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PSA Page Templates

Discussion in 'The Manaverse Wiki Project' started by Lord X-Giga-X, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. What's basically been happening with the templates in general is that, in spite of being labelled as "incomplete"/in need of a revamp, we've just been going ahead and using them anyway. If you want to get a leap start, you can check Rose's Planaya page or Giga's Nenhygas page. Both are good reference points.

    Basically, everything in the first post is a solid guideline, but feel free to get a little flexible with them as well if you want to.
  2. Heeeeey Giga how about teaching us plebs the arts of navbars and tables
  3. Hrm.... Looking at the test infobox template....

    You guys want me to make the other infobox templates have rounded borders like it?
  4. We have a thing for rounded corners around these parts. I say do it up.
  5. Edited the character infobox template once more. Notably, Counterpart has been added back, Family has been renamed to Relatives (although the parameter for it is still Family), and Affiliations has been pushed down.
  6. Aesthetic change to the infobox for Planet pages.
  7. We now have an infobox template for species pages!

    {{Infobox Species
    |Box title=
    |Caption=(Like with the other two infoboxes, if you have nothing for this parameter, then exclude it completely.)
    |Scientific name=(for those familiar with taxonomy, this is where that fun stuff goes)
    |Habitat=(aka where on said planet you'd find them, only super short version)
    These are currently all of the parameters for this. If anymore are added, they will be noted.
  8. I still say we should include a parameter for alternate common names.
  9. New change to the Character Infobox Template. A new Domain parameter has been added, and Powers has been renamed to Soul Phantasms. The latter will still use its previous parameter, so not much to change on your pages. (Although you will need to change the header of the same name.)
  10. Couple things I want to table (while I'm thinking about it)...

    First, Shadow was mentioning that we should change the character template (specifically the Fighting Style portion). Should we make that a standardized change across the board?

    Second, I want to talk about how we deal with the 'Relationships' section. Right now, we don't have any semblance of what we're doing there, and I think we need to make a change on that. People have been doing subheadings for canons, subheadings for relationships, just scattered paragraphs... it's a right bloody mess. Does anyone have any suggestions for how we should set that up? In general (and without providing an example, although I can do that at some point tomorrow) I would consider setting it up with subheadings for splitting up the canons, and then bullet points for each individual character that they have a significant relationship with. And by significant I mean beyond "oh we have english class together and ur super pretty and we should hang out sometime k???"
  11. 1. Could you actually provide detail regarding that and not assume everyone was there for that conversation and thus instantly know what you're talking about?

    2. Yeah, subheadings for canons with bulletpoints sounds good. Pretty much what I did with OGX group's page, so.... yeaah...

  12. Yeah, sorry. My bad. It was 4am and I assumed people would know from Shadow's most recent edit to "Shadow Version 27" what I was talking about... (i.e. "It makes hierarchically zero sense to subcategorize everything under "Fighting Style" when there's already the entire "Combat" header. The character template should be updated accordingly." ). I guess you know what they say about assuming though, haha. It wasn't so much a conversation as much as a cursory mention of that edit, specifically. So, to summarize what happened, Shadow has his Combat section with everything as its own subheading, whereas the current character template has everything subcategorized under the subheading of "Fighting Style", if that makes sense.

    As for Relationships, I'll start modifying some pages to make that change.
  13. If that's the case, then no, Shadow actually had it right. And the OP lists it as such since I had suggested it, the only notable change made to it being addition of the Domain parameter and the Powers section being retitled as Soul Phantasms. Unless you were looking at the post I made for the change, in which case looking it over, I think I messed up on the spacing. Given that, I can see where the confusion came from. But yeah....
  14. Gotcha. Simple miscommunication. No worries then, I just hadn't realized the change had already been made. Glad you're more on the ball than I am, haha.
  15. Alright, new update to the character template other than the fix that's really just a result of my ability to fail and all character pages should be edited to meet this.

    A new Quote Box template has been made for character pages. Includes two different color parameters: one for the character's color, and another for a slightly darker border; in addition two parameters for a single quote and the origin of said quote. As a result of this, the Quotes section on character pages is now an optional section. Include or exclude it at your leisure.
  16. Yeeeeeaaaah, I think I jumped the gun on my character page edits earlier today. But on a related note, reworked the template a bit. Here's what I have:

    {{Infobox Character|Color=|Box title=|image=|Caption=|Aliases=|Age=|Gender=|Species=|Planet=|Domain=|Powers=​|Allegiance=|Family=}}
    {{Quote Box|Color=|Color2=|Quote=|Source=}}
    Introduction Section
    Self-explanatory. In the event that your character has multiple forms, split into subsections for these forms. First of these subsections should be whatever would be considered the character's "standard" form.
    Split into subsections if there are significant personality differences between multiple canons.
    ===Fighting Style===
    ===Soul Phantasms===
    List the character's Soul Phantasms here. Should probably note character's Domain here, preferably before the list.
    Whatever wouldn't be considered Soul Phantasms, list here.
    (Optional section.) If your character has any noteworthy techniques, list them here.
    List character's equipment. Include equipment the character previously had, and note why they no longer have it. If the user has/had no equipment, note that.
    ===Strengths and Immunities===
    ===Weaknesses and Fears===
    Divided into sections based on canon, each containing bullet points for individual characters they have significant relationships with.
    Divided into major subsections. Further divided based on canon.
    (Optional section.) List quotes spoken by the character here.
    [place navigation bar(s) linking this page here]
    [place page categories here]
    As you can see, I've added brief details on what should go in certain sections. I've removed the [Own Section] section because... well, let's face it. We have not needed this section so far. What I have instead added is a new optional section under combat based on one of the sections on Espira's page: Techniques. Another slight edit made is moving the Allegiance parameter in the Infobox Character template to where it is located in the actual Infobox. Although really, this wasn't completely necessary because as long as the parameters are listed at all, you can technically list them in any order. As is kind of the case right now. Will most likely create a new paramater for listing the Character's primary canon.

    But yeah, that's what I have so far. Comments? Suggestions?
    By which, I of course mean actually give comments/suggestions.
  17. Really, can't think of anything to go in the country/continent page template other than what we have. Though did a bit of minor tweaking. By which I mean I just made one section subsections of a section we already have on the planet pages.

    ==Notable Settlements==
    ===Notable Residents===
    In addition, I suppose we could easily use some of parameters from the Planet Infobox for infoboxes for these two, such as Demonym, Dominant Race(s), and Official Language(s). Probably should include a parameter to note the planet said continent/country is located on (and probably continent for countries, but idk....).

    Also, note to the Galamion people: While I somewhat understand the situation with countries being in the Continent section of the page, keep in mind that you will at some point need to put information on actual continents in that section as that is its intended purpose. This, however, does NOT mean that you can't still include what you currently have on that page. If you choose to, you could very easily make those sections subsections of the continents they belong to (although you may want to condense some of them). You can also include this information on their Continent's pages.
  18. Not really anything to do with this, but just mentioning this as it does affect a template in general.

    After messing around with parser functions, I've figured out how to set up the Main template for multiple articles. Though in the progress I ended up changing the parameter Page to 1. The change has yet to be made to the actual template page, but I will be changing it within the next few days. So as a note to anyone currently using the template in their pages, you should be prepared to make that minor change.

    EDIT: Main template updated. Please parameter Page to 1 on all of your pages that uses this template.
  19. Updated Character Template here:

    Introduction Section
    ==Skills and Abilities==
    ===Inherent Abilities===
    ===Learned Skills===
    ==Special Powers==
    ===Soul Phantasms===
    ===Techniques=== ((Optional))
    ==Quotes== ((Optional))

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