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PMD ~ Destiny Squadron 【OoC Thread】

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Shadow, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Hello, there, Shadow here bringing a Roleplay!

    This Roleplay is based on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, a "spin-off" of the Pokemon series, in which the player himself/herself is transformed into a Pokemon depending in the results of a Personality Test and then dropped to a world where only Pokemon live. This is, in fact, my fourth and hopefully final attempt at Destiny Squadron, which is now revamped into the increasingly popular "Statistical Roleplay" form. This was initially a vague idea of mine that originally crossed my head several months ago before I completely forgot about it, but it was Kuda (Jason) who impulsed me to recreate Destiny Squadron. While many Systems are completely new to you Statistical RPer's, they are actually very easy to grasp, and you'll surely understand anything after the Tutorial Mystery Dungeon.

    There are EIGHT open slots in total, with FOUR Human slots now (There is actually just two left, crazE and Kuda get special reservations); so it becomes possible to assemble five teams of Human-Pokemon, which greatly reduces the character count to 10. However, if you already have plans to form a team between two characters of your creation, it's fine, but please recur to other Roleplayers if you can as it is going to considerably lessen characters to manage for Kuda and me. If you happen to agree with someone else on this matter, PLEASE state who in the application PM you are going to send to me, to make sure both fully agree on the matter. Also, for Human characters, whoever who wants to apply for one state it so in this Thread so others can know whenever the spots are taken. As for Profiles, do NOT post them right away in the Profile Thread. I will say when and how you are posting them, so save the accepted Profile somewhere. Finally, I'm only allowing Human-Pokemon Squadrons, with no exception to this rule.

    So, without further ado;

    Shadow presents... Pokemon Mystery Dungeon ~ Destiny Squadron!​

    ~ Roleplay Slots ~

    ~ Squadron #1 ~

    One: Shadow [Shadow - Charmander / Torrent - Totodile]

    ~ Squadron #2 ~

    Two: crazE [Blaze - Growlithe / Flare - Vulpix]

    ~ Squadron #3 ~

    Three: Kudamon [Volos - Axew]

    Four: Lord X-Giga-X [Xinbo - Sigilyph]

    ~ Squadron #4 ~

    Five: Flimzy [Muss - Abra]

    Six: The Kakuzato [Soto - Farfetch'd]

    ~ Squadron #5 ~

    Seven: Flamezone [Flame - Litwick]

    Eight: TheFallenOne [Aisha - Pichu]

    Nine: Eebit [Totem - Natu]


    Alright, since ZEJ moved to a new domain, I'll want everyone to post their Profiles in the order I specified in the previous OoC Thread. I reordered the Roleplay Slots above so you know who needs to post after who.
  2. RE: PMD ~ Destiny Squadron [OoC Thread]

    If I recall correctly, we're just waiting on Giga and Kuda/Flimzy, Nate, and Vero to do their respective C-Abilities before we can get this baby going... C'mon guys, stop holding us up! :p
  3. RE: PMD ~ Destiny Squadron [OoC Thread]

    Me and Jase started working on ours on July 30th. I PM'd him what I had (like 70%-80% of completion) for him to finish that same day, and today's the 3rd.... so.... yeah....
    Jase, you done yet?
  4. RE: PMD ~ Destiny Squadron [OoC Thread]

    Haven't gotten the chance to fully work on it but I'm doing that right now.
  5. RE: PMD ~ Destiny Squadron [OoC Thread]

    Yeah... Look how much this has been delayed. Please hurry up so we can start.
  6. RE: PMD ~ Destiny Squadron [OoC Thread]

    Alright, everyone, this is an official "Rollcall". Everyone who STILL wishes to participate in Destiny Squadron should post saying so. AND Flimzy/Nate/Vero must finish their C-Ability ASAP. We should be starting this very soon.
  7. RE: PMD ~ Destiny Squadron [OoC Thread]

    Still in, still ready to win.
  8. RE: PMD ~ Destiny Squadron [OoC Thread]

  9. RE: PMD ~ Destiny Squadron [OoC Thread]

    Vero come on IRC for more than 2 minutes sometime and we'll be able to talk this stuff out.

    (here btw)
  10. RE: PMD ~ Destiny Squadron [OoC Thread]

    I honestly thought this rp died, well I'm still in.
  11. RE: PMD ~ Destiny Squadron [OoC Thread]

    *resists the urge to make a "not in" joke*

    Yeah, still in.
  12. RE: PMD ~ Destiny Squadron [OoC Thread]

    Debated that for just a little a while back because I realized it was a fan SP, and we all know how much I like fan stuff. Well regardless I'm still a part of this. Something about accepting the challenge to play a guy that can do nothing but teleport(Unless I get a TM I guess...)
  13. RE: PMD ~ Destiny Squadron [OoC Thread]

    Still in but I have very unreliable internet right now.
  14. RE: PMD ~ Destiny Squadron [OoC Thread]

    I'm here.
  15. RE: PMD ~ Destiny Squadron [OoC Thread]

    I might not be able to continue, for one reason is because I am not getting on the internet that much since I started High school. So if it okay, I have to resign.

    @Kakuzato and Flimzy. Sorry, but I have to quit that means you have to make a Combo with only your characters.
  16. RE: PMD ~ Destiny Squadron [OoC Thread]

    Okay then, I had your profile removed. Sorry to hear, Vero.
  17. can we please start this already

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