the witness." she laughed. I shut my eyes tight, the world around me filling with rage. This woman had no affection. Her old heart just couldn't warm up. I opened my eyes and glared at her. All my rage began to bubble in me. I've had enough of this woman. I've been good-natured, I've never hurt anyone. And just because of one piece of info and I'm the bad guy. I shut my eyes again as an imminent explosion was heard. I felt wooden splinters patter my face and whizz by into the wall behind me. I opened my eyes again. The whole wall behind Ms. Leeflang was destroyed, along with her desk. Ms. Leeflang lay on her behind, staring up at me with pure terror. I glared at her with all of my anger. "I'm no different than you." I boomed. I jumped off the chair and broke into the yard of the school, making my way towards home.


    Moments later, I reached the only home I knew; the broken apartment of the neighborhood. I made it up to room 101, putting my key into the lock and opening the door. There I looked around the apartment my brother and I shared. Very small, having a living room about 13 meters wide each way. There was a small hallway to the bathroom and two rooms, then the opening to the kitchen. Carnage sat by the TV, eating some fruit snacks. "Hey Carnage," I say as I walked into the kitchen. Carnage grumbled as a reply, continuing his show like I hadn't even walked in. I began to raid the refridgerator, realizing we had no milk left. "Damnit..." I cursed, closing the refridgerator and walking into my room. There, I sat down on my bed, looking around. My light green walls glistened in the sunset light from my window, which was adorned with plain white curtains. My brown thick carpet turned slightly clayish as the sunset engulfed its color. I sighed, leaning back onto my bed and staring up at the white ceiling. Expelled again. What would my older brother think?...

    I sighed, thinking back. It was perfect a year ago. He promised me to take me to see his new inventions and teach me his new discoveries. I wish he could still do that. Ever since I heard that he was (oddly) stabbed by a sword in an alleyway not far from his lab, and his lab was completely demolished along with all of his recordings, things haven't been the same. I know a surprise, right? I mean, of all the things that could've happened, he ended up losing all his research, and his life. Not only did he lose a lot, so did Carnage and I. Once my older brother was presumed dead, the company instantly shattered, the board funding the facility instantly grabbing for what they could. Then, my older brother's business associate Mr. Malden took control of the facility, buying the whole regiment and even the sponsors.

    I pulled my head up off the bed, looking around the room. Something moved, I swore I heard something move. The room was completely empty, other than my small desk against the wall and my closet full of piles of clothes. Nothing unusual... Except...

    I just noticed it. My curtains billowed from the warm outside air. My window wasn't open. I stood up, looking around. Someone was in the house. "Carnage..." I call, looking around worriedly. Carnage cursed in the living room. "Dangit, you made me miss the best part!" he yelled, getting up off the floor and walking down the hallway. I then noticed it. One movement. What I thought was the wall shifted towards the doorway, but stopped as I glanced over it. Carnage came in through the doorway. "Stop right there!" I demanded, pointing my finger at him. He stopped walking toward me, holding a pouting scowl. "I have no clue what your deal is, but this better be good." he grumbled. "Look at the wall.." I say, motioning with my eyes. Carnage nonchalantly twists his head to the wall. His eyes begin to widen. "uh..... crazE..." he said, backing up. Instantly, the thing revealed itself and jumped at Carnage. Carnage yelled out, sending an energy beam into the mysterious being and launching him into the wall. Carnage ran out of the room to safety. The thing got up out of the wall. It was completely immersed in black. the spit in my throat dried up, making me gag. This wasn't happening. It can't be.

    The being unsheathed a black sword from its strap, pointing it at me while staring through empty black visors. I backed up into my bed, making myself sit down. The being started walking forward, the blade glistening with each step in a brilliant metal orange. I closed my eyes, imagining the biggest explosion I could. There was a large boom, making me open my eyes. My room was trashed, papers and broken wood and debris lined my floor and covered what was left of the walls. The thing lay on the ground, covered in the debris.

    I dashed out of my room, adrenaline pumping in my ears. I found Carnage in a corner holding a ball of energy. "Carnage, let's go!" I yell, opening the door. I saw a swoosh of black coming toward us. Carnage launched his ball of energy into the being, blasting him back into the wall. I grabbed Carnage's arm, yanking him with me as I sprint down the hallway to the stairs. being at the top floor really sucks. I looked back, seeing the black being start in a small run, keeping a steady and gut-wrenching pace. I take three stairs at a time, not bothering with Carnage's complaints of being tugged like a ragdoll. I promised to take care of Carnage.

    We're almost to the second floor when the black being lands on the stairs in front of us. He jumped three flights! He stood straight, blocking the immediate path with a grousome silence. I point my palms at him, yelling out as a powerful blast launched the black being out the wall, falling the rest of the two stories. I panted for awhile, then grabbed the shocked Carnage and kept going. My heart pounded in my ears as I made my way quickly to the front door. I pushed past my two neighbors who were discussing something about the weather and golf.

    The black being waited at the glass doors, his shadow looming through the transparent doors and onto the opposite wall on the inside. My two neighbors stopped talking, staring at the newcomer. One of them started toward him, bewildered. "Excuse me sir," he started, opening the door. A giant piece of steel spiked out from his back, his back starting to turn dark with his blood. The being pulled the sword out of him, kicking him into the lobby. He effortlessly fell to the floor, motionless. My other neighbor grabbed a coat rack, swinging it at the mysterious being. The being grabbed the coat rack, thrusting his sword into him and letting go, turning to see us. I stared in horror as my second neighbor fell to the ground with a groan.

    Carnage screamed, blasting the being backward again. His Red Sox cap flew off his head and out the door from the power, his light brown hair, red button-up shirt and khaki shorts billowing as a straight beam shot from his his palm. the energy dissipated, leaving Carnage panting hard as he fell to the ground. I grabbed him, pulling him to his feet. "We gotta move..." I said, pulling him out the glass door and picking up his hat. Carnage grabbed his hat, pulling it onto his head. I looked back into the apartment. No one survived Carnage's power blasts, especially that kind.

    Then the most shocking thing happened. The dark being pulled himself out of the debris, dusting off and picking up his sword. No marks. No damage. The dark being started forward again. I yelled out, grabbing Carnage tighter and sprinting off again. The black being set itself into a run, following Carnage and I easily, keeping up the pace. Carnage sent another ball of energy at the mysterious assassin. The black being sliced the ball of energy, the two halves blasting into the street. Carnage panicked, running faster. "He can cut my energy balls!" He coughed out as we dashed down another street. The black being caught up easil, slicing at my back. I felt a hot sting in my back as I heard the tear of clothes. The black being got me in the back, but I had no time to yell out or retaliate. Outrunning him was my dominant priority. The black being was right on my heals though, not even skipping a beat. I started to slow down, sweat flying off my forehead. Carnage was slowing dramatically, tripping over himself. I started to think rationally. What should I do?

    I did the craziest thing I've ever done. I dropped onto the ground, rolling on the concrete as I felt the hulk of the black being hit my body, then seing the black blob fly forward and crash into the ground. Carnage stopped ahead, looking back at my with wide eyes. I got up, running around the black assassin and catching up to Carnage. Carnage was still looking down at the black being. "He's getting back up..." he gaped. I didn't want to look, my eyesight blacking out with multicolored stars from the exhaustion. I grabbed Carnage. "Let's keep moving." I said, pulling Carnage as I ran forward down the street.

    I knew the black being watched us until we were out of sight. I knew he wouldn't stay down long if he could withstand Carnage's blast.

    The sky turned a deep violet as Carnage and I stopped in front of the closed labratory. My brother's old labratory, now the only place I know that's safe. I trudge over to the alleyway, testing the door. Unlocked, as usual. I looked back over to the ground in the middle of the alleyway. Flashbacks of seeing my brother's body laying motionless here cursed my thoughts, holding on to every thing I tried to distract myself with. My eyes began to sag, and my mind began to buzz. Sad memories and a tiring day had drained me. "C'mon Carnage," I called tiredly, opening the door all the way. Carnage skuttled in, starting up the abandoned stairway. I closed the door, heading up the stairs myself.

    At the top floor, Carnage charged through the hallway to the door on the left at the very end. The hallway would've been empty had it not been for emergency power that they forgot to turn off. Carnage tried the door handle. It seemed to be locked by his efforts. I walked over, trying the handle. Yup, locked. I focused on the inside of the keylock, then an explosion. I heard a small boom and I looked down. the knob had smoke coming from the keyhole. I tried the handle. The door swung open easily. I instantly noticed the ceiling. The cement seemed to have melted down toward the floor, because a huge cement pillar came from the ceiling to the floor, and it definately didn't look artificial. A thick scent of mustard wafted through the air along with a thin hint of sanitaries and mysterious smells of experiments. What was my brother doing in here? I yearned to learn his research. What could he possibly have created after all these years?

    Carnage settled down on the table, leaning back on it and sighing with relaxation. "I miss my bed.." he groaned. I sighed, sitting down and leaning back on the table Carnage layed on. "Me too..." I whisper. I thought back to the black assassin, who we left laying on the concrete. Who was he? What did he want? I felt my back, which still stung. I pull my hand into view. I was definately bleeding. Luckily, it was a small laceration. I leaned back into the counter and closed my eyes, drifting into a silent slumber.


    I woke up to the sound of beeping. I thought it was from my dream, until my dream ended and the sound continued. I looked around, trying to locate the sound. It still seemed distant. I wouldn't have noticed the sound until everything was silent. I started to think more on it. How long would it have been beeping? I looked around a little, listening intently. There, in a cabinet door by the wall. I struggled to my knees, crawling toward the cabinet. I tried the door, hearing the unsuccessful clack of metal on the lock. I sighed, leaning back. I looked down at my white T-shirt and dark blue jeans, trying to come up with an idea. I turned to look around. My foot hit the side of the table Carnage layed on, and I heard a small clink of a key. I turn and notice the source of the sound, which was in fact a small key. I grabbed it, turning toward the cabinet.

    I inserted the key. A perfect fit. I turned the lock, opening the door. There, sitting on a shelf, was a notebook laptop. I grabbed the small portable computer, standing up and placing it on the counter over the cabinet. The power button faded in and out with a green light, the source of the beep apparent. I turned to look around. Carnage still slumbered on the table, and not a thing seemed to live other than them in the room. I glanced back at the computer, holding my finger over the button.

    Should I press it? What would be in store on this small laptop? Could it be a message for my late brother? My hesitation didn't last long. I find a computer in the cabinet of my brother's lab and I'm not gonna just leave it there. I press the start button, watching the loading screen start up. A moment later the screen turned black, then a familiar face appeared on the screen.

    "Hello, crazE. Or, what you will be called." My brother said, nodding.

    If you notice well enough, my writing skill a year ago sucked XD

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