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Puella Magi ~ Magic World (OOC)

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by The Kakuzato, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. The RP has officially started. As of right now, just introduce your character.

    My placement of Hachibey was simply to show him as being a character, I would prefer, or rather, implore that you not use him for the time being.

    Also, please note that this RP is best used in ZEJ Dark because light-colored text will ensue.
  2. Err Vero... Normal people shouldn't even be supposed to know about Puella Magi. So... yeah. Just saying.
  3. Ah, sorry, I never seen any of the shows. I'll change my post.
  4. Quoting from the OP of the first post...

    (anime can be watched here if needed)
  5. Okay people, with this newest post, I kinda want everyone to come together to fight this witch. Remember where this witch is in relation to New York City. For those who are new to Puella Magi, I would like you to know that soul gems have a magical reaction to the witches' barrier. This reaction is much like that of a metal detector, so it will pretty much guide you to the witch.
  6. Cool, I've been wanting to know if this was the case, actually. Will work on my psot now and will hopefully have it up before I go to work.

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