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Organization Aurora ~ Prologue

Discussion in 'Roleplay Archives' started by Shadow, Sep 7, 2011.

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  1. Frigid breeze swept through the white, impeccable field of snow, stirring the last dried leaves a melancholic autumn had forsaken as it succumbed to the harsh winter of the region. The figure of a female, silhouetted by the orange light pertaining to the setting sun over the horizon, took the nonchalant first step of one of the three small staircases in the middle of the vast, frozen meadow. They were built entirely of grey and mossy stone which, although frozen by the overall cold climate, appeared to be in decent condition, all leading downstairs to a petite courtyard illuminated by crystallized Ice Mana formations. The silver threads of her long hair were blown rhythmically at the numbing wind, and she glanced behind at her two allies, violet gaze focused momentarily on her companions. Her mouth opened, her tone of voice portraying the tranquil confidence of a strong woman with a faint trance of playful familiarity for her two allies.

    "You comin'?"

    Simultaneous nods were the only substitute for a verbal reply she got, but a reply she was content with nonetheless, knowing that the wretched night was drawing near each passing second. She arrived at the bottom first, pushing slightly a metallic door built in the hard, unforgiving stone, which emitted a low, yet harsh creaking noise attainable only when rusted hinges of iron scraped each other. The faintest crackle of flames, the white, uniform light and the welcoming warmth of the air embraced her as she heard distant phantoms of her guests' voices, they they were all cast aside as another polar breeze, stronger in icy intensity, howled throughout the area.

    "At least the wolves don't attack this late." the other girl sighed, her violet hair trailing behind as she arrived at the bottom shortly after. She appeared to be wearing a brown uniform, a smile hiding worry crossing her face as she looked at the glowing display of crystals.

    "There's nothing alive out at night, dear." she replied, smiling rather frigidly at her, expression which poorly performed the job of concealing her own feelings about the matter, "No living creature wants an encounter with The Nightmares."

    The only male in the trio followed, opaque blond hair notoriously distinguishing itself among the group. His rather thin figure wore a white tunic, his expression, demeanor and even way of speaking being reserved, collected, almost as if he picked the words he would say carefully but rapidly.

    "Many different myths around the world are similar," he added naturally, as if he didn't understand or particularly care about the danger she had meant to phrase in her own words, "with unnatural beings that can destroy one's spirit."

    A small conversation about the exact nature and origins of The Nightmares ensued, which she made an effort to listen to but her mind was delving onto something else entirely. The unidentified terrors that had brought down a cabin the day before in the form of pitch-black, immaterial wolves with piercing red eyes gleaming with intense, pure malice was still imprinted in her mind. Were there other abominations from beyond aside from The Nightmares? Or was it something worse, something aside from the cursed apparitions? The wrongness of the situation struck deep in her whole being, the serrated, imaginary blade standing firmly as a banner representing humanity's greatest fear--of the unknown.

    She gave a final glance at distant visage of the sun, concealing itself over the horizon, painting the heavenly canvas in myriad shades of blue which overwhelmed the diminishing tints of red and orange in an atmospheric, wondrous spectacle of infinite beauty. Such elegant display in a silent strife of colors happened very occasionally, as thick, monochrome clouds usually hung on the sky, blotting away the sun. To her, though, it was merely an alarm that The Nightmares would be rising from the beyond they belong to and roam the region, once more.

    She sighed.

    Her eyes narrowed.

    And whispered to herself, "One day, I'll purge Frigihiem of them."

    ~ Organization Aurora ~

    Welcome to Organization Aurora.

    I shall give you the necessary information before you deploy a character in the frozen paradise of Frigihiem, such as the summary of events that had happened before OA was decided to be made a Roleplay, and points of interest that will help you locate and familiarize yourself better.

    ~ Story Summary ~

    Bryce, who is wandering aimlessly in the cold region of Frigihiem after a tragedy which occurred in his home planet he was somehow saved from, becomes stuck helplessly in the snow. Scott comes to his aid, helping him back up. Kaneli, who was also nearby, hears the commotion and investigates the source, leading her to them both. Bryce and Scott have nowhere to stay, so Kaneli kindly offers them both refuge in her cabin. However, as they are about to leave, a pack of arctic wolves attacks the trio, forcing them to fight back. As the wolves use an advanced hunting tactic involving the creation of thick, dispersing mist to surround them, a newcomer snipes two of them from away, causing the remaining two to flee. After introducing herself as Sharra, she picks one of the dead wolves and uses her strange handgun to carry it back to her shelter.

    In the way back, Scott strays from the group and ends up getting lost. Just as the sun sets in the horizon, he meets a stranger with a suitcase, Devis. Meanwhile, at Kaneli's Cabin, Bryce and Kaneli hear a knock in the door, and Stu appears. After somehow having a seizure and asking five dollars for the "show", he wanders off. Shrugging off this bizarre incident, they both decide to finally get some rest. Scott is concerned about the late hour, and decides to follow the trail of frozen blood Sharra left to look for refuge, Devis following him. They have a short encounter with The Nightmares before running away with Stu, who met the group by crashing into a tree as they were walking.

    Finally, they reach Sharra's Shelter, and she agrees to let them stay. The next day, Devis can't stand Stu's presence and leaves. He meets a Kaneli, and she leads him to her cabin. Sharra decides to go to hunt because she didn't plan to have two people staying, and her food supply is limited just for her. Meanwhile, outside, Bryce is contacted by a mysterious telepathic voice before being attacked by several pitch-black wolves who are immaterial and therefore immune to his physical strikes. Sharra becomes aware of the nearby yelling, and goes outside just in time to witness Bryce unleashing a massive explosion of pure Mana in a desperate measure to save himself which creates a huge crater. His body enters in a state of coma as the explosion not only harmed him, but depleted his vital reserves of Mana to a dangerously low level.

    Sharra, Scott, Devis and Kaneli watch in awe the crater before the former two decide to lift him up and carry him back to Sharra's Shelter, the rest following inside. Scott nurses Bryce's wounds before Kaneli tells him to come with her, because she thinks he might know something about her little sister Beina who had disappeared. She is lead to a crash site in the Unnamed Forest, and she notices a hand covered in blood beneath the crushing weight of the spaceship. Kaneli realizes the horrible truth--her little sister was crushed to death. After being dragged by Scott back to Sharra's Shelter and motioning Sharra herself and Devis to come with him, they both witness the graves of Scott's fallen comrades who died in the crash landing. Sharra tries to comfort Kaneli and convince her to go back since the hour grows late, but she ultimately wants her sister's body to be buried, and Sharra has no choice but to leave her with such painful duty. Scott stays and helps Kaneli with the burial, out of pity and for her safety more than anything.

    In the night, the mysterious voice contacts Kaneli and Devis in the former's cabin before pitch-black wolves--of the same kind that had attacked Bryce earlier--burst through the windows, shredding everything apart. Kaneli and Devis ultimately flee the collapsing cabin, leaving them exposed and defenseless against The Nightmares, who begin to swarm at them. Devis manages to get away, but Kaneli doesn't want to leave her hammer behind and is grazed in her leg by a Nightmare, inflicting a Nightmare's Touch upon her very spirit. A spirit of the forest in the form of a winged wolf who radiating a golden aura appears and swoops down to save Kaneli, and subsequently, Devis. They both direct the spirit, who is named Aniu, at Sharra's Shelter, since it's the only known place they can stay. After a short conversation, Aniu departs, and Sharra explains to Kaneli the implications of being afflicted with a Nightmare's Touch. After relating the events to Sharra, they go to sleep.

    On the third day, Devis is woken up by Sharra, who is lifting the blocks of solid ice out of the wall in order to build a new hallway that would contain another four guest rooms, increasing the guest capacity now that her own home has turned into an underground inn of sorts. Sharra gets both Scott and Kaneli to dig the actual tunnel with her, while Devis goes to hunt. After returning, and letting Kaneli cook dinner, the latter group is sent to create more blocks of ice at a nearby lake, which they do as Kaneli decides to pay a visit to her sister's grave. There, she meets a stranger named Fyuren, who doesn't know why he's here and doesn't have where to stay. She leads him back to the shelter, and agrees to help Sharra and Scott, who are digging the four new rooms. Several hours of hark work later, the new hallway is completely finished.

    Realizing there's still time to spend before nighttime arrives, Sharra is about to suggest a practice session in The Crater when metallic knocking is heard. Devis opens the door, revealing a man shrouded in mist who is named Nositch. He, too, is a wanderer and so Sharra offers him to stay at her shelter, along with everyone else. Deciding to go to The Crater, she, Kaneli and Nositch follow since the rest is tired from a long day. Sharra spars Nositch, but Nositch easily overpowers her with illusory techniques that ultimately lead to her defeat. In the way, she explains Nositch the danger of the night and so they arrive at the staircase leading to her shelter...

    ~ Points of Interest ~

    *Frigihiem: The region where Organization Aurora is located. It's a region with a particularly frigid climate, hence the namesake, and harsh winters.

    *Sharra's Shelter: The "HUB" area of the Roleplay, this is Sharra Xirro's home which was recently expanded to house more people, having exactly nine personal rooms in total, one being Sharra's. For one reason or another, the many characters were drawn to this place for refuge, ultimately bringing them together to form a group--which is Organization Aurora.

    *The Frozen Meadow: Once a lush, verdant meadow; now it's covered in a thick layer of snow that extends vastly, limiting with the Unnamed Forest, an unexplored river, and a conglomeration of plateaus in the northern area. Sharra's Shelter is located here.

    *The Unnamed Forest: An ample, unnamed forest which surrounds the southeastern side of the Frozen Meadow, which is greatly unexplored due to the dangers and lack of proper time to do so. The group goes to hunt for Arctic Wolves here, and Scott's crash-landed ship is also located here.

    *The Crater: A huge crater nearby Sharra's Shelter which was caused by Bryce as a last resort, defensive measure after being attacked by unknown enemies. It has recently been used for a training session, due to its shape and size.

    *Arctic Wolves: Natural fauna that inhabits the Frozen Meadow and the Unnamed Forest. Their fur is as white as the snow, with patches of light blue fur here and there. Their body temperature is below zero degrees Celsius, and a single bite can inflict immediate frostbite on the affected area. According to Sharra, it's the only nutritious animal food in the area.

    *The Nightmares: Phantom apparitions from beyond that surge from nowhere and roam freely and silently in the night, whispering nonsense in an arcane tongue in disembodied voices. They drag any sentient being to God-knows-where, and just a touch from them can traumatize your soul.

    *Nightmare's Touch: The touch from a Nightmare, as Sharra has named it. A Nightmare's Touch causes the afflicted's greatest fears to surface as short episodes of mental imagery often related to it, vivid illusions, and most prominently, in nightmares. It solely depends on the fear that it's feeding from to determine its intensity and duration, if any. Kaneli currently suffers from a Nightmare's Touch.

    ~ Canon Timeline ~

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