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[Original Statplay] Children of Eden

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Silver, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. That's correct~

    And the guidelines are fairly straightforward:

    1) The Terran must be male.
    2) The Terran must be between the ages of 14 and 17.
    3) The Terran must have a sort of sixth sense for the others of its kind; nothing static about it, just something that acts as a signal for them.

    The last thing is optional, although I would like to see an element in mind in their descriptions. For example, my Terran is very light oriented. He's got a very strong sense of justice and loyalty to Eden. Generally all around virtuous. It's alright if you have the same element as someone else.

    As for their sheet, just add a small section under your profile that's labeled Terran. Just Name, Age, Gender, and Personality required.
  2. All right. So are we free to send profiles now then? :3c
  3. Aye, y'all can go ahead and send them my way~

    And now we'll move to the OOC discussion I created for my roleplays here. :3

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