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PSA Page Templates

Discussion in 'The Manaverse Wiki Project' started by Lord X-Giga-X, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. We would need one at this point, but beyond maybe origin, idk what we would put into it...

    Also, succession box sounds like it'd have some good use on this wiki. Like I can think of two uses for it for myself.
    so who wants to be the lucky person who will set this up
  2. Looking at the Planet template... is it worth having "Notable Residents" being a subsection of "Inhabitants"? It doesn't seem as though there is any purpose in having the Inhabitants section at all since nothing actually goes under there (or at least, nobody has put anything there yet). Just having Notable Residents seems to be sufficient.
  3. Inclined to agree.
  4. I guess now that we're starting to get more up on the Wiki for plots/canons, this is the template we'll be following...

    ===Roleplay Introduction===
    ===<divide further into chapters/major events>===
    ==Dramatis Personae==
    ===Supporting Characters===

    We should probably get around to polishing things up with the Countries/Continents templates, as well... Also, was it decided how we planned to handle "Notable Characters" on the planet pages?
  5. Update to the Planet Infobox. There are four additional parameters now: Radius, Gravity, Orbital Period and Rotational Period. The formatting is as follows:

    Radius: in r(S), where r(S) denotes a "Standard Radius". The point of comparison here would be Terra, measuring 1.00 r(S) in radius.

    Gravity: in g, where g denotes a "unit" of surface gravity, with planets like Terra and Euthora possessing 1.00 g (i.e. ~9.8 m/s^2).

    Orbital Period: in d, where d is a "standard" 24-hour day. For worlds with day lengths below or above 24 hours, use d(X), with X being the world's shorthand (at most, a two-letter abbreviation).

    Rotation Period: in h, where h is a 60-minute hour.
  6. I was thinking about the planet template the other day, and I had a thought about how we list the "major canons" that are set on the planet... but we don't really have anywhere that states the plots that are set on the planet. After all, not every plot is annexed to a canon, necessarily (Fate/Lunaterra, "Rinul CP" [the status of which is a bit dubious], etc). And that some canons have plots that take place all over the Manaverse -- for instance, Finite Eternity (if it can be referred to as a canon at this point -- not sure what Zio has in mind?) has Hollow Reflection taking place on Vansyr, but I'd assume that won't always necessarily be the case.

    So maybe we could stand to add a "Plots" section to the planet template / each planet's page? It could be added where the "Notable Residents" section is now... we'd have to rename that section from "Inhabitants" but I figure that it'd be a good way to put that section to better use.

    For Euthora, it might look something like this:
    ==[Section Header]==
    *Cult of Ustream
    **Season One
    **Season Two
    **Dying God
    **Hunt of Fire
    **Silverclaw, Forsaken
    ===Noteworthy Inhabitants===
  7. Putting this here so we have a resource for it and don't have to bother Shadow

    Monster Threat Level:
    -- Harmless: O
    -- Minimal: F
    -- Very Low: E
    -- Low: D
    -- Average: C
    -- Moderate: B
    -- High: A
    -- Very High: S
    -- Extreme: SS
    -- Terminal: SSS

    Monster Rarity:
    -- Common: C
    -- Uncommon: U
    -- Scarce: S
    -- Rare: R
    -- Very Rare: RR
    -- Extremely Rare: RRR
    -- Unique: Q

    Conservation Status: real-world scale is used

    [02:18:58] Keileon And as I recall this isn't just based on their ability to be a threat, but also disposition and other factors that contribute to likelihood?
    [02:20:24] Shadow Yes. Rather, you should think of it as a way of measuring both "immediate threat" and "projected threat"
    [02:20:40] Keileon Although the only creatures that come to mind where that's relevant were recently classed as paraorganisms rather than monsters
    [02:22:20] Shadow Well, for all intents and purposes, just take immediate threat into consideration, unless there's some very special circumstances that would let something be ranked higher or lower depending on other factors

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