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[Original Statplay] Children of Eden

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Silver, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Children of Eden

    First there was Eden. 


    Painfully, entirely alone. A single being amidst the endless void of light, darkness, but most importantly emptiness. With one wish, the nothing was filled by a hunk of molten rock gaping with holes, lifeless and uncertain. Eden willed it to be the opposite. Waters of pristine quality flowed freely through the crevices and filled the craters. The waters gifted the rock with the ability to thrive, and so the barren wasteland became immensely fertile and covered with life Eden would call: Plantae. The Goddess was inspired to further impact the world she had created. She willed there to be other living creatures among the plants and fauna, ones that could live in the waters and on the earth, in the air.  It wasn't much, but it was a start; and that was enough to make Eden happy–at first.

    The world, which she had chosen to name Ethernia, was everything she had hoped it would be. But even with all of the creatures and life, she grew lonely. Her creation felt her pain, and, being filled with her essence, attempted to alleviate their creator's troubles. They used all of their might and spawned for Eden a child, a powerful being that walked on two legs and could reason just as Eden could. The world presented it to the Goddess, and she immediately took to it. However, it was not long before the new creation was idolized by Eden above all others–her other creations grew envious.

    Their jealousy quickly escalated into massive conflict between the creations, with the youngest–having been given the name Terran–standing alone against millions. Battle after battle was fought, with neither side gaining the upper-hand. Eden sat distraught, unable to appeal to either party; she could not halt their war, for she would not harm them. Their struggles continued, as the first creations created others like Terran to fight their most loathed child. But even the new creatures were unable to beat the original. The war seemed without end, until finally the first creatures began to tamper with that which gave Terran life, mana. Their very own from when he was little more than an idea. And when they bid him return to nothing, he was forced to concede. But as he faded, Eden grasped onto his frame and willed him to live. 

    She failed.

    Or so she thought. Terran did fade away into nothingness, but unbeknownst to anyone eight figures alike him in every way appeared in Ethernia. Their presence was not realized until many years later, when the eldest began to display Terran's powers. 

    The other creatures killed him at once; the remaining seven felt a disturbance immediately.

    This is their story.

    - - - - -

    Alrightie, so this is the first idea I wanted to put up here first, especially since it's the oldest in terms of Ethernia. There are seven children remaining, and so I have six slots available for this roleplay. As for why, there's one child for each of you and one for myself. I'll explain further once I see some interest~
  2. You can count me in. I'll be honest; the story was captivating. I'm interested to see where you take it.
  3. I got a little excited when I read this. I want to see how far this can go.
  4. Oh, my - this is an engaging plotline. =D I will join!
  5. Sounds interesting, might join in =P
  6. I'm very excited that you guys are interested~

    We do need a total party of seven (so two more of you guys) to make this one work. *nod*
  7. My god that plot; it seems quite developed and thought-out~ I'm sure this would be a fascinating RP, so I'd definitely join.
  8. Sure, I'm game for this~ Let's see if we can't rock this boat! XD
  9. Perfect~

    So, important thing to note: We are dealing with four different groups. Eden, the Creatures, the Terrans, the Humans. You're already familiar with the first three in the story; the fourth weren't mentioned much. The humans are the result of the Creatures' second creation. They aren't quite as powerful as Terran (or the Terrans), but they are likely the most capable creatures and the most similar to Terran. It started off with only five of them, but several years have passed and there are many, many humans in Ethernia now. Most all of them have been taught that Terran and his apparent offspring are evil and that they must be eliminated. There are some, however, that have not taken on this point-of-view. This is where your characters come in.

    As I mentioned earlier, there is a Terran for each of you. I have seven total, and I've already claimed one. Those of you on ED know them as Terra the [Insert Profession Here]; I will put links to their profiles below for those of you who want to take a look. Each of your characters will have a bond to one of them, and you'll be very important to them once the plot progresses past its introductory phase (Note: They will not be part of the battle party.) How you decide who gets who is entirely up to you all. If it comes down to a fight, I'll probably flip a coin or do a "what number am I thinking of?" thing. So... here are the profiles.






  10. Wait, will you be controlling all the Terra's? Because if you are, that would mean we would have to wait for your post every time we interact with them. Won't that be a little restricting?
  11. At first I will have control over all of them (mostly for the intro and first post, after that I'll move them under y'all's control); I plan on going over their personalities with each of you once you decide who you're gonna take. And for the most part you'll be able to work their backstory as much as you want. They were born just like all of you were, and have several years you can work with. I'll be able to answer questions, if you have them, at pretty much any time.

    It'll be a bit tricky at first while you're getting a feel for them, but I'm positive y'all will be able to handle it.
  12. I see. Okay, I think that's alright then. I'm not sure how well I'll be able to control the character but I'll do my best.
  13. Question: I've been thinking about it but I would like to ask. Is it possible for us to create our own Terran characters instead of using the ones you've provided for us?
  14. Yeah I'm with Xeno. I don't want to control a character that's not mine, sadly.
  15. Yeah, it would be nice to make our own Terran characters. The Terra's provided are sort of eccentric, and I know that I wouldn't want to misrepresent what you had in mind when you created them.
  16. I'll be honest, I agree with everyone else. I would rather interpret my own character, as opposed to having to play a character I may dislike or not be able to get into very well.
  17. Well, seeing as you all feel this strongly, I think it shouldn't be too hard to tweak. I'll post a few guidelines soon.
  18. Oh, okay but just to make sure, does this mean we'll have to create two characters? Or can our own characters be the Terrans?
  19. You'll have to create two characters, one Human and one Terran. The reason for this is the bond between the characters is very important and you need both for the plot to function properly. *nod*
  20. Okies. And one will be participating in battle and the other won't, right?

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