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Pokémon X and Y

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Lord X-Giga-X, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. That's right folks! As of 6am EST today, Gen VI has officially begun.

    A special Nintendo Direct has revealed Pokemon X Version and Pokemon Y Version for the Nintendo 3DS, set for a worldwide release October 2013. The trailer shown of the game revealed the first 5 of the new Pokemon we'll be seeing. The starters:

    And the mascot legendaries (I assume)

    And here's the trailer:

    So... yeah... Now we just wait for the time we can enter the region of... Paris?
  2. RE: Pokemon Gen VI


    Seriously, Nintendo?

    on a less cynical note OMG THAT FIRE STARTER <3
  3. RE: Pokemon Gen VI

    X and Y. GENES. Eevee seen in statue at around 42. EEVEE GENETIC POKEMON. Eevee important to the story?

    Oh and after watching the trailer for the hundredth time, I noticed that those two last pokemon are Y-shaped and X-shaped.

    Also, that last pokemon has an X in its eye.

    This I saw somewhere:
    First 3D pokemon.
    3rd dimension:
    Y=Height=Flying pokemon
    X=Width=Land pokemon
    Z=Depth=Sea pokemon
  4. RE: Pokemon Gen VI

    To reiterate something I relayed to Giga yesterday that I got from another forum,

    "Speculation material: new character in the anime owns an Eevee. Genesect film has an intro minifilm starring Eevee. There have been Eevee promotions recently. The official Pokémon Twitter just tweeted "Trivia time! How many possible evolutions of Eevee are there?".

    New Eeveelution?"

    Slightly disappointed, though. Don't have anything against this region yet, but I'd rather have the RSE remakes.


    Didn't it look like Fennekin used a Psychic-type move on Kirlia?


    also, *goes to draw fanart of that thing*

    Edit 2: ... Roller skates instead of a bike? XD
  5. RE: Pokemon Gen VI

    Yes Flaem's speculation was pretty much spot on on the count of the XY thing (speaking of, Muddy, same thoughts occured to me today in Maths class lol; ofc I snuck out of class and headed straight to the library where my laptop was to check up on this).

    But actually speaking? I don't mind that we have no RSEmakes (Hoenn's Pokémon in general I liked but the game/region I was not so particularly fond of), but I sure am glad we got something good.
  6. RE: Pokemon Gen VI

  7. RE: Pokemon Gen VI

    If thats a Princess Mononoke referrence I swear....

    Naming the fire starter V for AoF purposes. Well, its close enough, no? Sadly I don't own and probably will never own a 3DS so this game is literally out of my reach. Hopefully come October, somebody can occupy my time in college with X/Y.
  8. RE: Pokemon Gen VI

    oh fuck oh fuck OH FUCK

    [01:46] Shadow I don't know if you've heard of this
    [01:46] Shadow But I found something interesting
    [01:46] Keileon ???
    [01:47] Shadow In Norse mythology, there's this thing called Yggdrasil. I don't know the details really, but it's basically this immense tree which holds nine worlds of sorts.
    [01:48] Shadow The creatures that supposedly inhabit it are eagles, deers and dragons
    [01:48] Keileon I know what it--
    [01:48] Shadow Sound familiar?
    [01:48] Keileon Oh fuck.
    [01:49] Keileon Yeah, I know about Yggdrasil, it's included in both the Digimon franchise and stuff I've read
    [01:49] Keileon But like
    [01:49] Keileon wait wasn't the sword deer in front of a tree
    [01:49] Shadow Exaaactly
    [01:49] Shadow inb4inb4inb4
    [01:49] Keileon ^
    [01:49] Keileon Calling Z dragon
    [01:49] Keileon RIGHT NOW.


    [01:55] Keileon k looking at sword deer pic
    [01:55] Shadow Pretty smooth gif.
    [01:55] Keileon And that is one huge tree
    [01:55] Keileon So it's definitely plausible
    [01:55] Shadow Yeah
    [01:55] Shadow MOREOVER
    [01:55] Shadow The glowing horn things look like gimmicky branches
    [01:56] Keileon That is exactly what I thought
    [01:56] Keileon Though it could also be roots
    [01:56] Keileon Wait
    [01:56] Keileon Roots
    [01:56] Keileon Imagine the shape if the deer is looking down
    [01:56] Shadow Guardian of the <insertpokemonadaptation> Tree?
    [01:57] Keileon Perhaps!
    [01:57] Keileon But yeas
    [01:57] Keileon *yeah
    [01:57] Keileon wtf
    [01:57] Shadow While I find myself liking Y better, X's design is awesome too.
    [01:57] Keileon ^
    [01:58] Keileon Look at the deer's shoulders
    [01:58] Shadow It gives me the Reshy/Zekrom effect
    [01:58] Keileon Now imagine the antlers facing down
    [01:58] Shadow It looks like a goddamn root, yes
    [01:59] Keileon Unless its front legs are spread, that's the only way it'll look like an X
    [01:59] Keileon WAIT
    [01:59] Keileon YATAGARASU
    [01:59] Keileon khidkjdbdidvb v
    [02:00] Keileon I think they're combining Japanese mythology with Norse
    [02:00] Shadow COME TO THINK OF IT.
    [02:00] Shadow Y's tail looks like a hand
    [02:00] Keileon YES EXACTLY
    [02:00] Shadow (both of its wings also do, but yeah)
    [02:00] Keileon So instead of Deer/Eagle/Dragon
    [02:01] Keileon Qilin/Yatagarasu/Dragon
    [02:01] Shadow While keeping the Norse mythologic aspect intact
    [02:01] Shadow VERY FUCKING CLEVER.
    [02:01] Keileon Yes
    [02:01] Keileon Yes indeed.
    [02:01] Shadow GameFreak, you outdid yourself. First BW. Then this.
    [02:02] Shadow Now watch the dragon be something japanese mythology-related
    [02:02] Keileon ^
    [02:03] Keileon The only legends that immediately come to mind are chinese tho
    [02:03] Keileon LOL
    [02:03] Keileon THE PLANAR AXIS
    [02:04] Keileon We got our XYZ connection!
    [02:04] Shadow Of course the planar axis theory could be just a coincidence, but if Pokemon somehow makes a Dragon/Water legendary to connect /three/ different concepts I'll jsut ttinhnk ill mdikgfvnslvfgnradsfoqpsdkfoqkrgdrqg


    [02:20] Shadow I
    [02:20] Shadow Wonder what Obligatory Evil Team will be in that
    [02:21] Keileon Hm
    [02:21] Keileon Well
    [02:21] Keileon RSE plot and evil team centered around the weather trio
    [02:22] Keileon DPPt evil team /technically/ centered around lake trio
    [02:22] Shadow I
    [02:22] Shadow Can see something related to the whole genetics deal
    [02:22] Shadow Even though that was TECHNICALLY explored in BW with Genesect
    [02:23] Shadow If genetics is A Thing, of course
    [02:23] Keileon BW1/2 centered around the Tao trio, more specifically Truth/Ideals and two heroes, but ALSO the concept of shades of gray
    [02:23] Keileon shadow
    [02:23] Keileon holy fuck
    [02:23] Keileon genesect has a new form that was revealed
    [02:23] Keileon but you can't get it in gen V
    [02:23] Keileon Connection?!
    [02:24] Shadow Wow. WOW. I had completely forgotten about that.
    [02:24] Keileon Nintendo HAS pulled that shit before
    [02:24] Keileon Namely HgSs events in BW
    [02:24] Shadow So like
    [02:25] Shadow Genetics + Norse Mythology + Japanese Creatures + Planar Axes

    On that note,
    "Zennyo Ryūō 善如龍王 "goodness-like dragon king" was a rain-god depicted either as a dragon with a snake on its head or as a human with a snake's tail." (Wikipedia)

  9. RE: Pokemon Gen VI

    Funny thing was that in the thread on DCF for this, one person made a comment that everyone would probably name their Fennekin "Firefox". Most likely obvious sarcasm, but lol

    ... Although because of this, I'll probably name mine Mozilla. XD

    *reads Kuda's spoiler* HOLY SHIT! O____________O
    If that's really what they were going for then... omg, that's awesome!

    EDIT: Well well, their names have been revealed. Xerneas and Yveltal.
  10. RE: Pokemon Gen VI

    Damn it I was just about to post that myself.

    Interesting names... *goes to look into origin*

    Edit: Damn it, Bulbapedia!

    Only thing that comes immediately to mind is "Yveltal" looks a bit like it could be related to "quetzal", a type of bird...
  11. RE: Pokemon Gen VI

    Notice: Yveltal is fricking awesome.

    Despite my cynicism of Gen V, I'm eager to see this Generation. Especially since it seems they're improving the view on battle.
  12. RE: Pokemon Gen VI


    Looks like Shadow and I are right.

    EDIT: "Also, phonetics say that Norse influence is confirmed. Holy shit, this is awesome. " -- Afti


    Edit 2: Fanart, but epic.
  13. Like we'd expect CoroCoro to reveal anything we didn't know now. But DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE, check out that artwork!

  14. http://kotaku.com/5975396/this-nerdy-explanation-for-pokmon-xy-might-blow-your-mind

    Um, wow?
  15. Possible, but one hell of a stretch.
  16. I thought I replied to this thread, well I better do so now. The fire starter looks awesome, so does the grass type. I really don't think I'll be buying the game though, not for a while at least for two reasons. The first reason is that it hasn't come out yet. Secondly, I was disappointed with Pokemon White.

    This one looks way better though.
  17. Are you kidding? Gen V was arguably the best region overall, in the opinions of many users here. XD
  18. Gen 2 is still the best region, but I think I can say that Gen V-1 and V-2 (especially the latter) were pretty amazing. =P

    But, the germ-layer theory isn't that farfetch'd - the endoderm differentiates especially into the tube-like systems. You know, the ones that can be rearranged into Zs!
  19. Not enough to do, sorry. Despite 16 gyms the whole game was boring and buggy. I didn't bother to actually buy a game until RS came out.
  20. As if it wasn't obvious before, Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie have been confirmed to be pure-types. Thank you for pointing that out even though you didn't really need to.

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