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PSA Page Templates

Discussion in 'The Manaverse Wiki Project' started by Lord X-Giga-X, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. Hey Giga, do you think you could look into implementing a drop-shadow (as seen on Starr's Pirate Radio Wiki's infobox) into the "Box Title" section of our infobox? I think it'd look spiffy.

    Edit: Actually, I quite like the look of her infobox there. Do you guys (general question) want to adapt it for our Wiki? Or do we prefer the current infobox in terms of aesthetics?

    E2: To clarify, I mean the rough layout and the aesthetics. The colours and fields would be changed and adapted for our needs, and we could probably stand to have a place for the "crests" of the different planets, but the shape and general aesthetics are pleasing to the eye.
  2. Give it rounded corners and I'm down.
  3. Took me a while to figure out how to get it to work without it looking really ugly. Actually had to search up stuff on table border styles to find something that would work (and found a bunch more in the process). Might implement it to the template's primary table and maybe even the quote box template (removing the Color2 parameter in the process).

    EDIT: Bit of misunderstanind, but I eventually figured it out. Again.
  4. So in case you haven't been paying attention to Recent Changes, I have finally figured out how to pull of something long requested. Within the Infobox Character template is a Planet Icon parameter (will soon be renamed Icon) which allows for an opaque planet icon to be placed within the "background" of one of the tables of the template. All that work figuring out how to pull it off has finally paid off!

    Now then, two things I highly recommend if you ever use this parameter. First, stay at a size of 150px. Second, add link= to the image syntax, but do not provide any information. So basically, it should look like this:
    [[File/Image(either works):whatever.idc|150px|link=]]

    I also think the planet icons themselves should be uniform in size. And preferably not as big as the icon for Vindrgard. Like I can understand them being somewhat big, but I think 1577x1597's kinda pushing it.
  5. To be fair the Vindrgard icon is big because 1. easier to resize and 2. I'm not even the one who made it, you can thank Aki for that.
  6. I do think the Vindrgard icon is difficult to deal with in that it has a lot of small details that won't resize well to a 150px size.

    As I've discussed in chat, when I get around to vectorizing its icon, I'm just going to be using the inner part without the Ouroboros around it. The 'spine' of the Ouroboros has a lot of small protrusions that will prove difficult to translate well. I think it makes the most sense to keep the icons visually discernible, yet distinctive, and I feel that the inner part fills that role the best. Is that still okay with you @Keileon ?
  7. Yeah, that's fine. The full design will likely be a flag of sorts, just incorporating the icon rather than comprising it.
  8. Can someone explain to me the current beef between Kuda and Giga about the species infobox and the Dragon page? Is there a reason why it is being removed from the Euthora-specific Dragon page? As I haven't been around to see what's been going on in chat, I imagine it's something pedantic and irrelevant, but to my outside eye it appears like you guys are in a passive-aggressive edit war.

    There are no reasons provided on the Wiki, so let's settle this publicly and (hopefully) amicably, please.
  9. The species infobox is to be used for individual species. We agreed that placing it on something as overarching as the Euthoran Dragon page entirely defeats the purpose of the infobox in the first place (which is already quite vague and lacking at the moment, but I digress). It's comparable to creating a "Monster" page and adding the infobox there.
  10. Honestly that last revert was just me trying to annoy him

    Rather, you and Giga agreed, but yeah.
  11. Pretty much that. The current thing going on is that I added a general note regarding that to the template page... which Kuda keeps removing...
  12. Incoming changes in regards to the species infobox:

    • Status will become Conservation Status, with the parameter for it being unchanged. For this, you will now fill in the species' status in regards to its existence and likelihood to become extinct (Least Concerned, Near Threatened, Vunerable, Endangered, Critically Endangered, Extinct in the Wild, Extinct).
    • A new infobox for monsters will be created. In addition to having the parameters of the species inforbox (including the above change), it will have two more parameters: Threat Level and Rarity, both of which should be self-expanitory.

    EDIT: Changes have been made. As for the new monster infobox, basically it is set up as:
    {{Infobox Species/Monster
    |Box title=
    |Caption=(Remove this part if you're not filling it in. 
    Leaving it empty results in a random apostrophe for some reason.)
    |Threat Level=
    So basically, if you're already using the species infobox for a monster, just add /Monster after Species and the two new parameters, and you're good to go.
  13. http://manaverse.zejroleplaying.org/index.php?title=Template:Infobox_Plot
    New Infobox for Plot pages. Parameters: Color (to be added in later), Box title, image, Caption (as usual, do not include this parameter if you have no intention of using it), Canon, Timespan (preferably in terms of SCT), Planet, Characters.

    Also, I'm noticing some inconsistency in the introduction sections for character pages. As a suggestion, maybe we could attempt something that should be attempted that's been done on several pages (mine included). Start off with a paragraph that gives general info on them. Then basically start on paragraphs that briefly describe their roles in the differing timelines, starting with Prime, then Alter, and then... whatever the third is called because I forgot (if they have anything in said timeline). If there is very little/no difference in their role between certain/all timelines, then maybe merge certain paragraphs. And if for some reason they're exclusive to a certain timeline, maybe a line explaining why that's the case (like what I've done with Deathstorm and Erahvs' pages).
  14. While I'm browsing on mobile, the quote box (expectedly) shows up below the infobox rather than beside it, but I think the quote box should arguably be above the infobox. I'd like to hear some thoughts on that; how do people feel that'd look? It likely wouldn't change much on the web-based version, but it works better for mobile, methinks.

    Also on the note of the quote box... I've been silently musing for a while about how it might look if the box itself had something more to it, aesthetically. Maybe put a quotation mark in the background or something? Might do some mockups later on. Just throwing it out there for discussion purposes for now.
  15. Giga, the normal version of the Species infobox in the first post is missing pipes. Caused some confusion when I was previewing a page. :p Fixing.
  16. bumping for discussion purposes?
  17. I don't know; I think that the infobox belongs at the top, because it gives immediately relevant information wile the quote just gives you a contextless sentence or two. Adding to that, half the character pages don't have that box filled.

    I can't give very insightful opinions since I don't browse on mobile, though.
  18. Yeah, I think we'll need to go on a quotation-scouring hunt through the logs of pertinent canons for those characters -- the Quotes section is similarly almost universally barren. As far as the positioning goes, though, it's the difference between these two on the "full" version of the Wiki:



    And these two, which are the same pages as displayed on my lovely BlackBerry Q10:



    Now, in my personal opinion, I think the second version is where the quotebox should be positioned relative to the infobox. It's only a minor aesthetic change for the "full" site. Thoughts?
  19. Mmm. Personally I prefer the first version on the full site, as it just looks cleaner, but there might be a way around this--

    @"Nebulon Ranger", is it possible to have a mobile layout or multiple layouts for the Wiki?
  20. Starr creating a page for the Murgs Degviela raises a couple points that I'd like to address. First, we may be in need of a unified infobox for items/weapons (or both), and second, we may want to take a look at "Preceded/Succeeded By"-type chronological navigational templates (akin to this), to help us keep track of various important figures -- lines of succession for emperors/empresses, apparently weapon chronology (e: this would be particularly useful for a page on Zhegard) etc.


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