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Pokemon BW 2?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Electro, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. Okay, if no one else is going to bring it up, I'll say it. Nintendo are making new Pokemon main series games: Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2. Now, There isn't much to go on, but from what I can tell, there gonna take place not much after the original Pokemon Black and White, most likely in Unova, and have something to do with combining Kyurem with Reshiram/Zekrom. I'm saying they'll take place after the originals, because Black 2 has Zekrom/Kyurem combination, and vice-versa for White 2, as opposed to Zekrom on White and Reshiram on Black. I'm guessing Ghetsis recaptures, the Zekrom in Black 2 and Reshiram in White 2, finds Kyurem, and does some experiments in the Team Plasma "abandoned" lab, creating the pokemon *cough*abominations*cough* seen in the artwork. Anyone that has anything else to say on the subject, be it theories, opinions, etc., feel free to post.
  2. Don't forget, there's a rumor that Kyurem is the carcass of the pokemon that split to become Reshiram and Zekrom. This is probably JUST the "Third Version" like Crystal or Emerald.
  3. Except that there are two, White 2 And Black 2, making a third and fourth version.
  4. For that to work, Ghetsis has to find N first, because N left Unova with Zekrom/Reshiram at the end of the main story of BW. Then, he'd have to actually TAKE the dragon from N. And tbh, I'd like to see how that works out, considering that last we heard of him in BW, he lost all of his Pokemon (yay, no more ass Hydreigon).
  5. Oh, I must have missed the that part, or I just forgot, sorry. Although, if he could find and capture Kyurem, it could be possible.
  6. Just two more great games joining the great 3DS lineup. I think I might buy a 3DS after I have a substantial amount of Wii U games. :D To be honest, I'm not a big fan of most of the Pokemon introduced in the past few years, and the first and second gens are still the best in my book, but that's just my opinion. As for what exactly the two new version are, maybe they're just like Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum were for their respective gens, but this time they've decided to make two different versions. Or maybe they just couldn't think of a better name than Pokemon Gray. lol. ...But really, Pokemon Gray sounds kind of cool, just not as cool as Pokemon Black or Pokemon White.
  7. ... Yeah... except the games are for the DS... You should still buy a 3DS regardless.
  8. Firstly,


    Secondly, I doubt that these are just going to be the Pokémon Grey equivalents; most of what I've heard suggests they are full blown sequels as opposed to an enhanced version - which makes me particularly interested in what GAMEFREAK are up to.

    I love how people on the internets are freaking out about B2W2 being on DS; to me it seems like a logical commercial decision.
  9. Well, whatever it is, we're likely to find out in a few days, because CoroCoro does stuff like that.
    Though, tbh, I'm also seeing these as sequel games. Still, of course, we've got a few CoroCoro issues ahead of us (April issue this month, May issue next month, June issue in May and then the July issue in June which would probably be useless to us depending on when the game is actually released) to get the basic info about these games.
  10. I didn't mention this before, but they're to be released this June in Japan.
  11. Interesting. Wouldn't that also mean there'd be yet another forme? One where the three return to their 'original' state: a single being?
  12. Not necessarily. If so, it's probably just a more lively-looking Kyurem.
  13. Wow, they could possibly stretch unova into 5 main series games, without remakes.
  14. ... Oh, of course, CoroCoro is pretty much just refreshing on what we already know (which is almost nothing), and clarifying the fact that it's an all-new adventure. Yay.

    .... Although, the artwork of Black and White Kyurem got a bit of an update, considering those tubes weren't there before...

    And apparently, event Keldeo unlocks something in these new games. Unless they pull a "Secret Sword event" on us in BW2, I have no idea what it could be.
  15. The tubes just make experimentation look more likely.
  16. Official site got updated with the new Black/White Kyurem artwork and box art.
    Link: http://www.pokemon.co.jp/ex/b2w2/

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Now if only we could get some screenshots...
  17. Never really liked the idea of Black and White 2. I dunno, it just seems...out of place. I was actually hoping instead for an R/S/E remake.
  18. I think a lot of people are taking the wrong idea with how B2/W2 are going to work. There's a boatload of fools arguing about how it's going to be a port of Black and White still. Seriously. What. I can see where they're going with a full-on sequel, though. B/W totally left the door open for one (and for those who haven't beaten/played it, I'll leave out the why. To those who have beaten it... you know why. roflroflrolfrolf), and it's still a DS game. It's still a DS game. That fits it more since it's a direct suitor in my opinion, and no game needs 3D to be good. Plus, it leaves the door wide-open for a "completely" original outing or two to be released on the 3DS in time.

    Complainers b complainin', really. That's all the arguments come down to with these games... and all the others. I'm sure it'll play just fine, all you cotton-headed ninnymuggins, and the story probably won't be so bad either, considering they'd go out of their way to develop an all-new sequel and all. (Well, you know, not-so-bad for Pokemon, etc. =P)

    I'm looking forward to whatever further developments are released that related to this project.
  19. Anyone tired of the lack of BW2 info? Well, I have good news for you!

    New 3DS covers shown on Amazon Japan has revealed the typing of the new Kyurem formes: Dragon/Ice. Like we didn't see that coming, but still, that's something...

    Way too little info, I know, but that's not all. On April 8th, Pokemon Smash is going to be revealing some BW2 info. So pretty much, next month, we're finally going to actually learn something about these games. Yay!
  20. Thread's dead, so I shall revive it with this:

    The Kami trio has new formes! That's... interesting...
    And really weird...

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